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18 Best Cornet Books

18 Best Cornet Books







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Top list: 18 Best Cornet Books



Cornet is a musical instrument that belongs to the Brass family and looks like a trumpet. The only difference is that its shape is more compact. Cornet is played by using a specific technique; using lip vibration through the mouthpiece. The multitude of people plays cornet because of its melodious sound that is very pleasing to the ears.

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What are the Best Cornet Books to Buy?

  • Develop Interpretive Skills
  • Assortment Of Musical Style
  • 16 Instruments With Piano Accompaniment


1) O2280 Technical Studies 
for the 

  • Learn To Play Note Easily
  • Lip Muscle Flexible Training
  • Available In German, French & English


3) Rubank Elementary Method Cornet/Trumpet

  • Scales, Arpeggios & Technical Studies

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In this article, we have reviewed eighteen cornet books that are commonly used to learn and practice the cornet techniques. We have tried to highlight the specifications of each book, so it becomes easier for the readers to choose their required cornet books.

As each book has its own teaching style and method so it is better to do some research before buying the cornet books. All the cornet books are written by well-known writers. Let us have look at the list of cornet books!

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18 Best Cornet Book Reviews

1. O2280 Technical Studies for the Cornet

This book has been particularly composed to empower the cornet learners to overcome any challenges associated with playing the cornet. Also, it focuses on cornet composition. If the reader cautiously follows all the given directions in this book, they will develop quality music without putting a strain on the learning experience.

The book is designed to help players complement the tones and make lips adaptable to the cornet. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this book is a reliable source for cornet learning.

2. Practical Studies for Cornet & Trumpet Book 1

If you are one of those people who are more practical learners, then Practical Studies for Cornet and Trumpet will be a helpful source. This is because it has more practice-based lessons that will help you learn the cornet in a unique way. This book contains many practices and exercises along with learning techniques.

With this book, one can easily master the cornet playing techniques with the help of this book. It is available in three different languages such as English, Spanish, and Italian, promising an easy learning experience for cornet enthusiasts.

3. Rubank Elementary Method Cornet/Trumpet

This amazing book is one of the most used guide books for cornet for individual or like instrument class practices. The format of the book is quite simple, and the methods given in the book are easy to follow.

Utilizing a very balanced methodology including scales, arpeggios, specialized examinations, reads for musicianship, enunciation considers, performances, two-part harmonies, and studies focusing on different and unique needs, this book provides a plethora of material for all cornet enthusiasts and this is the best part of this book. The reader will always have enough material to get assistance.

4. W62TP Tradition of Excellence Bb Trumpet/Cornet Book 2

This book is an epitome of Excellence by Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin. It is an extensive and interactive book intended to speak to today’s learners. From the music to the dynamic look and from the arrangement, from the apparatuses for separated guidance to the smooth pacing with a detailed exercise, this book has got it all.

Also, it is included with an interactive Practice StudioTM make Tradition of Excellence the quickest developing band technique today. This book gives you a variety of content to learn from and will not let you feel the need for a helper at all.

5. Practical Studies for Cornet & Trumpet Book 2

The Second Book of Practical Studies is intended to consistently expand the techniques previously introduced in the First Book. It also helps with present technology and grows new strategies and rhythms that will offer a test to the beginner students.

Using the detailed and broadened examinations, the book has extensive material available. With this being said, the musicianship skills will be improved. On top of everything, it will complement your understanding level and music style. Also, it teaches solo writing.

6. PW21TP Standard of Excellence Enhanced Trumpet/Cornet Book 1

The Standard of Excellence enhanced Comprehensive Band Method Books 1 and 2 makes its reader experience a solid and learnable methodology with music hypothesis, music history, ear preparing, tuning in, creation, ad-lib, and practice exercises. Each book incorporates a customized approach to Accompaniment Recordings, streak cards, in addition to a full-work recording studio and tuner.

Also, it has all of Pyware's work area or a versatile interactive Practice Studio. The young cornet players will find this book amazing because it makes rehearsing more fun as well as viable. The outcome is one of the most complete band techniques accessible to everyone.

7. Rubank Advanced Method Cornet or Trumpet Volume 1

This one is an informative course of study intended to complement different levels of any instructional technique. The uniquely planned book gives a total instructional method: The Scales and Arpeggios. The book is designed to teach all the major and minor keys in the total two-book course.

Solo Preparation Six challenge level performances are included. Articulation Studies specialized for each instrument are present in this book. Exercises in Fingering (woodwinds), Flexibility (metal), and Sticking (percussion) are there to help improve the skills. The generations of artists have been educated with Rubank strategies. We find this one a pretty detailed guide.

8. Selected Duets for Cornet/Trumpet Vol. 1

This exemplary book of two-part harmonies for these instruments is amazing to be adopted by beginners. The abundance of material in this book will optimize the melodic events and gives a rich and wholesome experience to the beginner cornet players.

Two-part harmony playing is frequently a beginner's experience, so this book provides a method, tone quality, pitch, and equalization. With this being said, you will be making streamlined music. In addition, two-part harmony playing drives effectively and normally offers assistance to the young players.

9. Beeler Method for the Cornet Book 1

The book is designed and written by Walter Beeler and you will be mesmerized by what this book has to offer. The book is using the conservatory-style approach to help every music enthusiast learn the brass methods and techniques.

In this book, you will find an introduction and explanation of the right holding techniques for cornet. In addition, you shall learn the right blowing techniques and how to form the embouchure.

For everyone how needs to learn the fingering and chromatic scales, this book has got you covered. the best thing about this book is the separate chapter on maintaining the cornet which promises a well-integrated learning experience.

10. W63TP Tradition of Excellence Trumpet/Cornet Book 3

Book 3 of the famous band strategy, Tradition of Excellence is a masterpiece. A music teacher’s dream, Tradition of Excellence is an adaptable educational plan that consistently mixes exemplary and contemporary instructional methods. This book will optimize innovation and learning experience.

The agreement is in: Chiefs love the music, the dynamic look, the extensive methodology, the capacity to optimize instructing, practice exercises, and the sound backups are all the amazing qualities of this well-written book. We find it helpful because it has a good range of techniques to train the beginners which helps them discover a variety of techniques.

11. Breeze Easy Method for Trumpet/Cornet Book 2

Just like book 1, the Breeze – Easy Method for Trumpet’s book two is also written with the same qualities and follows similar rules of helping students in a fix. It also contains the unique method of providing guidance to individuals as well as groups of students.

John Kinyon and Valentine Anzalone have put much effort into penning down easy techniques for cornet students. The book allows the students to learn Cornet without any external information. This book will suffice the students and will not affect the outcome, given the unique teaching methodology.

12. Breeze Easy Method for Trumpet/Cornet Book 1

The Breeze-Easy Series highlights instrumental techniques for individual as well as the band, made by experienced instructors John Kinyon and Valentine Anzalone. It is intended to deliver the best musicianship skills in the best bet for beginner players.

The best part is that this book is a masterpiece which is written with the intention of complementing different audience under all circumstances. Be it one student or an entire class, the learning methodologies of the book fit every situation.

13. Walter Beeler Method for the Cornet Book 2

We like this book for its unique teaching methodology. It uses a center style way to deal with the different metal strategies, using Beeler's own instructing methods. This unique method of handling various strategies helps the young cornet players to practice a number of techniques through this one single book. The teaching style of this book is impressive enough to make one believe that they are learning cornet techniques from Beeler himself.

14. Premier Performance Trumpet/Cornet Book 1

If you are looking for a cornet teaching guide with an organized outlook. The book is known for its step-by-step instruction which makes Premier Performance Book 1 the best option. That’s to say because it provides step-by-step learning in an organized manner. The book will make it easy for learners to play cornet even if they are new at it.

Premier Performance is a creative and complete band technique composed of one essential objective. The objective is to empower the instructors and students alike. Premium Performance is deliberately organized to harness three foundations of musicianship skills, such as tone quality and beat understanding abilities. Also, there will be a solid improvement in cornet playing for your ease.

15. 38 Selected Duets for Trumpet/Cornet Book 2

If you are one of those committed people who want to learn cornet, then Selected Duets for Trumpet or cornet Book 2 is your go-to thing. At the beginner level, it teaches the techniques of playing Cornet from scratch to those who have just begun playing the cornet. Also, it has the advanced level which is perfect for those who know the basics but want to know further improve techniques of playing the cornet.

16. Premier Performance Trumpet/Cornet Book 2

This is an interactive band strategy composed with one essential objective: giving band players the best instructional materials for those who are still learning. The book is organized to build up the three foundations of extraordinary musicianship: top-notch tone quality, beat understanding abilities, and specialized techniques. A good testing approach is set to show progress and improvement since this might be the best book out there.

17. Student Instrumental Course Cornet Student Level II

A lot of students who are fond of playing cornet can get a lot of benefits from this Student Instrumental Course. This is because this Student Instrumental Course is a course that is specially designed for individual guidance and group guidance at three levels and for all band instruments.

Each book is finished in itself, yet all books have corresponded with one another. Albeit each book can be utilized for individual needs, all books ought to be utilized as a go-to book for people who want to learn new techniques for cornet playing.

18. Pares Scales: Cornet, Trumpet or Baritone T.C

The exemplary scale and appreciable investigations of Gabriel Pares were adjusted during the 1940s for like-instrument concentrate by Rubank's Harvey Whistler. With this being said, they are presently the norm for scale guidance. This book introduces all the significant keys up to four pads/sharps (and the relative minors).

Also, every unit additionally incorporates a long tone and playing techniques. It also contains supplemental material that incorporates chromatic scales, fingering and speed contemplate, lip slurs (metal), and activities to adapt the upper register (woodwinds).

Choosing The Best Cornet Books

These are the eighteen cornet books that we have reviewed for you. We hope you find the review helpful and it will contribute to your journey of learning the art of playing cornet and becoming a successful artist.


2) Practical Studies for Cornet & Trumpet Book 1

  • Develop Interpretive Skills
  • Assortment Of Musical Style
  • 16 Instruments With Piano Accompaniment


1) O2280 Technical Studies 
for the 

  • Learn To Play Note Easily
  • Lip Muscle Flexible Training
  • Available In German, French & English


3) Rubank Elementary Method Cornet/Trumpet

  • Scales, Arpeggios & Technical Studies

All of these cornet books contain vast knowledge on cornet playing. With this being said, it will help the learners in different yet unique ways. These cornet books will help you figure out your flaws and teach you the basic techniques. So, good luck!



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