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20 Best Timpani Book







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Top list: 20 Best Timpani Book



The Timpani is an instrument that belongs to the percussion family. Hemispherical in shape, the Timpani is widely used in concerts, marching bands, and orchestras. This instrument dates as far back as the 6th century. The Timpani is also called kettledrums. The bowl under the head of the Timpani is made of copper, aluminum, or even fiberglass.

Moreover, these instruments are tuned with the use of a foot-pedal by skilled timpanists. They also come in many different sizes. The word Timpani is Italian and is the plural form of the word Timpano. However, if you are interested in learning the Timpani or are already a student, you require a good timpani book to guide you.

What are the Best Timpani Books to Buy?

  • Method Of Tucking Tympani Head


1) Podemski's Standard Snare 

  • Standard & Avant-Garde Drum Strokes


3) Saul Goodman Modern Method For Tympani

  • Development Of Skills On 2 Drums

Here are 20 timpani books reviewed for you to save you some time. All these timpani books have different techniques and methods to help students progress. The books and their specifications have been highlighted here, so let us get into it.

20 Best Timpani Book Reviews

1. Podemski's Standard Snare Drum Method, Introduction to Timpani

This title includes a very comprehensive tour of all percussion instruments. It consists of a variety of different drum solos, strokes, and compositions from different world-famous concerts. There are also exercises for striking for double drumming.

This book also includes a complete study and analysis of the Timpani; its rhythm, beats, tuning, playing methods, and the instrument itself. All these aspects make this title a must-read for percussionists, especially Timpani players.

It is written by Benjamin Podemski and co-written with Anthony J. Cirone, who are both composers. This title introduces you to the magical instrument you love to play so much.

2. Saul Goodman - Modern Method for Tympani

Saul Goodman’s Modern Method for Tympani is another notable title when it comes to Timpani guides. It features different Timpani techniques divided across four chapters. This is the work of Saul Goodman, an expert Timpanist of the New York Philharmonic.

It has been revisited by Roland Kohloff and Gary Werdesheim to refresh the works of Goodman and continue his legacy. The book has been redone in many ways; photographs and pages have been enhanced. This book caters to students, teachers, and Timpani performers who are eager to learn from the best.

3. Saul Goodman Modern Method For Tympani In 4 Sections

This title by Saul Goodman includes four different sections of learning the Timpani. It features different Timpani techniques divided across the book. This is the work of Saul Goodman, an expert Timpanist of the New York Philharmonic. This book caters to students, teachers, and Timpani performers who are keen to learn from the best.

If you want nothing but the best, and a comprehensive Timpani playing guide, this is the book for you. This title covers everything about the Timpani and will be very helpful to a student of any age.

4. Fundamental Method for Timpani: Comb Bound Book

The Fundamental Method for Timpani is an undoubted comprehensive guide. Written by renowned percussionist Mitchell Peters of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, this book is perfect for someone looking to learn the basics of Timpani playing. This title also includes a variety of exercises such as sticking, tuning, and ear-training.

The book has a convenient layout. It is divided into four chapters and is bound using a comb, which means that is can rest flat on a surface. This can prove useful when both hands are engaged. The reason this title stands out is the way Peters explains everything in a practical, yet musical way.

5. Audition Etudes: for Timpani and Multiple Percussion

Garwood Whaley’s Audition Etudes is a comprehensive study of band and orchestra placement, training, sight-reading, auditions, grading, and course material. It also includes evaluation charts for various instruments and provides an in-depth look into dynamics and tempi.

This paperback title is a strong contender when it comes to Timpani books. If you want to learn different techniques for percussions, especially the Timpani, this is the book for you. It was published in March 2020 by Garwood Whaley, a well-known composer.

This title also touches on other percussion instruments, which help one appreciate the family the timpani comes from.

6. Orchestral Excerpts for Timpani with Audio CD

Orchestral Excerpts for Timpani, written by Randy Max, consists of 57 of the most well sought-after auditions for Timpani. It has 21 practice play-along tracks and 78 major orchestra excerpts. Randy Max, author, and timpanist of the Rotterdam Philharmonic comments on the tracks and offers expert suggestions throughout the CD.

He also offers tuning advice, practice advice, and training along with information on the instrument’s history. This title caters to all students regardless of their age.

7. Timpani Tone and the Interpretation of Baroque and Classical Music

This title explores the vast experience of the author, Steven L. Schweizer, and his wide study on the Timpani. This book talks about the different playing styles, strokes, shapes, and other various aspects of a Timpani.

Schweizer opens on how the different characteristics of a composer can help play the instrument with the required tone and dynamism. The title also expands on the interpretation of Baroque and Classical choral music. He also relates history to the physical progression of instruments and how they have changed in the modern-day. This is widely known as one of the most complete and comprehensive titles on Timpani's tone.

8. The Complete Timpani Method

The Complete Timpani Method is a title rich with playing techniques and instrument care. It expands on how to get the best out of your Timpani by maintaining it. The title also covers every skill required to play an instrument: basic theories, techniques, and different in-depth aspects such as sticking, muffling, and instrument maintenance.

Moreover, it features a variety of exercises and symphonic repertoire from the classics such as Beethoven and Brahms, to name a few. Written by Alfred Friese and Alexander Lepak, this paperback title is the comprehensive guide you were looking for.

9. Primary Handbook for Timpani: A Beginning Method

The Primary Handbook for Timpani by Garwood Whaley is a very well-known title amongst music teachers. Internationally acclaimed, this book is well-suited to beginners regardless of age. It can be worked for both private and classroom lessons and provides a comprehensive introduction to the art of Timpani playing.

The Primary Handbook for Timpani also features very organized sections for convenience and a CD that can be played along for instructions and recordings. It covers fundamental Timpani techniques and a wide range of exercises and methods for improved performance. The Primary Handbook for Timpani is a recommended title for students of all ages.

10. 8 Pieces for 4 Timpani: (One Player)

8 Pieces for 4 Timpani is a paperback guide for Timpani players. It is written by Elliott Carter, a world-famous composer from America. He was well-known for integrating elements of European music into American styles and won worldwide attention for that.

This title is part of his legacy. It is a collection of eight different variations of solo Timpani and features different playing techniques such as using the other end of the Timpani sticks, changing up the beating spot, among others. These pieces were written when Carter wanted to study tempo modulation and the usage of four-notes chords.

11. W21TM Standard of Excellence Timpani & Auxiliary Percussion Book 1

The Standard of Excellence Book 1 for Timpani and Auxiliary Percussion takes Timpani development to the next standards for students. It highlighted a well-tempo layout with trend pages and sequences. This title is a well-integrated guide to mastering the Timpani and other percussion instruments.

The curriculum is all-inclusive and deals with the modernization directions of mastering the Timpani. Instructions are given thoroughly to motivate students to go the extra mile in their journey to become the next Timpani masters. This 48-page paperback wonder is the best for students who enjoy learning in a dynamic environment.

12. Exercises, Etudes, and Solos for the Timpani

Exercises, Etudes, and Solos for the Timpani is a title that is second-to-none when it comes to Timpani. It consists of about 500 exercises, different etudes, and solos suitable to two, three, and even four Timpani. This book also contains bits and pieces from the standard orchestral repertoire.

Because of its rich material and knowledge, Exercises, Etudes, and Solos for the Timpani has been recommended by a lot of professors and Timpani experts. If professors and professional timpanists are recommending it, it must be quite a book.

13. Symphonic Repertoire for Timpani: Mahler Symphonies No. 4-6

The Symphonic Repertoire for Timpani by David Herbert is another notable name in the Timpani book world. The author, David Herbert, is the Principal Timpanist of the Chicago Symphony. In this title, he explores and analyzes the nine Mahler symphonies.

He is also the timpanist of the San Francisco Symphony, and so he interprets his performances along with the nine Mahler symphonies. To get an insight into expert performances, you must consider this book if you are a student. This paperback title will not disappoint; it is perfect if you want to peak into the mind of a Timpani expert.

Knowing the ways of the experts and the professionals can only help a student gain an insight into how the greats did it. This is another reason the Symphonic Repertoire for Timpani stands out.

14. Symphonic Repertoire for Timpani: The Nine Beethoven Symphonies

The Symphonic Repertoire for Timpani by Gerald Carlyss covers the nine different symphonies of Beethoven. It focuses on the parts where the Timpani has been used in the symphonies. A complete analysis helps break down the performance and makes it easier for students to understand and implement.

Due to the author’s experience under the world’s finest musical conductors, he can explain very well the sophisticated nature of Beethoven’s art. This title focuses on both practice and performance and is perfect for anyone starting with a Timpani. This also helps carry Beethoven’s legacy forward, as well as appreciating the skill and talent he had.

15. Jeremy Montagu: Timpani and Percussion

Timpani and Percussion are perfect for the reader who wants to learn the history behind the percussion. The author, Jeremy Montagu, explores all kinds of percussion instruments from different parts of the world and discusses their history and culture. He also expands on the instruments common through the Middle Ages: triangles, cymbals, etc.

Further, he talks about the variety of percussion instruments used in schools and colleges in the modern-day and how they have been played over the years. The title also touches on the sociology of drummers, and the development of the percussion from ancestral to concert bands.

This book might be for you, as knowing about the history of the instrument you choose to play is as important as playing it. It is nice to know where things originated from, as it results in the player respecting his instrument more and in turn, taking good care of it.

16. Nick Woud: Symphonic Studies for Timpani

This paperback title by Nick Woud focuses on studies of symphonic repertoire. They are also suited to the keen student; the studies can be interpreted and used as performance or practice material, especially because they cater to the modern timpanist.

This book incorporates skills and techniques with the rich history of the Timpani and focuses on flexibility and awareness of different musical styles. These studies contain a lot of valuable material and so are recommended for any Timpani student.

17. Morris Goldenberg: Romantic Symphonies for Timpani

Another notable work in the Timpani world is that of Morris Goldenberg. He has compiled 18 symphonies by different artists and extracted the timpani parts of their work. If you ever wanted to delve deep into the work of legends and experts, this is another masterpiece of a title.

The works compiled include that of Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, Dvorak, and Tchaikovsky. The Timpani parts have been extracted and can now be explored through this title. It is the right choice if the work of well-known artists inspires you.

18. Accent on Achievement 2: Mallet Percussion and Timpani

Accent on Achievement Book 2 is a revolutionary band method that motivates and invokes curiosity in students with its inviting layout and colorful pages. It also one of the most complete classic collections and it features many exercises including rhythm, rest, scale, and chorale exercises.

There are also lip slur exercises, and this title is extremely well-regarded in the study of Timpani and other percussions. This book and CD combination ensures a complete learning experience that can help a student increase their ability to play a wide range of brass instruments. The education earned through this title also complies with the USA National Standards for musical learning.

19. W23TM Standard of Excellence Timpani/Auxiliary Percussion Book 3

The Standard of Excellence Timpani and Auxiliary Percussion Book 3 is an outstanding guideline that accommodates musical history, theory, improvisation, compositions, practice, and an assortment of another manner. This timpani book is broadly recognized as the most all-inclusive band method in parts 1 and 2.

This book 3's design is having a good hook to readers with its colored conceptions of notable text. Various exercises specially designed for various instruments with a respective target on the Timpani. It also consists of a plethora of activities that able to strengthen the learning experience; there are quizzes, worksheets, reference pieces, and director hints.

20. Boston Music Company: Sonata for Timpani by John Beck

Sonata for Timpani by John Beck features solo timpani work that is great for any use, may it be recital or for studying. He adds more to the art of playing Timpani, by using different striking zones and using his hands for clapping. Watch or play, the fun factor is great with this one.

If a student is looking for something that is Timpani related, but a touch unique, Sonata for Timpani is the perfect go-to book. John Beck also plays on the sides of the bowls and uses his fingers, among other unique techniques to produce artistic music.

Choosing The Best Timpani Books

With the help of this list, the perfect Timpani book according to your needs is waiting for you. The works all stand apart from each other. They all feature all-inclusive guides from expert musicians and timpanists who were beginners once. Finding the right guide on your journey of being a timpanist is instrumental to your achievement.


2) Saul Goodman - Modern Method for Tympani

  • Method Of Tucking Tympani Head


1) Podemski's Standard Snare 

  • Standard & Avant-Garde Drum Strokes


3) Saul Goodman Modern Method For Tympani

  • Development Of Skills On 2 Drums

Looking for an ideal timpani book might challenging but some of the best selections have been chosen for you. Choose a guide that suits you and your style the most. With the right knowledge and its implementation, the next big Timpani artist could be you!



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