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The ukulele is one of the world’s most cherished instruments. It is meant to be a crowd pleaser and a mood lifter. Who wouldn’t want to be the person who brings out the ukulele around the campfire and gets everyone singing along? Maybe you want to write your own ukulele music?

Maybe it is just time you got yourself a new hobby. Picking up a new instrument you have never played before can be discouraging.

If you have a hard time sticking to traditional lessons Ukulele Buddy is for you. The Ukulele Buddy claims it can help you learn how to play the ukulele in a short amount of time. Sounds pretty great right? There are many websites and programs that claim they can help you learn how to play an instrument in weeks.

Sadly, they usually fail to do so and many customers are left unhappy and without the skill of playing a new instrument.

After reading this Ukelele Buddy review, you can be the judge of whether this program is worth it – or just a scam.


Who Created Ukulele Buddy?

Ukulele Buddy was created by a man named JP Allen who describes himself as your “ukulele buddy”. Allen is a graduate of the University of Texas and has been teaching music ever since.
JP Allen


Allen has even taught at his alma mater the University of Texas. He has been quoted saying that he “is still learning’ and loves to teach things he has learned to his students. Allen has even taken lessons from a Grammy award winning artist to further his musical knowledge.

He describes his childhood as being obsessed with the ukulele and never wanting to put it down. It makes a lot of sense that he is now one of the greatest ukulele teachers in the world. Allen has collected his entire life’s work and experiences into videos for you to learn from.

The videos are filled with detailed explanations and lessons for anyone wanting to learn how to play. JP is a firm believer in the fact that learning becomes easier if there is fun added to it. Allen has found ways to make his videos interesting and engaging. Allen makes it his mission to turn you into the best ukulele player you can be.

Ukulele Buddy Review

Ukulele Buddy is a series of videos that will take you through the basics of learning how to play ukulele. The videos will teach you about chords, progressions, ranking and posture. As crazy as it seems posture is one of the most important things to consider when learning how to play the ukulele. All of the videos are around 12-15 minutes long, but some may be a bit longer or shorter. This helps to keep you engaged and focused. If you are sitting down for hour long lessons it can be very hard to retain all the information you are learning. If you are not retaining it, then you are most definitely forgetting it for the next lesson. It is impossible to see your progression if you are learning that way. That is why Ukulele Buddy keeps it short and sweet.

Ukulele Buddy reviews


These lessons are put in an organized format. This is helpful because it allows you to learn at your own pace. It is amazing that you can do these lessons at any time and anywhere as long as you have internet.

By the end of the program, you will be able to transpose any song you love. This is an incredible skill to have. You should also be able to play the right notes and identify chords. The lessons and instruction are incredibly easy to follow. It will have beginners playing songs, even after the first couple lessons.

This is super neat because most students give up after months of trying and not being able to play a song. Ukulele Buddy will not allow that to happen. You are going to learn how to play a song and you are not going to want to quit. Ukulele Buddy gives the beginner student the confidence they need to succeed.

To start, you will be learning the basic ins and outs of the ukulele. JP Allen and the other instructor, Mitch Chang will give you an overview of basic chords. This will help a beginner get comfortable with the ukulele. They will teach you some of the more basic techniques to get you started.

ukulele buddy guide


You will become familiar with reading and being able to play ukulele chord diagrams. Simplistic strumming patterns and some music theory will become engrained in your brain after these first few lessons. You will understand how to play with great timing, which is a necessity when playing ukulele and any instrument honestly. You will understand how to play harmonies and melodies.

At the end of the second lesson of Ukulele Buddy, you should be able to play along with a song. Being able to play a song at the end of the second lesson is a pretty incredible accomplishment. After the first few lessons you will start to become fluent in ukulele playing. You will be introduced to more advanced techniques. In learning these techniques, you will be able to play along to some popular songs.

You can even begin to write your own songs on the ukulele. The Ukulele Buddy also provides some helpful tools like an online metronome and a ukulele chord chart. The metronome is a great tool that will help you keep time while playing. The Ukulele Buddy program focuses mainly on beginners.

However, if you are looking to sharpen your skills as an intermediate or advanced player this program will help. The quality of the video lessons is great. All of the lessons have been recorded in a professional studio with professional equipment.

ukulelebuddy review


Sometimes, you join programs where the video lessons are poorly made and have terrible quality. Ukulele Buddy is definitely not one of those programs. The videos are clear, with a crisp sound quality and it is easy to understand what the instructors are saying.

JP Allen and Mitch Chang also teach you the importance of pacing yourself and making good use of your practice. They recommend you only take on three of the video lessons per week. They explain that practice does not make perfect but perfect practice makes perfect.

This is a very interesting concept that many of Ukulele Buddy’s students can attest to. JP and Mitch will teach you how to practice perfectly and effectively. For the quality content you will receive the price is worth it. You will spend more money taking traditional lessons that you may not learn anything from.

The Ukulele Buddy guarantees satisfaction and progress or your money back before 60 days. You will also find that a lot of websites offering music lessons are subscription based. With the Ukulele Buddy you will get everything you need for a one-time price. The Ukulele Buddy has also received positive support from companies like CNN, Fox and The University of Texas.




Ukulele Buddy Pros & Cons


  • Great for beginners.
  • Has had praise from big companies like CNN, Fox and The University of Texas.
  • JP Allen and Mitch Chang stress the importance of pacing yourself.
  • JP Allen and Mitch Chang are big on promoting “perfect” practice.
  • Ukulele Buddy will help you in writing your own ukulele music.
  • Ukulele Buddy’s lesson plans are nicely organized.
  • You will gain the confidence needed to succeed in ukulele playing.
  • All of the video lessons are around 12 to 15 minutes long. They can be shorter or longer though.
  • The videos are recorded in a professional studio and you can really tell. The quality is perfect.

ukulele buddy work


  • Not really intended for advanced ukulele players.
  • If you do not practice you will not see the results.

Does Ukulele Buddy Work?

ukulelebuddy review guide


If you are a beginner looking to learn the ukulele this Ukulele Buddy will work perfectly for you. This program is intended to help beginners learn how to play.

Although it is not really directed towards advanced players it can still be a great opportunity to sharpen your skills. The program is instructed by two incredible ukulele players that know what they are talking about. The course really highlights the importance of perfect practice.

This means that you also have to put in the work to see the results. This program will keep you on your feet and focused the entire time. It is affordable and you are gaining such incredible ukulele knowledge. Don’t forget this program is also fun and entertaining.



Picking up a new instrument can be discouraging but with Ukulele Buddy it does not have to be. You can finally be the person at the campfire who whips out the instrument that gets everyone singing. You will be composing your own campfire songs in no time too.

Do not let the chance to learn how to play the ukulele go by. Instead you can use Ukulele Buddy in your own home – and you will finish it knowing how to play the ukulele!


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