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Top 9 Best Professional Banjo

Top 9 Best Professional Banjo







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Top list: Top 9 Best Professional Banjo



Best Professional Banjo
Best Professional Banjo 


Best Professional Banjo

The banjo is one of the popular musical instruments that have a long history. The origin of the banjo has been traced to Africa, and it was a rural three-stringed instrument. The features of the banjo were reinvented in the 1800s, and now we have what is known as the modern banjo.

Banjos are excellent for playing a wide range of musical genres such as the traditional bluegrass, Irish traditional music, folk music, and it has been adapted to hip-hop, rhythm and blues as well as classical music.

Banjos can be bought online. There are some points to note when buying a banjo online; however, it is not a difficult process because the majority of the banjos that are available online work excellently.

What are the Best Professional Banjo?

  • 22-fret rock maple neck with hardwood bow tie inlays
  • The maple rim features a steel tension hoop


1) Pyle PBJ60 Tuneable Banjo

  • The tuner key pegs are made from white jade
  • The truss rods are adjustable


3) Deering Goodtime Banjo

The first point that should be considered before buying a banjo is the music genre of the artist. There are four, five and six string banjos. Depending on the users’ preference, a choice can be made.

The first test to make is tapping the strings to ensure they are not too tight and can easily touch the frets. Strum the strings and listen carefully to ensure there is no rattling sound, which is an indication of a loose part.

The sounds heard during strumming should be clear and beautiful. The tuners should also be tested to ensure that they function properly. The idea is to check whether there is friction when the tuning pegs are in use. Regarding the brand, there are so many banjo brands in the market.

Here are some of the top banjo brands available online;

9 Best Professional Banjo Reviews

1) Pyle PBJ60 Tuneable Banjo 

Regarding banjo models that have been designed with lightweight features, the Pyle PBJ60 Tuneable banjo is a good fit. The banjo weighs only 7.21 pounds.

The design of this banjo can be classified as one of the classic models that are most suitable for playing traditional songs and tunes. It is a tuneable 5-string banjo that has adjustable features that makes it easy for professionals to produce the right sounds while paying during a gig.

A fifth gear tuning peg has been added to improve the sound output. The tuner key pegs are made from white jade, and the truss rods are adjustable to meet universal standards.

The hardware and accents on this banjo are chrome plated, and the wood finishing has been coated and polished to meet the expected aesthetics.

There are 22 frets on this traditional style bound banjo. The length of the musical instrument is 37.9’’ while the length of the fret board is 19.4’’. The diameter of the banjo drum is 11.4’’ with a height of 2.75’’. Also, the fret board is made of rosewood, and the bridge is made of maple wood.

2) Deering Goodtime Banjo 

Aspiring musicians can use this five string banjo a good musical instrument to compose and improve new songs because of its features. The simple features of this banjo make it suitable for beginners who are just learning how to play the musical instrument.

And it can be used to play different genres of music. The first thing to notice about this banjo is the high crown head that has been delicately crafted.

The aesthetic design of this banjo is attractive; it is multi-coloured, with a long low-profile neck that features 22 pressed in frets. The bow tie inlays on the neck are made from hardwood which is very durable and can prolong the lifespan of the musical instrument.

The tuning pegs on this banjo are sealed and they have been designed to accommodate the fifth string, for convenience.

The banjo features a bridge made from the combination of maple and ebony, the bridge has a Deering tailpiece that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the musician. The maple rim features a steel tension hoop. It measures 11’’ and is made of 3-ply, all the metal parts of this banjo are nickel plated.

3) Deering Goodtime Banjo 

It is a universal banjo resonator model made in the United States. It weighs only 6 pounds and can be easily carried from one place to another. The banjo can fit into a gig bag without stress; the gig bag provides covering and protection from damage or dust.

The slender rock maple neck on this banjo model adds to its aesthetic appearance and makes it easy to play this banjo to different tunes.

The features of this banjo make it suitable for musicians at all levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced players will find it easy to compose and strum this banjo to different songs.

The tuning pegs on this banjo model have been sealed; the tuners are geared and made from high-quality materials for extra durability. The rim on this banjo model is also durable; it is made of 3-ply maple, which is known to be durable and lightweight for a banjo.

Getting the right sounds while strumming this banjo is easier because the tailpiece can be adjusted to match the needs of the musician. Overall, this banjo is best described as a single bound musical instrument that has versatile functions.

4) Deering Goodtime Resonator 

The hard case that comes with the Deering Goodtime Resonator banjo is good for protection against damage while in transit. The Deering Goodtime banjo model has an attractive design with an 11’’ frosted top high crown head.

It weighs only 13.4 pounds, so this banjo can be easily carried around from one gig to another. The hard case features different storage compartments that can be used to keep accessories and replacement parts for the banjo.

There are 22 frets on this banjo, the frets are made from a combination of Nickel and Silver, which is durable and also gives the musical instrument an appealing look. The frets on this banjo have been pressed in, which makes it easy to play the musical instrument.

The neck of this banjo is long and slender. It has a rock maple neck that also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the musical instrument. Also, the maple rim is made from 3-ply which makes it durable and resistant to extreme temperature.

When necessary, it is easy to clean this banjo model, and the gig bag keeps it free from dust. This banjo can be used to play different music genres.

The Deering Sierra banjo is one of the 5-string models that can be played by adults and younger kids. The banjo weighs 12.25 pounds, and it can fit into a regular banjo hard case, which offers extra protection for the musical instrument.

The classic traditional design of this banjo makes it suitable for professionals who need a banjo that has similar features with the one they have used before.

The Sierra banjo is made in the United States; it features 3-ply maple rims and planetary tuners. The characteristic ‘06-bell bronze tone ring improves the sound quality of the banjo, and it has a one-piece resonator flange.

This is one of the banjos with an adjustable Deering tailpiece. The neck of this banjo features a satin-mahogany finishing that gives it a majestic look, while the finger board is made from ebony.

The Ibanez B200 is a 5-string banjo; it features a natural colour that blends with the environment. The patterns and designs on this banjo give the musical instrument a unique look that is also attractive.

The features of this banjo are simple and easy to use, which makes it a good choice for beginners who want to learn how to play the banjo like professionals. The rim of this banjo is made from basswood, which is durable and has a presentable appearance.

The binding design for this resonator features an acrylic pearl block inlay, and the tuners are well designed to prevent friction. This banjo also features 22 frets on the bridge and a comfortable armrest. The rim, neck, and back of the banjo have an appealing gloss finishing.

Other features of this banjo include a closed back, 24-lug configuration, a rolled brass tone ring, and the mahogany rim. The gig bag for this banjo has enough space to hold the strap, pick up, strings, and other accessories.

7) Deering Goodtime Midnight Special 

Instead of the regular colours, the Deering Goodtime has created a 5-string banjo model comes with a midnight shade that gives it a special look. This model was released to the public in 2016; it is only 8 lbs. and can easily fit into a gig bag, which makes the banjo portable.

Playing tunes with this banjo is easier because the midnight fingerboard is made from maple; it features a well formed carving on the finger inlays and peg head.

This is one of the banjos that produce clear sounds with note separation because it has a 3-ply violin grade rim made of maple wood and a Goodtime tailpiece that features an adjustable patented design. The banjo has a durable satin finishing, and stained black designs on the neck and rim.

The sound production features on this banjo include the addition of spikes on the 7, 9, and 10 frets, slender rock maple neck, durable tuning pegs to get the right sound output, and high-quality strings. The entire length of the banjo is 38’’ while the resonator has a diameter of about 13’’.

8) Gold Star Model GF 300FE 

Having a Gold Star GF 300FE banjo model is a great idea because it is one of the exquisite maple resonators that features a cast pre-war style 20-hole flathead tone ring.

It is a 5-string banjo designed for professional players and beginners who need a professional styled banjo to improve their skills. The banjo is portable, and it weighs only 11.7 pounds.

The inlay flying eagle pattern is visible in the fingerboard that has been made of Brazilian rosewood with a 3-ply binding. The performance of this banjo has been enhanced with the use of a brass flange and tension hoop. The rock rim is made of 3-ply maple wood, which is extremely durable.

The tone ring features special cast bronze that is rare, and it has an outstanding aesthetic appeal. This is one of the remodelled classical banjos that have overcome the structural weaknesses of the previous models.

Other features of this banjo include a gold plated ebony polished truss rod cover, ebony finger board, peg head overlay, and a flat head tone ring.

9) Gold Tone Orange Blossom Banjo 

Among similar models, the Gold Tone Orange Blossom banjo stands out because it is made from ebony wood, and features a slender neck made of curly maple wood. The banjo weighs only 12 lbs. so it is easy to carry around in a hard case.

The replacement accessories for this banjo are readily available in the market. Its physical features include a 22 fret board, vintage brown wood finishing, tension hoop made of brass, and a bronze sand cast tone ring that enhances the sound output from this musical instrument. The rim on this banjo is made of 3-ply Canadian maple, which is durable.

The 5/8’’ bridge is made of ebony/maple, and it features a straight line tail piece. The aesthetic design on this banjo is enhanced with the triple gold plated features. The size of the crown on this banjo model is 11’’ and it is a Remo high frosted crown.

Choosing the Best Professional Banjo

It is always best to buy a banjo that can easily fit into a hard case. The hard case offers protection for the musical instrument, and it prevents wear and tear. Hard cases are essential for banjos, considering the price of the musical instrument.


2) Deering Goodtime Banjo

  • 22-fret rock maple neck with hardwood bow tie inlays
  • The maple rim features a steel tension hoop


1) Pyle PBJ60 Tuneable Banjo

  • The tuner key pegs are made from white jade
  • The truss rods are adjustable


3) Deering Goodtime Banjo

It is also a good idea to buy banjos made from durable materials such as wood, musicians who would like to have a beautiful banjo can choose the models that have been designed with gold plated features.

Some banjos weigh more than others; if this is a concern, it should be considered before making a purchase. The banjos featured online have been properly described, so it is best to read the sales descriptions to know if the banjo model meets your standards.

Some banjos have been particularly designed to play the traditional classic songs while others have versatile features that make the musical instrument suitable for all music genres. And it is best to buy a banjo that has replacement parts and accessories that are easy to find in the market.



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