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Pianos: Top 8 Best Piano for Toddler



If you have children, then you will know how it feels. You want to be able to give them the best things in life. Some people quite wrongly think the more you spend, the better, and that they will like what you give them more. Not really true. Children need to learn the important things in life as early as possible. That doesn’t mean phones or tablets. But it should include music.

The gift of music far exceeds anything that can be found on some so-called ‘entertainment’ websites. We all know them, where today’s kids seem to spend half their lives trying to find fictitious ‘friends.’ And looking at what they have had for lunch. Pointless activity. In fact, replace the word ‘spend’ with ‘waste,’ which is far more appropriate.

The gift of music is creative…

It is rewarding, and it is a gift for life. But where to start and perhaps just as importantly, when to start. As a toddler, perhaps? Should we be looking for the Best Piano for Toddlers?

We obviously do not think that children should be forced into music. An introduction is all that is necessary and let them experiment and find out from then on by themselves. They won’t all become professional musicians, and won’t all be able to earn a living from music, though some will.

But they will all be able to play something at a certain level. And whatever that level is doesn’t matter. It is their level.

It’s about enjoyment, not money…

And we also don’t believe that the child should have a violin thrust into its tiny hands as it appears from the birth canal. A habit that has seemed to be on the rise recently with the ease of getting your child on social media.

In some cases, that is the parents living the dream through the eyes of their children. Or perhaps even worse, the thought of making a shed load of money from the poor little thing.

A little piano is a great place to start. It is simple to play, and they can get a tune out of it immediately.

When to start?

Young is better, of course, if it is fun. Let them have fun with it; you don’t need to sit a three-year-old behind a Yamaha DGX 660 Grand Piano.

I have heard people complain, ”that’s not an instrument; it is a toy.” Good. That is exactly what a toddler wants. Instruments come later. The love of and having fun making music comes first.

Some of these little pianos we are going to look at some will deride as toys. Again, good! They are. And just what a toddler needs. If you are looking for a Yamaha Grand for your intended maestro, goodbye, and good luck. Likewise, if you think that a toy piano can sound like a real one, then you need a bit of a wake-up call.

For the rest of us, let’s take a look at some of the best Pianos for toddlers and find the perfect option for your little one…

Best Piano for Toddler
Best Piano for Toddler

Top 8 Best Pianos For Toddlers You Should Buy Reviews

1 Melissa & Doug Grand Piano – Best Premium Piano for Toddler

This is a rather upmarket piano for children aged between about four to six. It is designed to look like the real thing, which will be exciting for some children. Even the keys are made to look real. It has 30 keys and a lifting top that has a safety hinge.

Each note is color-coded and labeled with its name. This is a great way for a child to start to look at a music book and play what they see. The music book, with its color-coded pieces, is included.

Balanced and sturdy…

It is well made from wood, metal, and plastic, which makes it reasonably balanced and sturdy. Care does need to be taken, though, as it wouldn’t take too much to push it over. However, it does have a bench seat that is non-tipping.

It measures 23 by 23.5 by 9.8 inches and weighs 26 pounds, and its size is perfectly proportioned for a young player, as are the size of the keys.

Basic but practical…

The sound it makes is very basic. We would need to offer a reminder that you are not buying a real piano. The sound is great for kids, though. In real terms, it is probably closer to a xylophone than a piano. But that doesn’t matter when you remember what and who it is for.

It is nicely made with an attractive design. Not the cheapest you will find but certainly should be considered as one of the Best Pianos for a Toddler.

It is made in China


  • It is well made with good materials and a lifelike design.
  • Thirty keys that are color-coded with a color-coded music book.


  • Some may not want to spend this much.

2 Amy & Benton Toy Piano for Baby & Toddler – Best Piano for Girls

Described by the manufacturers as a piano keyboard for girls. Are we allowed to say that these days? What the heck, It has been made to visually appeal in that direction, so let’s call it what it is.

This is a super little piano made for the very young. One of its big assets is that it is small and lightweight. Even the youngest will be able to pull it around wherever they go. It has 24 small-sized color-coded keys that are a nice size for tiny hands.


It measures 10.8 x 10.8 x 8.85 inches and weighs just over one and a half pounds. Despite its compact size, it is packed with some great little features. It has eight different drum sounds, including snare, bass drum, and cymbal, and five other sounds.

To add some real experience to it, there are also four built-in rhythms. These are Disco, Tango, Piano, and Music Box. It will also playback from an MP3 player. It comes with 22 pre-loaded songs and is battery powered.

Made to perform…

To take it all a stage further, there is a little stand-mounted microphone that is fully adjustable. And to go even further, it even also has a record function.

It is made with small legs to allow it to be placed on a tabletop. It is just more efficient to have it raised off its resting surface. Certainly a lot safer if something happened to be spilled.

Considerate mode…

Whilst it is designed for fun and games, it has a serious side buried in its features. There is what the makers call a ‘considerate mode.’ If a child is playing keys with a song, it will auto-correct any mistakes.

We think this is a super little piano for a very young child (boy or girl), and it should definitely be considered as one of the Best Pianos for Toddlers. If we are to be picky, it doesn’t come with a stool, but then it isn’t really designed to be placed on the floor. It really is only suitable for very small children.

Set at a great price point, it is an attractive option.


  • Super little toy piano with plenty of features.
  • Built-in sounds and rhythms at a cost-effective price.


  • Only suitable for very small children.

3 VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio – Best Piano for Recording your Toddler

Another toy piano for introducing young children to music. And another little instrument packed with features. If you are going to produce something to enthuse a child, then it needs a couple of things to get their attention. It also needs something to keep it.

The first thing it needs is the visual appeal. The second, something that will keep them coming back for more. This has both. The visuals are quite dramatic at first sight with plenty of colors, a keyboard, and a mic – all very prominent. But it also has plenty of features to maintain their interest.

Mini recording studio…

Besides being a learning tool and a first piano, it also acts as a mini recording studio. It has a microphone and a mini voice change option. There are some sound options, including drums and even a vibrato bar. Everything is so packed with color and options; it is hard to know where to look first.

It has ten black keys and fourteen white keys that are just the right size for little fingers. With a little bit of coaxing, children will be able to play multiple notes, thus learning their first chords. There are over forty varying songs and sound effects to keep them busy and learning. To add to the fun, the keyboard lights up, showing rhythms and tempos.


However, it is a toy piano, so don’t expect Bluthner quality in the sound department. It runs on AA batteries, and there is an energy-saving feature in that after a few minutes of inactivity, it turns itself off. Good for saving the battery but irritating for a child who might struggle to turn it back on.

One downside of this piano is that the battery life is quite short. Hence this ‘shut-off’ feature.

Great affordable fun…

That aside, you can’t deny this is a load of fun for a child and a great way to introduce the piano. It is a plastic build, so it won’t take too many bangs and being dropped too often. However, it is a good little instrument at an attractive price point.


  • It is packed with some good features and sound effects.
  • A colorful little toy piano that is easy to use.


  • The battery life is not so good.

4 Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano – Best Sounding Piano for Toddlers

Next up in our reviews of the Best Piano for Toddler, we have one from Melissa and Doug, who are well-known in the toy industry for their high-quality products. However, they are quite expensive, but the upside of that is that they are good for the purpose and well-made. This is a good example.

This is a wooden toy piano; therefore, it has a very sturdy frame and is not prone to being knocked over. It has twenty-five keys offering a full two octaves of notes. The keys are all labeled clearly by letters denoting the notes played. They are also each given a color that will help children learn songs easier.

Helps develop muscle memory…

There is a songbook that includes nine well-known children’s classics. The learning process of these songs is arranged in a repetitive style. This enables children to begin to develop muscle memory by repeating the same musical phrases. This is something they will need as they progress on to a real piano or keyboard.

As with many smaller pianos for children, there is no stool included with this piano. But, it would be very hard to design one for an ‘upright’ piano of this size. This is best played with the child seated in front of it on the floor or on a table.

Take it anywhere…

It is low to the ground in its build and measures 11.5 by 16 by 9.75 inches and weighs 11 and a half pounds. Being a nice compact design, it is easy to pack away if necessary or even carry with you as you travel.

There are a couple of nice extra points about this little piano, and we really like the color scheme. As we have said before, the visual appearance needs to enthuse the child. This is certainly going to do that. But the other extra is the sound.

Expensive but worth it…

Most pianos for toddlers sound more like a xylophone than a piano. This is fine; we have no problem with that. But this little piano has more of a piano sound. And for that reason, we are going to consider it as one of the Best Sounding Pianos for Toddlers. Quite an expensive price point but an excellent little piano.


  • Nice sound and a very appealing color scheme.
  • Noted and labeled keys with a learning songbook.


  • Some may think it expensive.

5 Play22 Keyboard Playmat – Best Fun Piano for Toddlers

Now, if you have ever had a go one of these things, then you will be perfectly aware of how addictive they are. Once you’ve had a go, that’s it. As a child’s introduction to music though, there is a problem. The problem is the adults won’t let the kid on it. It is, though, great fun for the kids when they finally get to have a go.

Essentially it is a giant mat that is actually an electronic keyboard. It runs off four AA batteries, which are not included. There is a built-in speaker, so it doesn’t need to be plugged in. It is made of vinyl and will support weights of up to 250 pounds; that’s quite a few children all at once!

Choice of instruments…

It has 24 keys that are touch-sensitive and can be set up to play any of the eight built-in musical instruments. These include a Piano, Violin and Clarinet, and Trumpet. Also, Guitar, Banjo, Xylophone, and Saxophone. Plenty of options there to keep a child occupied.

It has four operating modes -Play, Record, Playback, and demo. And has an adjustable volume control. It is easy to keep clean; just wipe down with a damp cloth. Once used, it just rolls up and can be put away. And when it is laid out, it measures 71 inches and weighs just under three pounds.

The controls are placed on the front and are well labeled and easy for a child to understand and use. It is best used on a hard floor rather than carpet, though it will work on either.

Not as ‘hand-on’ as some options…

A reasonable price point means that it is a fun way for a child to have their first musical experiences. Though we have to say, despite all the fun, it doesn’t give the child a ‘hands-on’ music experience. However, it is great as a present for birthdays or Christmas.


  • Easy to use with lots of features.
  • Loads of fun and superb kids party entertainment.
  • Great gift for birthdays or Christmas.


  • A lot of fun but not really an instrument.

6 Little Tikes PopTunes Keyboard – Most Durable Piano for Toddlers

This is very much a small child’s toy piano, but it still has some really nice little features. The first to note is that it is well-built. It might only be plastic but is very tough plastic. You just sense this is going to be able to take a few knocks. And with kids, they often have to.

It is small and lightweight, measuring only 9.75 by 1.75 by 5.5 inches and weighing just one and a half pounds. Therefore, it is ideal for taking with you on car journeys, and it is sure to cut down on the “are we there yet” questions.

Versatile and colorful…

It has a translucent keyboard that has blue and red lights behind the eight keys that light up. And has a variety of songs included, or it can be used to play for themself?

It operates as a simple little keyboard. But when the colored buttons are activated, music plays, and the keys flash. The keys will play the notes that are relevant to the song and are a great teaching aid. The lights as they are playing are certainly going to hold their attention.

High or low volume…

On the right of the unit is a volume control and an off and on switch. And you have the choice of two volume settings, a necessity after two hours in the car. This is a battery only piano, and it comes with the battery included.

This is a great little keyboard for a very young child. It is robust and has a lot of interesting things going on to keep their attention. There is also a little bit of educational instruction cleverly buried in the fun. Definitely a contender as the Most Robust Piano for Toddler.

For what it is, the price point is realistic. A good buy.


  • Lots of fun and games with this.
  • Built-in songs and flashing lights and easy to carry around with you.


  • Some are going to want a larger keyboard area.

7 Discover & Play Piano Musical Toy – Best Piano for Babies

This little piano is good for toddlers, but it can even be used by babies. We all know that even at a very young age, that experiences we have can stay with us. This little piano is an experience they can enjoy before they can even walk. Before they can even talk, music is becoming part of their understanding.

It is made exactly for that purpose and is the reason it is made from a soft cloth. Being keys that are soft to the touch, it is appealing and also very forgiving. The keys themselves are very responsive to the touch. It also makes it stable and virtually unbreakable. To add to its visual appeal, it also has little lights that dance around and light up in tempo with the music.

Enjoy the classics…

It has some built-in music by Beethoven and Mozart. So at least the child is being exposed to real music rather than some annoying muzak type effort.

Whilst music is the predominant theme; it also includes some other learning functions. There are three modes of operation. These are instrument mode, where there are some basic instrument sounds. Numbers mode means that the keyboard will play numbers in English, French, and Spanish.

And Animal mode plays animal noises like dogs, cats, ducks, etc. It also thankfully has a volume control (for quieter duck quacks) and is powered by three AA batteries.

Every baby should have one…

A great gift and something that is as much educational as it is musical. Set at an attractive price point, it is good value.


  • Some really nice built-in musical and educational features.
  • Made of soft material that is long-lasting.

8 Plugo Tunes by PlayShifu – Piano

And finally, in our reviews of the Best Piano for Toddler, we have one designed to be an early musical learning experience for young people. However, unfortunately, it only works with smartphones and tablets. Mmmm. Just what you want, something that encourages the child to spend more time looking at a screen. No further comment.

But we will take a look anyway…

Built-in are 50 songs, including Christmas Carols and rhymes and jingles. They have three accompanying tempos. There is also a play area that is magnetic. For instruction, you or they will need to watch a video. And there is a free app you can download.

It is compatible with the 3rd Gen iPad or later. As well as Android phones from 2015 or after.

Sort of misses the point…

Not really a toy piano, more a computer game, and a rather expensive one. Some may like it, but it is not for us; we are afraid.


  • In terms of starting a musical journey, far too many to mention.

Best Piano for Toddler Buyers Guide

Best Piano for Toddler Review
Best Piano for Toddler Review

Life is a flower; Music is the honey

There are important things in life – education, reason, rejection of things that are shown to be bad, the ability to be able to sustain oneself. Kindness to others. All important. But after these comes music.

It is the audible diary of our lives. Whatever your personal choice, and we are all thankfully different, it is ours. In some cases, music is who we are and what defines us. To be able to give the gift of music in some areas of life is being eroded by companies with other intentions. We know who they are, so do they. Fortunately, there are some great companies trying to achieve the opposite.

You’re never too young to love music…

There are some good little Pianos for toddlers that we have looked at. Most offer an early opportunity for children as young as babies to have the experience. An early opportunity to learn and to feel.

You need to start somewhere, and most of these products are little more than toys. But that is perfect. As we have already said, that is what a child needs and, in most cases, wants. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t sound like a concert grand when it says piano.

Are you really expecting it to?

In any case, it isn’t for you. We don’t suppose the child will make the comparison so that judgment is borne out of what you think it should be. What you think and what the child needs and wants are not always the same.

We have looked at some great products. Some you can enjoy with the child, some that are just for them. But, what is most important is the child and their introduction to something that can change their world.

Looking for more superb musical instrument options for kids?

If so, check out our reviews of the Best Bass Guitars for Kids, the Best Kids Ukeleles, the Best Acoustic Guitars for Kids, the Best Drum Set for Kids, the Best Electric Guitar for Kids, and the Best Violin for Kids you can buy in 2021.

So, what is the Best Piano for Toddler?

All but one of those we looked at if we could. They all have a place from about five or six months of age up. But we have to choose one, and we are going to pick one for a friend who has a small child. And bring the gift of music to them.

We would pick the…

Little Tikes PopTunes Keyboard

Fun, music, and a little bit of learning in the process. A great learning experience, and not a computer, phone, or tablet in sight.

Our choice of the very best Best Pianos for Toddlers.

Happy music making.



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