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Top 8 Best Luna Ukulele

Top 8 Best Luna Ukulele







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Ukuleles: Top 8 Best Luna Ukulele



Move over guitars; there’s a new instrument in town!

In recent years, the humble ukulele has drastically risen in popularity. From school kids to professional musicians, few have succeeded in resisting its dulcet tones.

Music is art. Music is beauty. And that’s what Luna creates, with their range of ukuleles.

Luna believes that creative innovation inspires us. And with their unique, eye-catching designs, this philosophy is precisely what their ukuleles reflect. So, let’s take a look and discover the best Luna ukulele!

best luna ukulele

Top 8 Best Luna Ukulele To Buy In 2020 Reviews

1 Luna Tattoo Spruce Concert Ukulele

Up first! A seriously striking uke. This is a truly dazzling model, with stunning tattoo laser-etching.

This concert ukulele has a body constructed from mahogany. The classic wood for ukulele construction, it offers a warm, pleasing tone and offers major beach vibes. But then, the top is made from spruce. Why does this matter? Well, it adds another layer to that sound. It offers a deeper resonance, leaving us with a slightly more unusual tone.

Really though, it’s the look of this ukulele that really takes our breath away. Based on traditional Polynesian tattoos, this geometric pattern represents the waves, stones, and animals of the islands. One glance at this uke, and we’re immediately returned to nature.

And we get to see that theme again on the fretboard. Classic walnut is inlaid with shark’s tooth style fret markers. They make it easy to find our chord, as well as adding to that sun-kissed feel.

What else? Well, at the end of that fretboard, we find Pearloid open-gear tuners. No buzzing, no loose strings, these tuners ensure your uke stays in tune at all times.

There has to be a downside, right?

Just the one. The gig bag it comes with doesn’t offer the best protection. We would want to find another bag to take care of a beauty like this.

But that’s the bag. The ukulele itself is a great model. Its sounds sweet, it looks incredible and is seriously lightweight.

Oh, and it’s pretty easy on the wallet too.


  • Stunning tattoo design.
  • Great tone.
  • Solid tuners.

2 Luna Baritone Acoustic/Electric Ukulele

Decided it’s time to take to the stage? You’ll need a uke with a great preamp system. Maybe this could be the best Luna ukulele for you. At 32 inches long, we have here a Baritone ukulele. Its deep bass makes it different to most ukes we see in shops today. A model like this offers both the performer and audience an entirely different ukulele experience.

This instrument has an all mahogany body. As well as giving us a beautiful tone, this offers a great color too. Its burnished hues exude warmth and give off a pleasant, comforting feeling.

But what’s the most important part of an electric-acoustic instrument?

The preamp system! So how does this one measure up?

Designed especially for the vintage range of ukes, this UK-T2 preamp system is pretty awesome! It gives us quick and easy amplification, perfectly matching the tone of the uke. And with its onboard tuner, you can be sure of always finding your note.

Compared to some on this list, it’s a much more subtle looking model. Simple yet effective, it has a laser-etched rosette around the soundhole. This darker color works beautifully on the reddish mahogany body, adding a real touch of class.

If we had to look for a negative, we could point out that this one doesn’t come with a bag. But it’s an extremely minor criticism! This is a quality instrument, and we’d be proud to have it as a part of our uke collection!


  • Electric-acoustic.
  • Good preamp system with an inbuilt tuner.
  • Subtly beautiful.

3 Luna Uke Vintage Mahogany Pineapple Ukulele

Soak up some serious retro vibes, with this pineapple ukulele!

The first soprano uke on our list, this tiny instrument has just a 13-inch scale (string) length. Its diminutive size, plus awesome pineapple shape, make it a really cute, fun option for the casual player.

This package has everything the new uke enthusiast needs! The DVD not only teaches basic chords but explains ukulele maintenance and set up. And you can be sure to keep your new instrument safe and clean with the gig bag and polishing cloth.

We really like this model. While it might not be something we’d use on stage, we could really see ourselves sitting on the beach, strumming away happily. Warm sand, Mai Tais, and a great little uke; who doesn’t dream of that?

It’s actually very reasonable. When we consider this as a bundle, we can see we’re getting great value for money.

Oh, and with dark rosette etching on a mahogany body, it looks pretty awesome too.


  • Bundle contains everything a beginner might need.
  • Concert sized.
  • Mahogany body looks and sounds beautiful.


  • Small size can be difficult for bigger hands.

4 Luna Great Wave Concert Ukulele Bundle

Another great beginner’s bundle! Similar to our last item, this again has the DVD, soft bag, cloth, and tuner. But unlike that one, this model is fully acoustic.

We have here another uke constructed from mahogany. We know we can look forward to that classic, rich tone.

So, what makes this different from other mahogany ukuleles?

It features an artistic masterpiece!

The front of this uke is covered by a copy of The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Made by the artist Hokusai, copies of this woodblock print can be found in major museums all over the world. How many people can say they have such a showpiece of the art world on their uke?

The polishing cloth means you can keep your work of art clean and well-conditioned. The bag offers an extra layer of protection for it too. However, don’t rely too much on the bag; it’s a little flimsy for our taste.

That great Austin Bazaar DVD provides clear and simple advice for the new player. Learn how to take care of your uke, as well as discovering new chords and techniques. It’s easy to understand and offers some really helpful tips and tricks.

This package offers so much! It must be expensive, right?

Actually, no. Considering the design, the sound quality, and all the added extras, this is seriously good value for money.


  • Incredible design.
  • Great bundle for new players.


  • Acoustic only; no pickup.

5 Luna Concert Ukulele With Gigbag, Ziricote

One thing all uke players can agree: Luna ukuleles are always stunning. Well, with its subtle elegance, this might be the most beautiful one we’ve seen yet. Why?

It’s made from Ziricote…

Ziricote wood has a deep, dark hue. Each piece has a unique wood grain, giving every player a truly unique instrument. That color, combined with its one of a kind pattern, provides an exquisite, natural quality to this model.

And to add a touch of drama, this uke also features a strip of sapwood through the top of the body. Its rich, white-gold, tint offers a pleasing contrast to the darker wood. The streak gives a bold, yet elegant look, without distracting from its natural beauty.

But back to that Ziricote. How does it affect the sound?

As this is a concert uke, we might expect a higher tone. The Ziricote adds an extra element to that. It provides a robust, warm, sound while retaining those jangly qualities on the higher notes.

A gorgeous finish, a great sound; what more could we want? High-end chrome open-gear tuners ensure that we never wander out of tune while playing.

Again a better case is needed…

Like others on the list, the gig bag isn’t the best. It lacks in padding and won’t offer a huge amount of protection. So be sure to invest in a high-quality case if you want to take care of an instrument like this!


  • Incredible, natural patterns.
  • Dramatic sapwood streak.
  • Rich, unusual tone.


  • Other than the gig bag, we really can’t find any!

6 Luna Honu Turtle Spruce Soprano Ukulele

When we think of the islands, we imagine golden beaches, palm trees, and beautiful azure seas. And what can we find in that crystal clear water? Turtles! So why not dream of Hawaii, with this tranquil turtle design?

The Honu, or Hawaiian turtle, is a symbol of long life and endurance. Reflecting traditional Polynesian tattoos, it captures that tropical spirit while providing a fun, eye-catching, motif.

Let’s face it; who doesn’t dream swimming in a warm ocean with turtles?

As a soprano uke, this suits smaller hands or those with delicate fingers. It can be fiddly for some, but for many people, sopranos are the classic ukulele. And this uke really does look the part.

In the body, we find our old friend mahogany. But the top is made from spruce. Instead of that deep, reddish hue mahogany provides, we see a much lighter, toasted blonde color, reflecting the sand of the beaches.

But does that affect the tone?

Yes, it does. Spruce alone offers a fuller sound. When we mix it with that mahogany, we get a less traditional, more unusual tone. It sounds great, but if you’re a purist, this might not be the best Luna ukulele for you.

Is there an upside to using two different kinds of wood?

It keeps the cost down! If you’re looking for quirky little uke on a budget, then this could be a fantastic choice.


  • Tattoo-inspired, turtle pattern.
  • Brightly colored top.
  • Budget-conscious choice.


  • Can be awkward for bigger hands.
  • The sound may not please traditionalists.

7 Luna Concert Tattoo Ukulele w/Preamp, Gig Bag

Up next! Another electric-acoustic. Can it handle the pressures of playing live?

Of course, it can! That onboard Luna UK-9000 preamp system is perfect. Quickly and easily amplify your instrument with no hassle or issues.

We have here a great-sounding uke. Rich, warm tones come from that familiar mahogany body. It’s a classic, old school sound, with a modern touch from the preamp system.

Traditional and modern…

Unlike the previous item, the entire body here is constructed from just one type of wood. This gives it has that typical Hawaiian tone that we all know and love. Purists will be pleased by its tradition, while those who prefer modernity will love its electric capabilities. This uke really has something for everyone!

This is another model with awesome Polynesian vibes. The body features a laser-etched design based on retro Hawaiian tattoos. This geometric pattern mirrors the shapes we often find in nature; one look at this uke, and we’re instantly transported to the islands!

As an extra bonus, we get a tuner and a gig bag. Other electric ukes come with a built-in tuner, so it’s a bit disappointing that this one does not. But, it’s easy enough to do it ourselves, and the tuner works well.

Electric acoustic ukes will always be more expensive than purely acoustic models. It’s not as wallet-friendly as some. But for taking to the stage, we’d consider this to be a seriously solid option.


  • Incredible Polynesian pattern.
  • Strong mahogany tone.
  • Great preamp.


  • Unlike others, it has no built-in tuner.

8 Luna UKETCMAH Concert Tattoo Mahogany Ukulele w/Gig Bag

Our final ukulele is a real classic. At around 28 inches long, this concert uke offers the player a truly authentic musical experience. It’s the perfect size for most and is great for both experienced players and beginners alike.

No preamp system, no fancy built-in tuners. We’ve going back to basics here, relying on this model’s traditional qualities. And what is a great, traditional, material for making ukuleles?

It’s our old friend, mahogany…

As we would expect, it has a beautiful sound. We know we can depend on mahogany to provide that time-honored ukulele tone. And as the entire body is constructed from one material, it doesn’t give us any unwelcome surprises.

Again, we can see that precise laser-etching on the bodywork. Get some major island vibes from this design! The dark etching contrasts subtly with the reddish wood, offering an understated beauty that we don’t often see.

It’s a good price. An instrument of this quality offers serious value for money when we consider its effective looks and soothing tone.

This uke is a good all-rounder. It’s solid, dependable, and perfect for those who want to keep it simple.

A great way to end our list on a high note!


  • Solid, mahogany body.
  • Sweet tone.
  • Great value for money.

Best Luna Ukulele Buyers Guide

There are so many things to think about when buying a uke! The size, the wood, do we want to go electric? Where should we begin?

How About The Size?

In this article, we’ve looked at ukuleles with three different proportions. So how do they compare?

First, we have the Soprano Uke. With a string length of around 13 inches, these usually have 12-15 frets. Sopranos are often considered the standard ukulele and have a higher, more jangly sound than others.

luna ukulele

And then, there’s the Concert or Alto Uke. These have a slightly lower tone, with a richer quality. With a 15-inch string length, concert ukes can be easier and less fiddly to handle than sopranos.

We also included a Baritone Uke in our list. The bari uke has a much deeper, more resonant quality. These are far bigger than the others, with a whopping 18-21 frets.

Different Size Means a Different Tuning

Both soprano and concert ukes use the standard GCEA tuning, whereas the baritone uses DGBE. For a beginner, it might be better to stick to the smaller ukes with the common tuning. You can always move onto a bari when you’re feeling more confident!

Then, there’s the type of wood our uke is constructed from. Different woods offer vastly different sounds and finishes.

Which One Is Right For You?

The majority of the ukuleles in our list contained mahogany. Tried and tested, this timber offers us that standard uke sound we all know and love. It’s reliable, durable, and its burnished hues are pretty easy on the eye.

How about spruce? Well, spruce is often used for the top of a mahogany body. It can give an extra layer of warmth to the tone, moving away from a more classic sound.

best luna ukulele reviews

Of course, we have to mention that amazing Ziricote. Truly spectacular to look at, it boasts swirling, ink-dark lines, creating a one of a kind pattern on every instrument. Ziricote adds a booming resonance to our tone, without overshadowing the uke’s lighter qualities.

Finally, We Have To Talk about How We’re Using Our Uke?

Are you a beginner or a seasoned pro? Planning to go electric, like Dylan, or keep it simple with an acoustic?

For the new uke enthusiast, we’d probably recommend an acoustic model. They’re usually cheaper, and less heavy than those with a preamp. If your new interest turns into a burning passion, then no problem; you can always upgrade!

After all, we can never have enough ukes in our collection, can we?

Of course, if you’re a long-term player (or a beginner who wants to jump in head first), you might want to think about playing on stage. All the electric acoustic models in this list have awesome preamp systems, and some even include a built-in tuner. Who knows, maybe you could be the first ukulele player ever to headline Coachella!

Wow! There’s a lot to consider! But hopefully, we’ve given you a better idea of which uke will suit you the best.

More Ukelele Choices

We hope we’ve helped you decide on a great ukelele, but if you’re not quite there yet, check out our reviews of the Best Tenor Ukuleles, the Best Concert Ukuleles for Beginners, the Best Baritone Ukuleles, the Best Bass Ukulele, and the Best Ukulele for Beginners currently available.

You may also be interested in our reviews of the Best Ukulele Cases and the Best Ukulele Straps on the market.

So, What Is The Best Luna Ukulele?

So many ukes on this list had a chance of being the best Luna ukulele! But ultimately, our champion is the…Ziricote Concert Ukulele.

We adore that Ziricote wood. It has a sheen to it that we just don’t find elsewhere. And the unique woodgrain means that no one else will ever have a ukulele quite like this!

Its deep, rounded sound makes it unlike any other. But, it still retains the traditional tone we expect from a uke. And really, we don’t need a preamp.

So, maybe we’ll see you for a jam on the beach real soon!


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