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Top 7 Best All In One Stereo System With Turntable

Top 7 Best All In One Stereo System With Turntable







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Top list: Top 7 Best All In One Stereo System With Turntable

Vinyl records. There is nothing quite like them. Sure, in this digital age that we live in, there are so many easy ways to immerse yourself in music. From streaming options, like Spotify or Apple Music, to good old CDs. But ask any audiophile what their favorite way to enjoy a new album they, and the answer will almost always be vinyl.

So, what is the easiest, most cost-efficient way to begin your vinyl record journey?

Well, that would have to be a great all-in-one stereo system with a turntable. Don’t get me wrong; if you are looking to get the very best out of a vinyl record, then you may want to look at stand-alone options. 

But the best all-in-one stereo systems with turntables available right now do a pretty darn good job. So, let’s take a peek at the best all in one stereo system with turntable available for you to buy today.


Top 7 Best All In One Stereo System With Turntable You Should Buy in 2021 Reviews

1 Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center – Best Value for Money All-in-one Stereo System with Turntable

I’m starting with an absolute banger. The Victorla 8-in-1 cannot only play vinyl records of any size, but also has a CD player, an FM/AM radio, a tape deck, an AUX connection, and has built-in Bluetooth connectivity. 

With this bad boy, you can play music however you like

The Victorla 8 in 1 is also a looker. Styled to fit into any period piece from the 1920’s or ’30s, the vintage feel oozes class. The real wood construction adds to this vintage feel, and the chrome details make the overall product pop. 

It is also capable of recording from cassettes, CDs, and vinyl straight onto a USB stick. So you will never have to worry about losing your music again. The three-speed turntable ( 78, 45, and 33 ½ RPM) can accommodate any record you throw at it (but don’t actually throw your vinyl records at the Victorla, please).

Great sound

In terms of sound, the Victorla 8-in-1 does a great job. Clear and concise, with a nice roomy soundstage. I loved this unit so much it now sits proudly in my office and has reignited my love of 50’s jazz. 

As soon as my wife saw it, she went online and bought me a few jazz records to listen to while working. And now, it’s hard to believe I worked any other way. A high-quality all in one stereo system with turntable, and one of my favorite stereos to date.


  • Great sound.








  • No RCA output for external speakers.








2 ION Audio Max LP – Best Compact All-in-one Stereo System with Turntable

The ION Audio Max LP is a much simpler system than my last offering, but that does not mean it is any less worthy of its place on this list.

Simple and elegant

The designers over at ION decided to keep the footprint as small as possible while still ensuring there is great sound. Not a top-of-the-line sound, but still pretty amazing for such a small package. 

The aesthetics could not be more different to the Victorla 8 in 1, with the ION Audio Max LP going down the road of modernism. The attractive slimline design features a natural wood finish top with two small speakers and a single control knob for speed settings (33.33 RPM, 45 RPM, and 78 RPM). The motor is belt-driven, and there is a handy dust cover.

Sometimes, less is more

Although there are no options for playing either cassettes or CDs with this unit, there is an AUX input that allows other devices to be connected. Also included are a pair of audio output sockets to connect external speakers through an RCA cable. And a USB Type B port that can be used to convert vinyl to digital.

If you want an all-in-one turntable to enjoy your vinyl collection but don’t want to spend a bunch of cash, then this may be the perfect pick. It is certainly one of the most affordable all in one stereo systems with turntable you can buy.










3 MUSITREND LP USB 3 Speed Record Player with Bluetooth – Best Budget All-in-one Stereo System with Turntable

In recent years, portable suitcase all-in-one turntable units have become increasingly popular and have dropped considerably in price. The all-new Musitrend LP USB 3 Speed Record Player with Bluetooth is one of my personal favorites and my top pick for best budget suitcase vinyl players of 2021.

This is one of the cheapest units available on Amazon right now. But don’t think that the price is an indication of shoddy workmanship. This unit is very well made, and the sound it produces is amazing for the price. A built-in woofer helps keep the soundstage warm and punchy, while the tweakers add clear and precise mid to high tones.

Refined retro styling 

The classic wooden box design looks great and also helps with the warm sound that has become associated with the Musitrend LP unit. Set to look straight out of a 1950’s sitcom, I fell in love with the look straight out of the box.

The belt-driven motor provides all three speeds needed to play any size record (33-1/3, 45, 78 RPM). And it has a handy auto-off function that will stop the motor as soon as the record finishes. 

Just superb…

As well as offering Bluetooth connectivity, there is also the option to connect your device through an AUX port. Plus, there is an RCA output to connect external speakers. A fantastic unit and one I will be gifting at Christmas time for sure.










  • No USB to MP3 conversion.








4 Teac MCD800B 20-watt Turntable System with AM/FM/CD/Wireless Technology – Most Versatile All-in-one Stereo System with Turntable

The Teac MCD800B 20-watt Turntable System with AM/FM/CD/Wireless technology is their newest all-in-one model.

And let’s just say, it ticks all the boxes

Invoking a full 1980’s feel, this excellent turntable combo truly has everything you need for an all-in-one stereo system with turntable. Every connectivity option you could hope for is included. Bluetooth, AUX, RCA out, USB in and out are all on full display here.

In terms of sound, this unit is by far one of the best sounding all in one stereo systems with turntable I have looked at so far. It features a pair of detached 2-way speakers that both use a 1.5-inch tweaker and a 3.5-inch woofer. The sound is not far off what you would expect from much higher-priced studio monitors. Clear, clean, powerful, and full of depth. 

Useful Extras

One of the features that I love is the timer function. This essentially turns your new all in one stereo with turntable into the best alarm clock going. Simply set the time you want it to turn on, and bingo, you can be waking up to any record your heart desires. There is also a handy sleep function, and the lights are all dimmable, making it perfect for any bedroom.

Overall the Teac MCD800B is a great buy, even if it is a little pricier than our previous listings. With the outstanding speaker setup, this is more than a fair deal. Making it a real contender for the best all in one stereo system with turntable on the market.










5 1byone Nostalgic Wooden Turntable Combo – Best Portable All-in-one Stereo System with Turntable

Scoring highly with critics and consumers alike is the 1byone Nostalgic Wooden Turntable Combo. It is easily one of the best all in one stereo systems with a turntable available right now.

If you are looking for a unit that not only plays every conceivable format of media (CDs, cassette tapes, vinyl records, FM/AM radio, Bluetooth-enabled devices) but can also double as a display piece, then you might want to take a good hard look at this one. 

Small but mighty…

The 1byone Nostalgic Wooden Turntable Combo has a much smaller footprint than many of its direct competitors. But still manages to pack in all the features vital for a true all-in-one system. Weighing in at a measly 18.5 pounds makes this unit pretty portable, perfect for those weekends away.

There are not many vinyl players in this price range that can match the multifunctionality of the 1byone Nostalgic Wooden Turntable Combo. Especially with the same level of sound quality. Sure, at this price, you cannot expect to have absolute top-of-the-line sound, but the built-in speakers do a surprisingly good job. 

There’s also an RCA slot should you want to connect external speakers. Overall a fantastic all-in-one vinyl player and one that won’t break the bank.


  • Mobile and lightweight.








6 D&L All-in-1 Record Player – Most Popular All-in-one Stereo System with Turntable

D&L has been churning out great audio products for a good few years now. And the D&L All-in-1 Record Player does not disappoint. Equipped with a great set of speakers, every connectivity option you could hope for, and an understated look – this is for sure one of my favorites available right now.

Incredibly popular with consumers

That’s right; this is one of the best selling all in one stereo systems with turntables on Amazon. The multi-functional design lets you play any vinyl format you can think of. Plus, MP3’s from a USB stick or SD card, or through the AUX input. Bluetooth is also available, as are slots for CDs, cassette tapes, and there is an AM/FM radio.

As with some of the other offerings on this list, the D&L All-in-1 Record Player converts vinyl records into MP3 and lets you store the files directly onto a USB drive or SD card. Not only great for having all your favorite records on the go, but it’s also a great way to safeguard your music collection. 

Retro styling at its best…

The built-in stereo speakers provide a warm, clear soundscape that has a bunch of room to breathe. The richness of the lower end is perfectly balanced with the preciseness of the treble. To top it all off, the aesthetics are on point. The retro/minimalist mashup looks great on my desk.


  • High-quality, durable materials.








  • Bluetooth can only connect to devices, not external Bluetooth speakers.








7 Wrcibo Record Player with Built-in Stereo Speakers – Best Basic All-in-one Stereo System with Turntable

The Wrcibo Record Player with built-in stereo speakers is a basic unit. It lacks some features that we have seen with the previous offerings.

But what it does, it does very well…

This is a vinyl player through and through. There’s no CD or cassette slots available here. Although you can plug your smartphone in through the AUX port. But if you are buying this, then you are primarily going to be using it for records.

The RCA outputs allow you to rig this up to any Hi-Fi system. Although, this is not necessary as the built-in stereo speakers do a bang-up job. The three speed belt-driven motor allows for any sized record to be played, and the ceramic cartridge ensures this is a long-lasting unit.

If you are looking for a small, simple, elegant all-in-one turntable, then be sure to check out this one.










What is the Best All In One Stereo System With Turntable Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

What is an all-in-one stereo with a turntable?

Simply put, an all-in-one stereo with a turntable is any vinyl player that has built-in speakers. This is bare-bones, though, unlike the many units offering multiple connection ports and some featuring Bluetooth.

Which is the absolute best all in one stereo with a turntable?

This is a very hard question to answer. It all depends on what you are looking for out of your system. In general, I would suggest spending a little extra and going for a system that lets you play CDs. And has at least an AUX port to plug your smartphone into.

Is price an issue?

For the most part, when considering turntables, the more you spend, the better. This is not always the case, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

How much should you budget?

Anywhere between $70 and $200. Within this price frame, there are so many options to choose from.

Do new turntables play old vinyl?

Yes, as long as the record itself is in playable condition. Then any turntable sold today will play it. Many of the offerings allow you to convert your old vinyl into MP3 files, which will ensure that you won’t ever lose your precious music collection.

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What is the Best All In One Stereo System With Turntable?

Well, it’s that time where I have to tell you which all in one stereo with a turntable is the best. It’s a hard one to pin down as everyone is looking for slightly different functionality. But after thinking long and hard, the winner is the…

Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center

With every connection port you could think of, great styling, top-notch sound, and an affordable price, it’s no wonder this is a true crowd-pleaser.

Until next time, happy listening.

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