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Top 4 Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

Top 4 Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars







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Guitars: Top 4 Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars



It was 1915 when Gibson gave us the earliest left-handed guitar, the L-4. Before then, the only option was turning a right-handed guitar upside down. Or, just don’t play if you are left-handed.

However, The L-4 was around for a long time. It was still with us in the 60s, though the soundhole had given way to ‘F’ holes. There was always a lack of left-handed options. Not surprising as the majority of people are right-handed. In fact, approximately one in ten people are left-handed, but one in three musicians are left-handed, interesting?

These days there are many more left-handed guitars on the market. Nonetheless, if you want a specific guitar, you may have to order it.

So, let’s have a look at the Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars currently available and find the perfect one for you…

Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars
Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

Top 4 Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars On The Market Reviews

1 Oscar Schmidt 6 String OG1B 3/4 Size Dreadnought Left Hand Acoustic Guitar – Best 3/4 Size Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

Oscar Schmidt might not be the first name that rolls of the tongue when speaking about Dreadnought acoustic guitars. Although, it should be a name you remember as they produce a decent quality instrument.

Furthermore, they produce them for a very cost-effective price. Founded in 1871, they manufacture a wide range of instruments.

Slightly smaller body size…

This is a three-quarter size Dreadnought style guitar. Therefore, it is ideal for younger players and those just starting out and is one of the Best Beginners Left Handed Guitars you can buy. It has a laminated Spruce top as its soundboard with Catalpa wood back and sides.

High-quality hardwood…

Catalpa is a hardwood that is similar to Basswood. That means that whilst being a hardwood, it is also flexible enough to work with. This makes it an ideal wood for guitar manufacturing.

The body is given a gloss black finish with a nicely designed edging. Similarly, the rosette around the soundhole has an interesting but understated design. They have come up with a guitar that looks very impressive.

Sturdy neck materials…

The neck is Maple wood with an Ebony fingerboard featuring traditional dot markers. However, there is no cutaway on the guitar. This means you only have access to 14 of the 20 frets. The neck also has a white binding for its full length on both edges. It has a fully adjustable truss rod.

On the black-colored headstock, there are six die-cast, chrome-plated machine heads, and a synthetic nut. Down the other end, you’ll find a hardtail bridge with dotted pins.

A good little starter…

As a starter guitar or an instrument for a smaller person, this ticks all the boxes. It is well-made with some good fittings. It will never win any awards, but it is very good value for the money.

The sound is quite crisp and sharp. Likewise, it also has that Dreadnought warmth and depth. It plays comfortably and easily, another asset for a starter.

You don’t see too many left-handed starter guitars. So, if that is what you want, it is worth a closer look.


  • Nicely made with a good design and a classic Dreadnought look.
  • A three-quarter size guitar that plays and sounds nice.
  • Attractive price point.


  • Some may want a full-size instrument.

2 iMusic Left handed Acoustic Guitar for beginners with Package – Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar Beginners Package

If you’re looking for a first guitar, then there will likely be some added things you need to get as well. This is where a package like this comes in very useful. We see them quite often with right-handed guitars but not so often with left. This is, therefore, quite a rarity.

Built for beginners…

We wouldn’t say this guitar is the highest quality you will find, but for starters, it’s fine. As long as it is playable and has a decent tone, that is enough to start them off. This guitar certainly has both of those.

It is made from laminated woods with Spruce as the top wood, which is always a good choice for tone. The sides and the back are Basswood, which is also an acceptable choice. It is a plain and simple design with a single-cutaway.

Full-sized instrument…

It is finished in glossy blue with a white edging and a simple circular rosette around the soundhole. Whilst it is a good choice for a beginner, it is also acceptable for an adult player being a 41-inch full-size instrument.

The neck is made from Oguman, which is a wood that is similar to Birch. Additionally, it features a Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. There are 20 frets, of which,17 can be played easily courtesy of the cutaway. It has a truss rod for adjustments, if necessary.

Lightweight and easy to play…

At the headstock, there are six die-cast chrome-plated closed-back tuners. Also, there is a basic bridge with pins for holding the strings. It is very lightweight at only 4 pounds.

It comes with a soft bag, a basic chord scale, three picks, and a string winder. Therefore, this is an ideal package for a beginner at a reasonable price point.


  • Quite a nice package with most things a starter will need.
  • It is quite well made with a reasonable tone.


  • Some may want a better quality instrument.

3 Ibanez AE245 Left-handed – Best Acoustic-Electric Left-Handed Guitar

A quality instrument from Ibanez. It has a full-body design built for sound projection and plenty of volume. Likewise, it will also generate a big resonant sound courtesy of its size.

A nicely-balanced and comfortable guitar to play. It must be considered as one of the best quality Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars you can buy.

All mahogany body…

A lovely guitar with the Ibanez AE shape and a single-cutaway. This guitar is an all-mahogany design, which means the top, sides, and back are all made of mahogany. A mahogany top is not seen that often, with most manufacturers most commonly using Spruce or sometimes maple.

Why does mahogany matter?

Mahogany though, has many positive attributes as a tonewood. Most importantly, it is very hard. So, it will rely on its bracing pattern for vibration control. If the bracing is good, it will produce a vibrant, warm sound with a hint of top end.

This guitar uses the tried and trusted X-bracing. So, you know the sound will be good. Furthermore, mahogany on the back and sides produces extra warmth. In turn, this creates that big resonant sound.

Simple and stylish appearance…

It is finished with a plain varnish to allow the grain of the wood to show through. And it is quite nice. It has elegant white edging around the top and bottom and a patterned pickguard.

The rosette around the soundhole is a simple but effective design.

Cutaway design for easy upper fret access…

The neck is full length with 20 frets, of which all are playable courtesy of the cutaway. Additionally, it features a ‘C’ shape neck profile. The nut has a width of 1.73 inches and is compensated bone.

Furthermore, the neck is also Mahogany with a satin finish and has been given a Rosewood fingerboard. There are dot markers as well as a swirling design on the fingerboard to add a nice design touch.

Acoustic or electric option…

Of course, there are electrics since this is an acoustic-electric guitar.

There is an under-saddle Alvarez pickup and preamp. Unfortunately, for a guitar of this quality, there are no EQ controls, nor is there a tuner.

Quality construction and hardware…

The headstock features a Rosewood overlay, white binding, logo, and a motif. Additionally, there are six die-cast chrome machine heads. The bridge is Rosewood, and the saddle is compensated bone.

An excellent, well-made, and good sounding guitar in Ibanez traditions. Considering it is not cheap, the lack of a tuner or any tone management is surprising.


  • Good quality Ibanez build with good materials.
  • A powerful, rich sound.


  • No tuner or tone controls on the guitar.

4 Fender CD-60S Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Left Handed – Best Solid Top Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

The CD-60S is one of the newer Fender Dreadnought guitars that they have brought out. This is a bit of a no-frills instrument that comes as part of a package.

It has some nice woods with a Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. Although they are laminated, this guitar still creates a reasonable, if not great, sound.

Classic Dreadnought size and style…

The style is Dreadnought, as we said, and there is no cutaway. It comes with a plain, natural finish to the top and a tortoiseshell pickguard. There is a hardly distinguishable edging to the body, which suits its style.

Likewise, there’s a Pearloid rosette around the soundhole, which is understated and quite nice. Inside the body, you’ll find scalloped ‘X’ bracing.

Solid mahogany neck…

It has a Mahogany neck with a gentle binding and a Rosewood fingerboard. The finish on the neck is also glossy. There are standard dot inlays in the fingerboard and 20 frets.

On the headstock are the six die-cast chrome-plated, closed-back tuners. The nut is plastic, as is the saddle on the Rosewood bridge. Keep in mind, this guitar is designed by Fender, but it is made in Indonesia.

What’s in the box?

It comes as part of a package that includes a gig bag, picks, clip-on tuner, and a strap. There is also an instructional DVD with some basic hints and a polishing cloth.

Although it is a reasonable guitar, we have to say it is rather overpriced. Sadly, that is the story with most Fender things these days. It will do as a beginner or practice instrument. However, it is not good enough for performing or recording.


  • Decent material and quite well-made.
  • Comes as part of a package that includes most things a young player will need.


  • Frankly, for the price, it is just not good enough.

Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars Review
Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars Review

Finding a left-handed guitar is a bit easier these days than it used to be. Nevertheless, you will want to keep some things in mind before you make a purchase.

Who Is it for?

For a complete beginner, then you need to purchase a guitar that will suit them. An early difficulty some people encounter is the actual size of the instrument. A large Dreadnought will cause problems for younger players. Its sheer size makes it difficult to hold, balance, and get their arms around.

Some companies make a 3/4 size Dreadnought, which gives you an extra option. For a young player, a ¾ size guitar is a great place to start.

Intermediate and experienced players should be looking for a guitar that delivers a good sound. Therefore, you should focus on the tonewood and materials used to make the guitar.

Just Acoustic?

Some will want the option to plug in. While a built-in pickup can add some versatility, it is unlikely to capture the unplugged sound. You will usually get a better sound from using a quality mic to put it through an onstage amp for live performance.

You cannot expect a little under-saddle pickup and preamp to deliver a brilliant sound. Some are acceptable, but that is the best that can be said.


If it is for a beginner, then some companies produce packages that include some extras that you will need. As a result, they’re often a little more expensive. But still worth considering.

What’s your budget?

Set yourself a budget and stay close to it. Additionally, don’t get fooled into thinking that because it is a name brand, that you think it will be a good guitar. That is not always the case these days. There are some great guitars from manufacturers you may never have heard of.

Looking For Something Else?

If you’re in the market for new acoustic guitar strings, check out Best Acoustic Guitar Strings. Need to keep your guitar off the floor, then take a look at Best Guitar Stand.

Are you a beginner, someone with kids, or just a bit petite? See what is in store with our reviews of the Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners, the Best Acoustic Guitars For Kids, and the Best Guitars For Small Hands you can buy in 2021.

So, what is the Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar?

Well, we are not buying for a starter. If we were, we would probably choose the…

Oscar Schmidt ¾ size OG

Instead, we are choosing one for a reasonably experienced player. Because of that, we are going full size and one with a great tone. Therefore, we would pick the…

Ibanez AE245 Left-handed

A great guitar by one of the top manufacturers these days. Not to mention the mahogany body, which delivers a sweet sound.

That’s all for now. So, until next time, happy strumming.



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