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Top 35 Best Electric Violin







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Top list: Top 35 Best Electric Violin



Best Electric Violin & Best Electric Violin Brands
Best Electric Violin & Best Electric Violin Brands 


Best Electric Violin & Best Electric Violin Brands

Electric violins are taking over from their acoustic counterparts, increasingly becoming famous especially among the younger generation who want to learn, master and play the best of classical music.

Benefits of Playing Electric Violins

Apart from providing an ample opportunity for young and old people to learn how to play violin with an extra edge, the electrical violin generates an electronic sound output which effectively bring a combination of modern style of music with a classic genre of music, forming a unique blend and means of encouraging young people to play violin and increase their interest in string instruments. Electric violins are also finding their way into popular music genres like Hip Hop and Afro-beat.

Another reason why so many violinists are taking to the electrical violin is that it provides them with the ability to control and decide on the sound output in a very easy way . All electrical violins come with volume control mechanisms which the violin player can easy tune and set a particular or desired sound level, as against their acoustic counterparts wherein sound control can be frustrating at times.

Furthermore, electrical violins offer violinists the ability to achieve a greater sound and resonance by easily connecting to an amplifier or toother box system, including their phones or laptops, and enjoy the great sound coming from their own music or choice tracks.

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What is the Best Electric Violin to Buy?

  • Premium Quality German Maple Bridge
  • Outstanding Violin Pickup


1) Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BL Electric/Silent Violin

  • 1/8 Output Jack to Connect to Amps
  • Ideal For All Levels of Violinists


3) Bunnel Edge Electric Violin Outfit Rock Star

  • D'Addario Prelude Strings
  • Control Sliders for Volume Adjustment

Choosing an Electric Violin

When you are looking to buy an electric violin, there are few things to consider.

What category?

You have to select an instrument that’s right for you and not one that would only make the entire process difficult for you, and this will depend on the level you play.

Are you a beginner?

Get a beginner violin. Student or beginner violins are usually made from low-quality materials, less hand craft design, assembly and finishing. Most parts of them consist of plastic designs while featuring adequate chinrest and tuning pegs. This class of violins is perfect for beginners, inexpensive and competent.

Another class of violins is the Intermediate violins which are in between the student and professional classes of violins. Intermediate violins have much more improved features and designs compare to the student or beginner’s class of violins, but which is not as solid as their professional counterparts.

The professional class violins are those that feature the best designs, from the best-cold and dried wood, well crafted and assembled by a master luthier. They are the types that feature wooden tailpiece and ebony fingerboard and a lot more. They are usually expensive.

Know your Size

The last thing you should consider when buying your violin is the size. Violins usually have 9 sizes. You can take your measurement by extending your arm away from your body and measure from the neck to the wrist which will determine how comfortable the violin will be during play.

You can also measure from the neck to the palm which will determine the size of the instrument you should play. Do research on the various sizes of violins before carrying out this measurement.

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35 Best Electric Violins and the Best Electric Violin Brands

Here are some of the popular electric violin choices for musicians.

1) Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BL Electric/Silent Violin 

The Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BL Solid Wood Blue Electric Silent Violin is a continuation of the CEVN series of metallic violins with incredible features for the beginner. It is suitable for recording or practicing in the studio, stage, or elsewhere.

The violin offers excellent style and functionality for violinist at all levels creating in them the ability to practice with the best motivation and without disturbing others.

The Cecilio CEVN-2BL comes with a 1/8 output jack which enables the violinist to connect to the amp. The player can connect this through peddles and play it just like an electric guitar.

The strings have some vibrations coming from it but it’s not that bad that it should disturb the person sleeping next door. As for the bow, it does the job that a starter needs to be done. Once the player plugs this into a reliable amp, the rich sound it offers is everything he/she will need.

As for accessories, this violin comes with a nice case which is also sturdy, plus a pickup, aux cable, headphones, bow, and rosin. Overall, it all depends on how and what style you play and what effect you get. This violin is perfect for a birthday present and extremely suitable for high school violin orchestra.

2) Barcus Berry BAR –AEG Acoustic Electric Violin 

This violin is suitable for an adult beginner and it comes with a perfect color and excellent finish. For the past two years, we have monitored the abilities of this violin and found it holding up great with adequate maintenance and thorough and it still doesn’t show or have any single blemish. So what the features that make this worthwhile? As we shall see shortly, the Barcus Berry Vibrato is a recommended violin.

Barcus Berry Vibrato-AE Series BAR—AEG Acoustic Electric Violin is a handcrafted violin from Romania, and it features a complete handcraft spruce top, with maple sides and back. The violin also features a high-quality German bridge design including the outstanding Barcus 1320 piezo violin pickup.

To ensure that the violin meets all top quality guidelines, every element of the Barcus Berry Vibrato are inspected and tested by the company’s specialty shop located in New York, USA. So, violinists are guarantee maximum quality and reliability.

This Barcus Berry violin package includes a soft canvass quality case that bears the company’s logo, a USA made rosin and a fiberglass color matching bow. Overall, the violin is solid quality and the sound is excellent for the price.

The fiberglass bow has good quality, but we recommend moving up to a carbon fiberglass bow for much sound improvement. The strings are also adequate, although you may want to change them for something far better. In conclusion, it’s a good violin to get.

3) Bunnel Edge Electric Violin Outfit Rock Star 

The Bunnel is rated as one of the best electric violins in the musical instrument market place in terms of affordability and the quality it offers to players both at the beginner and intermediate level. The Brunnel Edge Electric Violin is tagged with the ‘best’ status because it is shipped with a lifetime warranty, compare to most of its peers.

Handcraft with excellent maple body design, the Brunnel Edge Electric Violin Outfit Rock Star is an affordable violin that is not costly as the ones with the highest, but isn’t crap either. The violin features 100% piezo ceramic pickup and ebony fittings. It is great for student and beginners who intend to practice anywhere without disturbing the peace.

The Bunnel Edge Electric Violin comes stored in a lightweight and sturdy composite-body case. It is in three colors—red, black or blue—with the blue colored type looking super cool. The cable input is in good spot, controls are easy to access why the electronics works like a charm. It’s a nice and great sounding violin.

4) Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Mahogany Electric Silent Violin 

Cecilio line of instruments is known across the global musical instrument market place, so whenever they put out something new, it is expected to measure in quality and elegance for which the brand is famous. This Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA Solid Wood Violin features a silent mode which allows the violinist to practice peacefully without attracting the ire of others.

The Cecilio CEVN-1NA features a solid mahogany wood construction as the main material used for the violin’s body. Bothe fingerboard and pegs of the violin are made from hand carved maple wooden construction, with the chinrest and tailpiece bearing a pearl inlay. The paint job on this violin looks quite professional, with all paint exactly where it belongs and.

Powered by a 9V battery, the Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1NA has a good sound quality, especially for the adult beginner who wanted something louder but not the type that would wake the baby next door.

No problem strings during first tuning and the bow appear a bit light and might need to be replaced but it does the job. Overall, the instrument is strong, with a sturdy feel with no feedback.

5) Cecilio 4/4 Electric Violin CVNAE-330+SR 

Cecilio is a well-known brand in the music industry, as it is the leading manufacturer and distributor of acoustic and electric violins. And the Cecilio CVNAE-330+SR is one of the best products for those that look forward to performing on both an electric and acoustic violin. It is a full zine 4/4 instrument that stands out due to its professionalism and design. It was created by hand from solid maple, which offers outstanding volume and tone control.

Also, it comes with ebony pegs, and reliable chin rest, comfortable and easy to master. And we can say that we genuinely love the ebony fingerboard and fittings, as the old-time style varnish makes it look rather outstanding. Therefore, if you are looking forward to a professional violin to improve your skills and offer exceptional performances, this product might suit your needs.

Anyhow, it can be used by anyone, no matter their level of experience. The acoustic/ electric violin is shipped with a Brazilwood bow, unbleached with authentic Mongolian horsehair, along with a lightweight carrying hard case, a violin bridge, and exquisite rosin. Besides, Cecilio offers for this 4/4 electric violin a one-year warranty, so that you can easily return the product if there are any issues. The approximative dimensions for this product are 32 x 12 x 5 inches.

6) Violin Smart Full Size 4/4 Electric Violin 

ViolinSmart Full Size 4-4 Electric Violin Set Black
ViolinSmart Full Size 4-4 Electric Violin Set Black 


The average violinist is always on the lookout for something that can fit perfectly on his or her shoulder and feels comfortable when playing. However, it is paramount that every violin player needs to understand that electric violins are heavier than the acoustic. This violin has unique and excellent features that make it a must have for the serious violinist.

Featuring plastic pegs, the Smart Full Electric Violin is the type that requires some patients while tuning them. The tuner at the tailpiece comes with just one original fine tuner for E string. Although the violin is silent, it doesn’t mean the sound emanating from it can’t be heard. In fact, when playing this violin, others sitting in the room will surely hear what you are playing.

This violin comes with 9V battery innovating amplifier, which is great for beginners. Although the fine tuners may appear difficult to use sometimes, the black tuning pegs come to the rescue in most cases, as they work excellently for tuning using just a small peg compound on them. The electric and pickup parts work flawlessly and the violin is super loud to the ear.

7) Stagg EVN 4/4 BK Silent Violin 

Every beginner needs something that will aid their learning process and speed up their mastery of the violin in a comfortable and easy way, and from what we have discovered, the Stagg EVN 4/4 BK Violin possess such qualities. This violin is designed with one goal in mind—to perfect the beginner in the practical class.

Weighing 5.1 pounds, the Stagg EVN Silent Violin features a solid bow, bridge, and strings which make the playing experience practicable for the beginner. It’s a nice and inexpensive instrument with good built quality and doesn’t feel fragile though lightweight. This violin doesn’t have anything cheap about it, as every part of the material and finish is of good quality.

It features solid AA batteries that can last for a while and in case of any distortion experienced while the violin, the user can just change the batteries and all would be fine again. We also tried it on a speaker and it turns out to be a real hit, plays better than what the price would have you to believe.

On the earphone, the violin plays well, but make sure when buying yours, order from a reliable seller who would not ship to you a damaged or defective product.

8) Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flower Intermediate Electric Violin 

If you are looking for elegant and durable violins with traditional spruce and maple design, look no further: the Kinglos 4/4 White Blue Flower Electric Violin fits the description. The Kinglos comes with the modern innovative painting technology which is fashioned in line with docking and positioning the wood and color branch. These types of violins are known for high resonance and maintaining tone intensity.

The Kinglos’s body construction and painting provide the violin with a personalized and stylish visual effect. It features aluminium alloy springs alongside the fitting and spruce body. It comes with an active DV-9 pickup/alkaline battery, including tone and volume tuners as well as sockets for mic-out, phone, and microphone—off and on the system.

The beauty of the Kinglos 4/4 Electric Violin is the type that compels tons of compliments. The shoulder rest that accompanies the violin feels comfortable. This outfit comes with all relevant accessories such as earphone, amp, cable, set of strings and extra bridge. It’s a highly reliable violin.

9) Cecilio 4/4CEVN-3BL Blue Metallic Electric/Silent Violin 

Cecilio offers you the opportunity to perform on a rather interesting electric/silent violin. And no matter if you are learning and improving your skills, record in a studio, or perform in front of a public, this electric violin from Cecilio, makes you stand out due to its exquisite design and craftsmanship. Overall, this is a full size, 4/4, style 3 electric violin that comes with an intriguing design.

The blue metallic varnish, along with the exciting body design, makes it stand out from other products on the market. It is handmade from solid maple wood, and it features an ebony fingerboard, pegs, sturdy chin rest, and everything you might need to take your performance to the next level. And the best part about this product is that it is a violin powered by a 9V alkaline battery.

The product is shipped with a solid carrying case, a Brazilwood bow, a rosin cake, a bridge, an auxiliary cord, and headphones. Moreover, you will receive a one-year warranty against any defects your product might have. The approximative dimensions for this product are 32 x 5 x 12 inches.

10) Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin 5 Strings 

The Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin Black 5 Strings is one of the coolest violins that can effectively be played in a band and this Yamaha piece has such a unique, warm tone. We have seen many folks walk up to a player saying ‘we thought we heard a cello in the mix,’ but it’s just low C from this wonderful YEV105BL Electric Violin from Yamaha.

Designed as an all-access-electric violin, the Yamaha YEV105BL Electric Violin Black 5 Strings is a beautiful, lightweight, fun and easy to play violin with affordable price. The manufacturer’s objective is to make an intuitive and attractive instrument with simple, clean sounds that would be loved by any violinist; and that’s exactly what it offered.

This violin sounds great and resonate with quality due to the 6 different types of wood construction involved in the making of the violin. As an amplified instrument, all that is required is just a simple plug-in into an amplifier and play to the gallery as you want. The YEV105BL doesn’t come with batteries, no preamps or headphones.

11) Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-4Y Electric/Silent Violin 

With so many products in Cecilio’s catalog, one might find it challenging to settle for just one violin. We do recommend you consider this solid wood electric violin, as it is both stylish and functional. Besides, it is suitable for all levels of experience, including complete beginners. It has a standard, full-size of 4/4, along with several useful features. For instance, this electric violin is powered by a 9V alkaline battery, which is shipped with the product.

Also, the violin from Cecilio came with a strong carrying hard case, a Brazilwood bow, rosin, a sturdy bridge, an auxiliary cable, and included headphones. But the best part about this product remains its design. It was handmade from sturdy maple wood, and it features an ebony fingerboard, which we can say with certainty that it is simple to use.

Also, it comes with a 1/8 jack that enables you to link any guitar amps or PA systems. You can set up the volume according to your preference, while the headphone jack allows you to experiment and improve your skills without disturbing anyone. And the best part about this solid wood electric violin from Cecilio is that it comes with a one-year warranty in case there is any defect with your product. The approximative dimensions for this product are 32 x 5 x 12 inches.

12) Bunnel NEXT Electric Violin 

We do love the music instruments sold by Bunnel, as this is a reliable and professional manufacturer. And, as you might guess, this Bunnel NEXT electric violin is one of a kind. Many professional performers love it since it is able to offer a clear tone and outstanding amplification. And the best part about using this violin is that you can set up the volume on the instrument or the offered mini amp.

Also, Bunnel’s electric violin was frequently ranked as the best product on the market, while on the U.S. solely was nominated as the number one professional violins, according to customer testimonials. An interesting thing about Bunnel’s electric violin is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and a 45-days money-back policy. You won’t find this amenity with any other violin manufacturer.

Overall, this product was handmade from solid maple, along with unique ebony fittings and piezo ceramic pickup. And, of course, the price you pay for the violin includes several accessories, such as a mini-amp, headphones, cables, sturdy transportation case, authentic Brazilwood bow, rosin several strings, and a polishing cloth. The approximative dimensions for this product are 40.2 x 12.1 x 7.5 inches.

13) Crescent EV-WT Full Size 4/4 Electric Violin 

When you compared this to other electric violins, you will agree that it’s a satisfactory design with good features that match some of the top-notched designs from the recognized brands.

The Crescent EV-WT Full Size 4/4 Electric Violin is a great option for someone just learning or starting to play the violin. Although you might just need to change the cheap looking strings, everything on this Crescent EV-WT Violin works well and is perfect for the beginner.

The Crescent EV-WT is a complete or full-size violin—meaning it came with all necessary [arts and accessories. The pegs and fingerboard of the Crescent violin feature an ebony design, including the chinrest as well.

The tailpiece comes with a digital E-tuner which enables the starter violinist to achieve a reliable and stable tone. The entire body construction features full Brazil wooden bows having unchanged horsehair.

Regarding accessories, the Crescent EV-WT Violin comes with a solid and durable gig bag with exquisite padding for safe storage and transportation. It also comes with the headphone for silent playing, batteries for power, and a reliable rosin to complete the full violin package.

14) Ted Brewer Vivo2 Electric Violin 5 STRING Clear 

Here is a violin from Ted Brewer with design packing high technology and innovative features and materials, including advanced processor technology. The sound of this violin is simply unbelievable and the look is amazing.

The Ted Brewer Vivo2 Electric Violin i5 String Clear features a powerful monocoque frame construction with an advanced polymer material. It comes with a chin rest and an ebony fingerboard.

At the aluminium tailpiece, the violin features fine adjusters a top Grover machine heads which ensure balance in sound tuning and tone quality. The standard Helicore strings that come with the Vivo2 makes it a charismatic and highly refined violin to have.

Standing tall from the rest of the violins in the market, the Ted Brewer Vivo2 features a one-of-a-kind high-end carbon fiber bridge, with a piezo charge pickup. It also features an analogue charged amplifier that’s digitally controlled while the auto power off guarantees that the system won’t run into the problem when overheat.

It also comes with an output socket and separate earphone to complete its superb quality.

15) Wood Violins Stingray WV-SVX5/BK Electric Violin Galaxy Black 

The Stingray series of electric violins have been a set of remarkable and reliable string instruments from a company that hasn’t failed in delivering the best quality in electric string musical instruments.

Coming from the success story of the SVX4 Electric Violin, this version is designed as a precision electric violin with breathtaking qualities that enhances top class playability, effortless performance and authentic tone that outclasses most of its competitors.

The Stingray WV-SVX5 features a sturdy, lightweight body incorporating the popular Stingray wooden construction for which the company is famous. This version also features Tru-Tone high-quality pickup which enhances dynamics, uncompromised sound clarity and warmth. This violin doesn’t require the use of batteries. All the player need to do is just plug in and get ready to rock.

Overall, the Stingray is a q decent violin with everything a beginner or professional need to rock—rosin, bow, a strip cloth, etc—and the accompanying case is a light acoustic type that can be used for both electric and acoustic violins.

The violin is great for late night practice and it’s easy to get used to the low C a matter of minutes. Although you might just need to change the bridge, the instrument is a rock.

16) ViolinSmart EV20 Red Electric Violin 4/4 

Something nice and beautiful is always a welcome choice for the young and adult beginner, and this violin fit that description perfectly. The quality of the design used by the manufacturer is good, and because of its high-end features, we recommend that any beginner you have or will be buying this violin should take it to a professional for the initial set up, especially for the bridge placement and proper tuning.

Featuring a red color design, the ViolinSmart EV20 Electric Violin is a full-size violin that is very useful in taking practical lessons. The violin features a heavy rosin design, red pegs, chinrest and tailpiece.

One notable quality feature with the violin is the horsehair bow and high quality padded bag that comes with it. It has everything that will get a beginner up and be running in a matter of minutes.

Accompanied by a 9-volt battery amplifier for adequate sound, the violin also comes with headphones which will enable the beginner to learn in silence while others around him or her sleep in peace.

Although this violin doesn’t come with a shoulder rest, which has to be bought separately, the EV20 is a cool and reliable set that will do the trick with some few upgrades to the strings.

17) Cremona SV180E Premier Student Electric Violin 

The Cremona—SV180E is an elegant and attractively-shaped violin featuring hardwood body construction that soundly incorporates traditional and modern acoustic violin features and style.

This violin is a good violin that works great and sound way better than expected. It’s a silent mode violin which is suitable for practice lessons at home, and it also features the ability for the violinist to plug it into an external source such as an amplifier or system box for better and louder sound.

As for the bridge f the Cremona—SV180E Electric Premier Student Violin, it needs to be monitored and properly adjusted to enhance perfection while tuning. It’s a violin with the perfection and quality for all student beginners who are just starting to learn or trying to improve on their level of play.

The toner possibilities offer by the Cremona—SV180E Premier Student Electric Violin make it suitable for intermediate and professionals as well. The body construction feature basswood design in a translucent orange/red finish.

The bridge of the violin is made of maple while the neck is rosewood. The hardwood design reduces feedback to the barest minimum while the fingerboard, including the entire trimmings add to the elegant and stylishness of this violin.

18) Merano MVE20WT -A 4/4 Full Size Ebony Electric Silent Violin 

We spent critical time in reviewing the Merano MVE20WT and found that the violin feels great and seem like the perfect start to learn and master the violin. For those who are just learning how to play, it is must be noted that new strings aren’t used to be played so when you are playing, they might go out of tune sometimes, but with some little patience, everything will work out just fine.

The Merano MVE20WT-A 4/4 Full-Size Ebony Electric Silent Violin features an ebony fingerboard, with pegs and chinrest which makes the playing experience comfortable for the violinist.

At the end of the ebony, tailpiece is 4 fine tuners which are used to hold the tune in place. It is a nice instrument for the price, with an excellent tone silent enough to enjoy practice lessons without disturbing the peace of others.

Band and orchestras can make use of this violin to compliment the sound they generate. The Merano MVE20WT features two bow holders with plush lining, a lightweight case, and Cordura nylon cover.

There is also an area for storing accessories in the case, with sheet music pockets and adjustable straps. The violin’s powered by a 9V battery and it also comes with extra set of strings and stereo earphones.

19) Merano MVE10WT-A Full Size Electric Silent Violin 

Merano is not as popular as similar violin brands, but we took the time to test its full-size electric violin, and we do recommend it. Overall, it is an asset for a beginner or intermediate performers, as it is simple to master and understand. But, of course, it can turn out to be the best ally for experienced performers, too.

This silent electric violin was designed by hand from authentic, reliable maple while the fingerboard was created from ebony. Also, the ebony tailpiece comes with 4 fine tuners. This electric violin comes with all the standard features, including the silent one. It is shipped with a lightweight and durable carrying case, designed with a Cordura nylon cover. The product comes with two bow holders, a sheet music pocket, and an accessory area so that you can store anything you might need for your performance.

The violin comes with a Brazilwood bow, and a full-mounted eye and slide. Also, you will receive an amp cord, a 9V battery, and a pair of stereo earphones. The approximative dimensions of this product are 31 x 11 x 5 inches.

20) Cecilio L4/4CEVN-L1BL Left-Handed Blue Metallic Electric Violin 

Everyone agrees that if you want access to a professional, reliable, and durable electric violin, the first place you need to check is Cecilio. They do have an impressive catalog of violins, all of which being designed with a lot of attention to details and focus on performance. This solid wood blue metallic violin is a size 4/4, but it stands out as it is created for a left-handed performer. Also, its interesting color offers a lot in terms of uniqueness.

Besides, this violin was hand-carved by the best craftsman, and it was created only with an extremely qualitative solid maple wood body. The fingerboard is made from ebony, while the chin rest and tailpiece were designed with a pearl inlay. Moreover, this item can be powered with the help of a 9V battery, which is included in your package.

And of course, you will receive several other items along with your electric violin, including a lightweight carrying case, a Brazilwood bow, a professional rosin cake, a bridge, an auxiliary cord, and headphones. But this is not all: you will get a one-year warranty in case there is any defect with your product. The approximative dimensions for this violin are 32 x 5 x 12 inches.

21) Harmonia LL-EV-6 S-Style Electric Violin 

If you are searching for a professional and affordable electric violin, the product sold by Harmonia might be just the right fit for you. It is an interesting product, which was created in an S size and a standard 4/4 size. Overall, it is an excellent and reliable product, great for all levels of experience.

The best part about it is that it was hand-crafted for top-notch wood, while the pegs were designed from hardwood. This electric violin features one tone and one volume, and it is shipped with a pair of headphones and a cable. Also, it is powered by a 9V battery, making it an excellent addition to the collection of any music enthusiast.

This Harmonia electric violin is shipped with a bow, rosin, and a black carrying case. And we quite like its metallic gloss polish black, which offers an extra touch of style. The approximative dimensions of this product are 32 x 11 x 5 inches.

22) Barcus Berry BAR-AET Acoustic Electric Violin 

For several years now, Barcus Berry offered on the market some of the most exquisite violins. And this acoustic/electric violin is one of the most professional in its series. It has an impressive ability to offer top-notch acoustic performance, along with strong acoustic-electric ability.

It was handmade in Romania, from some of the best wood, and under the guidelines of established violin performers. So, upon purchasing this product, you will receive a fully-carved violin from some of the most exquisite Carpathian maple and spruce. Besides, the product comes with an interesting set-up to MENC standards, and it features ebony fittings, susceptible red label strings, and four Witter tuners.

But what we liked the most about this acoustic/ electric violin is that it comes with a professional and fashionable hand-designed lacquer finish. Also, the product is shipped with a Glaser bow, a sturdy carrying case embroidered with the manufacturer’s logo, and a full cake dark rosin. Of course, upon request, you can purchase this violin in distinct designs. The approximative dimensions for Barcus Berry violin are 5 x 10 x 32 inches.

23) Leeche Handmade Professional Silent Electric Violin 

Experienced performers, but not only, will look for an outstanding and unique violin. And we do have the best recommendation for them! Leeche distributes this beautiful handmade professional silent electric violin, being one of the most professional and impressive on the market. It is a German manufacturer that includes a top-notch pickup system, which we can say you won’t find with any other violin on the market.

Some of its features include exquisite precision, impressive sensitivity, low noise upgrade, and several multi-level tech settings, meant to help you decrease noise and keep up a clear and sturdy sound experience. And the best part about this electric violin is that it comes with professional tuners for volume and tone, along with sockets of line out, and a microphone. Overall, what we love the most about this violin are its impressive features. But we do admit that its design offers a great plus.

It comes with unique color pigment, along with several handmade details. Everything was created from sturdy wood, including the fingerboard, pegs, chin rest, and tailpiece. This electric violin is shipped with a reliable and useful carrying case, a Brazilwood bow, a set of headphones, a shoulder rest, and a spare set of strings. Also, you will receive auxiliary cables and two bridges that can be powered b a 9V battery (not included).

24) Stagg EVN X-4/4 MBK Electric Violin 

Stagg has been on the market for quite some time, and we’ve seen that this manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments is experienced in crafting the best violins and cellos. Of course, they have in their catalog several violas and double bass, which speak a lot about their professionalism. But if you are searching for an electric violin suitable for all levels of experience, this product might be exactly what you need.

First of all, this electric violin comes with an outstanding balance between tradition and technology. And as a result, it is able to help you achieve the best sound experience for your public. It was designed from a solid maple body with an attractive lacquer finish.

Amongst its main features, we can mention the reliable tone and volume controls, along with the internal headphone pre-amp. And, of course, this professional electric violin is shipped with a soft and protective case, so that you can store your violin safely. Also, the package includes a bow, rosin, a set of headphones, and a 9V battery. The approximative dimensions for this product are 24 x 8 x 4 inches.

25) DZ Strad E203 Electric Violin Outfit 

We researched and found that the DZ Strad Electric Violin is the unique class of its own making. The violin which we subjected to some critical testing in different phases shows it to be a reliable and working model from DZ Strad. The DZ Strad represents the type of violin that’s neither the best of all nor worst of the pack. It is your average get-to-use violin for both practicing and serious playing.

The DZ Strad Electric Violin features durable ebony pegs and well-designed fingerboard molded to ensure comfort and ease. The violin looks beautiful, and just as advertised, it comes looking solid and working flawlessly straight off the case. It carries a tailpiece that includes four set of fine tuners and is made of carbon fiber, which guarantees that the violin maintains a perfect and consistent fit/sound.

Alongside the professional setup and design of the DZ Strad wonderful violin, this outfit comes with all accessories such as mini-rosin, brazil-wood bow, earbuds and the cable having 1/4 inch jack, and case. It also features a 9-V capacity battery that powers the violin. The sound is rich and deep, with tenacious tone generation.

26) NS Design WAV 4 Violin Amberburst 

Some months back, we saw someone playing this violin, and the design and sound that emanates from it were terrific so we decided to review the violin in its entirety, and what we found is very encouraging. In fact, the NS Design WAV 4 Violin Amberburst is a wonder when it comes to sound generation and the body design style entails top quality sound and tone maintenance.

The NS WAV 4 Violin features a solid construction with the body and neck made of maple wood, including the top of the instrument. The fingerboard is ebony design consisting precision 40:1 fine tuners having automatic string clamping, which allows the user to achieve stable sound ability and desired tone that fit. The design features 4 strings with polar pickup mechanism, and when you play, you can hear your music on the NS WAV clearly.

Although the NS looks heavy, it does sit well on the player’s shoulders without noticing it. The design of this violin is more of a reinvention with clearly thought-out features devoid of extraneous ornamentation. The contouring and body shape is contemporary and sleek, yet soliciting certain elegance of a true violin. One can feel the sound vibrating through the solid wood design of the body—a unique violin of the exquisite quality.

27) Yamaha Model SV-130SBL Concert Select Silent Violin 

Yamaha is a brand famous for its high quality and user-friendly musical instruments ranging from flutes to acoustic/electric guitars, bands piano, and more. The Yahama Model Concert Select Silent violin is a continuation of the company’s knack for producing some of the best violin products in the market.

The SV-130S violin is designed to provide violinists of every class the chance to learn and master violin playing without disturbing the peace around their vicinity.

This particular model has a Navy Blue-color design which makes it very appealing. The entire size of the instrument measures 4/4 inches and while the body of the violin consists of spruce, the neck region is made of maple construction. The fingerboard of the violin as well as the pegs is of ebony design. All of these designs enable the player to achieve that silent sound while practicing.

In order to generate the much-needed sound, the Yamaha Model SV-130S Concert Select Silent Violin features 2 AA batteries, with a cable for out-jack connection. The violin can be described as a treasure of exquisite technology, with a clear sound, possessing all the qualities of an acoustic violin.

It is easy to tune and holds tune in position. It comes with additional accessories like a violin case, shoulder rest, rosin, and earphones.

28) Barcelona 4/4 Size Electric Violin 

The Barcelona 4/4 Size Electric Violin is a full sized violin featuring all the relevant designs and accessories common with most of the famous and high-quality designs.

The Barcelona violin is equipped with 4 reliable fine tuners which allow the violinist to easily maintain and stay in tune always. The player has the opportunity to also play along with his or her own tracks through the output-jack cable connection system.

The Barcelona Electrical violin comes with an output jack which measures 1/8 inches—a feature that allows the violinist to connect the violin to other PA systems or the regular guitar amps, by the aid of the aux cable.

The violin also allows the violinist to choose the ambience he or she wants by using the incorporated volume control system, while also featuring an input-jack and headphone jack-output connection that allows the violinist to practice connect his or her phone, laptop, or simply play along.

The Barcelona Electric Silentviolin is created to achieve notable sound, with elegant decor, effective playability, firmness, and comfort-ability to inspire players to learn faster and master the violin in a short time. The violin comes with a hard case with good storage compartment, a bow and rosin, a cable, headphones, and 9 volts battery for backup.

29) YMC SEV01 Full Size Electric/Silent Violin 

The YMC SEV1 is a full-size violin designed with durable body material that offers excellent resonance while providing the player with accurate sound and comfort. The violin comes off as a student series violin and it has the ability to produce awesome sound, playability, and visual beauty, including sturdiness.

As with all Yamaha violin designs, the YMC SEV1 features an adjustable height and length shoulder rest made of strong, high-quality ABS material. It also features an electronic tuner which, when selected, changes to green. The violin runs on 3V CR2032 lithium battery. The bows of the YMC are made of ebony frog-Brazil wooden construction with unbleached Mongolian horsehair.

Regarding accessories and controls, the YMC SEV1 features a volume control mechanism which allows the violinist to whatever ambience that’s suitable for the play.

As for accessories, the violin comes with a complete set of durable extra strings ranging from E1 to A2, with six of them in numbers. There is also an auxiliary cable for connecting to amps or other PA systems while a well-designed case accompanies the full package for safe storage and easy transport.

30) Vizcaya PEV-WT Full Size Electric/Silent Violin 

This is an ideal violin for the beginner or the entrant student. The violin has all the features a violinist need when taking practical lessons. The Viscaya PEV Electrical violin is a beautiful one that offers perfect functionality and elegant style for the beginner and intermediate player. The instrument offers the most level of players a discreet ability to practice without disturbing other people.

The Viscaya PEV-WT Electrical violin features an output jack which enables the user to connect to most PA system or guitar amps, with an inclusive cable. The player can also choose the ambience he or she wants by using the volume control system on the violin, while the line-in jack and headphone jack allows the player to practice with a background track.

The Viscaya PEV-WT violins are designed to achieve notable sound, unmatched beauty, playability, sturdiness, and affordability to encourage players to play more and learn faster. The violin comes with a soft case with foam for carrying and storage, and with an extra full set of strings and a violin hanger.

31) Song Dragon Head Neck Green 5 String Electric Violin 

Every beginner wants something that is beautiful and attractive because such products add to the motivation derived from playing the violin, and this Hand Made Dragon head Neck Green Violin excels in beauty and elegance. The green stain of this violin offers the player the chance of seeing the grain of the wood. We love this violin for its attractive looks and style.

Designed as full-size violin, the Dragon Head’s body construction incorporates a solid and durable ACCAJOU wood material—a hand made solid and sturdy wood design. Framed according to the America walnut stylish design, the Dragon Head Violin features a maple neck construction together with ebony fingerboard and parts.

At the scroll of the violin, the Dragon Head features an incredible and well-detailed carving, scales on the side of the violin, further defining its exquisite and colorful beauty.

This violin only needs a single 9V battery to get on with the active pickup, and it can be used on multiple amps with amazing sound and resonance being the end result. The Dragon Head as a violin is super loud, and with the hard case, cable, rosin, and bow; it is the perfect choice for the beginner.

32) MoonAngel Clear Electric Violin Plastic with Ebony Violin Code 

This is one of the most beautiful we have reviewed on this list. Part of the violin’s body features durable plastic material that offers louder resonance while being lightweight for the violinist to handle. It also provides the player the accurate sound and ease of play.

Featuring a near see-through design, this electric violin has the shining and smooth surface that makes it so delicate and exquisite. Powered by a 9 volts battery, this violin feature an excellent height and length chinrest design made of strong, high-quality plastic material.

At the tailpiece region of this violin, it has an electronic tuner with pegs which help in maintaining a proper and reliable tone. The bows of the Clear Electric Violin Plastic are made of high-quality plastic construction.

In terms of accessories and controls, this violin comes with a complete set of durable system box, an auxiliary cable for connecting to the box, amps or other PA systems while a bow and rosin come with this durable package.

The case is solid and well made, and a headphone makes this a complete package. But it must be noted that, in some cases, the batteries are not shipped along with this package. Otherwise, this design is good for the beginner and professional alike.

33) ADM 4/4 Solid Wood Black Electric/Silent Violin 

Prior to this review, we have seen and confirmed the reliability and product quality relating to some of ADM’s musical instruments; so when we reviewed this violin from the company, we weren’t much surprise in discovering similar quality incorporated in designing this ADM 4/4 Solid Wood Black Electric/Silent Violin. The ADM 4/4 Solid Wood Black is a full-size violin comes with lots of good features and quality.

Regarding body construction, the violin features a hand-carved maple design, with the pegs and fingerboard made of ebony design and dyed hardwood chin rest material. The alloy tailpiece of the violin consists of 4 integrated fine tuners, which are very reliable in holding the tune in place.

The ADM 4/4 Solid Wood Black Color Electric/Silent Violin is perfect for beginners for practice lessons and a 9V alkaline battery backs this version of the violin. The violin has a bridge that is well shaped, which increases the comfort when playing. It comes with a lightweight case, wood bow, rosin, AUX cable and headphone for a wonderful all-round playing experience.

34) CHIMAERA 4/4 Silent Right Hand Electric Violin 

Relatively new in the market, CHIMAERA Silent Right hand Electric Violin features unique designs that match or even surpass some notable and expensive models in the violin market. This violin features a basswood and maple body construction alongside a solid wood horsetail bow.

Powered by a 9 volts battery, the CHIMAERA Violin comes with strings with alloy aluminium design which produces excellent performance, clear sound, and such strings are ay better and durable than nylon strings.

The violin also features an intuitive volume control which allows the violinist to set and maintain an ambience sound that fit the playing style. The headphone that comes with the violin as a full package makes the sound more audible and clear to the violin player.

To have a more solid and louder sound, the aux cable can be used to connect the violin to sound box and amplifier, as the case may be. The violin is powered by a 9 volts battery capable of lasting for some time while it also comes with a carrying case suitable to protect and make carriage easier.

35) Bridge Lyra Series 5 String Electric Violin 

We reviewed this violin for one main purpose—the style and elegance that combines to produce a compelling and durable instrument for use by any violinist regardless of skill level. The bridge Lyra is a 5 string violin that provides an extra dimension for the violinist or upper stringed players.

At the bottom of the violin C string, the viola register is added while the viola player is given more access by the top E string to make use of the violin’s upper register without needing to change positions constantly.

One unique aspect of the Bridge Lyra is that it offers the beginner the ability to practice silently. It also features a reliable high-quality volume control and tuning in ensuring performance without feedback.

The violin comes with an incredible bow response and allows a powerful range of toner response, that’s complex, rich and varied to the player’s technique and dynamics of play.

The rich wooden construction and excellent bow is responsible for supplying an even and reliable tone across the instrument’s range. The red color and overall design of the Lyra is attractive and it comes with 4 bow holders, a hard, interior shaped case, plush-red velvety lining and large music pocket cover.

Choosing the Best Electric Violin from the Best Electric Violin Brands

Be it the violin scene from Abominable or the clips of Charlie Chaplin rocking the tunes of violin, we all have been intimidated by violins. With the time passing, technology has been impregnated into violins, making the electric violins an epitome of sound output. Made of solid body infused with built-in pickup electric violins has been the rage of the music industry. Some musicians also call it a violin with the electric pickup, but people have been naming them amplified violin.


2) Barcus Berry BAR –AEG Acoustic Electric Violin

  • Premium Quality German Maple Bridge
  • Outstanding Violin Pickup


1) Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BL Electric/Silent Violin

  • 1/8 Output Jack to Connect to Amps
  • Ideal For All Levels of Violinists


3) Bunnel Edge Electric Violin Outfit Rock Star

  • D'Addario Prelude Strings
  • Control Sliders for Volume Adjustment

Electric violins have been around since the 1920s and are an active part of jazz and blues, and the musicians have been using them to amplify their violins. With this article, we are shedding light on each aspect of electric violins; be it the facts or popular manufacturers and things to consider. So, have a look!

Eccentric Facts About Electric Violin

Everything has its perks and interesting points, and with this section, we have inculcated all the essential facts you need to know about electric violins. So, hold your horses and enjoy the interesting facts we have for you!

  • String musical instruments have been around for a thousand years, and as far as electric violins are concerned, they have been around for 500 years
  • Electric violins are used in rock, folk music, accentuate the electric bass, blues, metal, hip hop, pop, new-age, and country music
  • It can be considered as a traditional violin with edgy designs and captivating colors
  • There are multitudes of pickups involved in electric violins such as magnetic, electrodynamic, and piezoelectric
  • Amplification of electric violin is similar to the amplification of guitar
  • There are some pickups designed for electric violins, but they can be remodeled for guitar
  • Electric violins are extensively used in classical and contemporary music
  • The first violin was designed by Andrea Amati in 1500
  • Playing the violin for an hour will help you lose 170 calories
  • In the case of the electric violin, 70 pieces are put together to make an electric violin
  • Violin is derived from the Medieval Latin word “vitula” which means stringed instrument
  • The most expensive violin of the musical history is valued at $18 million, and it was made in 1741

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Guitar

If you are fascinated by the electric guitars and want to get on the bandwagon of creating melodious music, it is better to put your efforts and money in the right electric guitar. To help you find the perfect electric guitar, imply the following factors to make an informed decision.

  • Budget - If you don’t have the right budget, finding the right electric violin will be tedious. Some violins are costing less than $700, which is hard to believe. The electric violin might work, but the sound production will not be optimal while the paint ruins your manicure. The least budget you need to set for electric violin needs to be at least $900
  • Intent – This is another point to consider because of the intent behind opting for the electric violin. There can be multiple reasons you are investing in one, inclusive of;
    • Play for your solitude and satisfaction
    • Play it on the headphone – use an electric guitar with an effects pedal or mini-amplifier
    • Share the stage with musicians – use an electric violin with sound sensors
    • Ace the performance stage along
    • Experimenting with music
    • Switching from classical violin to electric violin – choose the customized electric violin
  • Tone – It is wrong to say that the electric violin will produce a similar sound like a classical violin because the electric guitar has an electric bridge for sound creation. The sound of an electric guitar depends on;
    • type of pickup technology used
    • variety of sensors
    • types of strings
    • material or wood used in the guitar manufacturing
  • Weight – Electric violins are made of solid wood with the bridge installed, making them heavy, and the average value is around 480 grams. In the case of four-string electric violin, the weight shouldn’t exceed weight range of 570 grams

Popular Electric Violin Manufacturers

We all expect to use the top-notch products, and when it comes to music, one needs to choose the right violin to create the sounds they dream of. With this list of top manufacturers, you will know what the industry players are with their exceptional electric violins!

Arising from China, this company was launched in 2009 and is named Shanghai Kinglos Musical Instruments Co. Ltd. They are offering the electric violins, double bass, and electric cellos, in addition to the wide array of advanced and traditional musical instruments.

Launched in 1995, Stagg Music is working intending to empower and inspire a lifelong music journey rising from Belgium. Over the years, they have been branching out lie Yamaha by embarking on the manufacturing of guitars, folk instruments, orchestra instruments, and percussion instruments. However, they have been working on stands, tuners, cables, and adapters manufacturing.

Founded back in 1963, John Berry and Les Carvus are the masterminds behind this colossal brand located in Louisville, Kentucky. They have been manufacturing electric violins, guitars, pianos, harps, brass, and woodwinds. Each musical instrument is made of American taste.

Launched by Richard Keldsen in the 1980s, the brand has coined its name in the manufacturing of top-notch musical instruments. The headquarters are located in San Fransisco with their ability to offer something for everyone, be it the designs or budget!


Although electric violins may not really appeal or suit everybody, they remain one of the corner stone of string instruments, and the ones we have reviewed and featured in this list constitute some of the best in the market.

Music is for the soul even as the soul is for music and the only way to bring out the best in your son or daughter is get them best or at least, decent musical instruments to showcase their skills. And without controversy, electrical violins are examples of such instruments.

The electric violin is better and most intuitive way to woo the attention of kids in becoming interested in classical musical instruments, and when you consider the rich sound and resonance violins can produce, it’s a bet that they will easily capture and compel the interest of others, especially when incorporated with loop pedals and added effects.

You don’t have to be discouraged by the thought of the loud and endless sound of music, as these violins can be played in ‘silent mode.’ But never forget that when you are in the mode to party and the surroundings won’t mind a little breach of the peace, then plug your violin in that amp and hit the ceiling with riotous tones.



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