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Top 12 Best Beginner Classical Guitar

Top 12 Best Beginner Classical Guitar







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Top list: Top 12 Best Beginner Classical Guitar



The epitome of musical instruments happens to be none other than the famed guitar. It is the staple of music in songs played across the world, and across a number of genres. What is interesting is that the evolution of the guitar has spawned a number of different iterations and an equal number of knockoffs. But we won’t be delving into all the varieties here, rather we will be reviewing what is essentially known as the classical guitar.

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What are the Best Beginner Classical Guitars to Buy?

  • Sturdy Basswood Back, Side & Top
  • Maplewood Fretboard, Neck & Head


1) Music 
Classical Guitar 


3) Hola! Music Cutaway Classical Guitar 

  • Mahogany Neck, Sides & Back
  • Savarez Premium Nylon Strings

This piece of instrument is the most distinguishable of the lot, but also has one defining feature that makes it stand apart from the rest. Unlike every other type of guitar, a classical guitar does not use metal strings, rather it comes with either sting of nylon or gut, the same material found in tennis rackets.

Here we have come up with our trademark list of musical instruments, and of course, this time the products under the spotlight are the beginner classical guitars available online.

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12 Best Beginner Classical Guitar Reviews

1. Music Alley Classical Guitar MA34-N

This guitar is probably the cheapest you’ll find online and is ideal for someone who just wants to get the feeling of a guitar rather than focus on embarking on a musical endeavor. The Music Alley guitar has the requisite value for money because it doesn’t give a cheap note for its cheap price. Couple that with the fact that your kids will definitely enjoy the variety of colors this instrument is offered in and would want to go on to play the guitar with full force.

The best part about this deal is that it runs even after you have purchased your classical guitar. You will get 2 months of free live classes from TakeLessons. You can use this anywhere and anytime, on any device as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Amazing though it is, the best of the product is that it is really sturdy, and you can expect a long-lasting and durable musical asset for your kid. It has a very lightweight build which makes it much easier for younglings to get hold of. Its nylon strings are easier on the fingers which makes it perfectly suitable for a young beginner classical guitar player.

2. J&Z Beginner Classical Guitar JZGT00012

We start off with the simplest of the guitars we could found. This beginner classical guitar is the absolutely brick and mortar guitar you’ll find online. It is well crafted with functions varying from the ease of use as well as to the needs of the user.

It is aimed primarily at users who are moving from junior lessons and want to start off learning the pros of a guitar. For such a purpose, the J&Z guitar serves as the middle ground, or rather a bridge between the needs of various starters, beginners, and the pros.

If the offering hasn’t satiated your craving or hasn’t piqued your interest yet, then let’s move to the vast bundle with which it comes with. Buying this guitar will get you the guitar, obviously, but also a waterproof bag, which is essential for the safety of any musical instrument.

You’ll get a guitar wipe for keeping the guitar spick and span, as well a strap to easily put into place. A clip tuner and guitar picks are included as well. We’d definitely recommend this one if you’re on the lookout for a sturdy beginner classical guitar which is light on the wallet as well.

3. Hola! Music Cutaway Classical Guitar HG-39C

We are truly entering the premium phase with our lineup of classical guitar lineup, and the Cutaway is right up there among the premiums. Its choice of materials will leave your mouth watering, which includes a fingerboard made of walnut, a mahogany neck, and a body having a spruce top, and mahogany back and sides. It truly has a sturdy and premium feel, which at the same time is lightweight when holding.

This guitar also has two months’ worth of free training by TakeLessons. The guitar comes with premium Savarez Nylon strings pre-installed to give the player the best sound for their buck. It includes a TUSQ saddle and a walnut bridge for providing maximum strength to the strings.

The guitar also has a two-way truss rod which allows for easy manipulation and adds sturdiness to the entire guitar construction. If you have the money, then this is the guitar on which to dish out.

4. Pyle Classical Guitar for Beginners PGACLS82

The Pyle offers a very complete guitar experience that is not available with any other classical guitar on this guide. Not only will you get a great experience with a junior friendly guitar, but you’ll be getting the sturdiness required for a long-lasting guitar exercise for a young learner.

The guitar has a junior size scale meaning it is very handy and easy to use, and couple that with the very lightweight design and you have a superb classical guitar at your hand. The guitar has been handcrafted which adds the meticulousness to its each and every tune.

The classical guitar usually comes in bundles and the Pyle isn’t any different. You are getting for your price a case bag, guitar picks, and a clothing pack for keeping the guitar looking shiny and new. In this very sweet offer, you’re also getting a very unique gadget, a digital guitar tuner. You

can use this tuner to tune any musical instrument and this is a great addition to the already great deal you are getting. Just attach this tiny tuner to the top of your guitar and when tightening the strings, refer to the tuner and you’ll get the best adjustment of your guitar that’s possible.

5. CNBlue Kid Beginner Classical Guitar 1/2 Size

We once again have an allrounder at our disposal which is undoubtedly a great match for payers of all ages, but especially for the younger players in the field. The CN Blue has a great fit and finish which is evident from its glossy finish that is mesmerizing to the eyes and is bound to attract a lot of attention and eyes at an event.

The CN Blue features a smooth dreadnought body that is easy to handle, great to the touch, and of course, gives off deep rich musical notes. It comes in a small size that is fit for layers who like having small sizes for their liking.

The guitar is equally fit for players who are just starting out their musical journey and who find original sized guitars too big to their liking, and are unable to handle them properly.

Another great thing about this deal is that it comes with the standard deal of guitar picks, a guitar bag, and a tuner all packed into one sweet yet affordable deal. This guitar gives you one more option to take a look at while making a selection for a classical guitar if you are just starting out your musical discovery.

6. Yamaha Natural Classical Guitar CGS102A

The Yamaha brand needs no introduction since it is known worldwide for its prowess in engineering state of the art sound instruments. The CG series is no doubt one among the series of instruments made and sold successfully by the brand.

This guitar nonetheless is aimed at beginners and at a price that is not reminiscent of Yamaha’s other musical products. You can easily get your hands on the CG series comes with a lot of variety which allows the buyers plenty of choices while making a buy. Its side and back are made from Meranti wood, while its fingerboard includes a rosewood installation.

Young players will benefit a lot from this type of guitar setup as its affordability along with its rich sound production courtesy of its meticulous craft will play a big role in their sound development over time. Since its Yamaha, we would recommend this guitar hands down, and considering its great track record of reliability we will have no qualms about it ourselves.

7. Strong Wind Classical Acoustic Guitar Beginner Kit

This is a more proper guitar that isn’t just about the frills and thrills, or the gimmicks. This true piece is aimed at beginners who are a little older than young learners. The look of the guitar exudes a very professional look and the build and finish the match with that look. It has a dreadnaught body that adds to its deep tones that resonate with longer distances.

This guitar is ideal for folk or classical musicians who need a strong arsenal by their side. The tuning machines are very well built which allows for sturdy and tight-fitting of the guitar in question. This guitar in its essence is an all-rounder since it caters to beginners, children as well as more experienced players.

The guitar has a professional quality to its sound and musicians of professional level can equally have their hands on this instrument for proper play. The guitar build, unlike the other guitars in the line, is not built for the younger players, although it isn’t a bad choice if they do opt for it since it is easier to handle as well as to use. However, we reserve our judgment for players who are more into professional musicianship.

8. Cordoba C1M Acoustic Guitar, Protégé Series 02687 -

As the list progresses, so does the cost and premium recommendations by our side. As it said, finer things come with time. The Cordoba is truly a masterpiece that is aimed at aspiring professionals who have embarked upon their musical endeavors.

The Cordoba draws on generations of the guitar making tradition which involves meticulously handcrafting each piece of the guitar, and then assembling them together. It offered in up to four sizes which is perfect for any player who has a variety of demands from their instruments.

This guitar also features premium Savarez strings which provide the best in class sound feedback as well as the lighter touch and feel of the guitar. Its adjustable truss rod ensures that your guitar’s neck remains adjusted for times to come. This is also tantamount to the solid construction of the guitar that it will last for a long time.

The beautiful beige paint job provides a very different and unique guitar look compared to the other guitars in this list. This is another solid classical guitar which would recommend to a beginner wishing to shell out a few more bucks.

9. WINZZ Beginner Classical Guitar Full Size

The WINZZ classical guitar is more of a professional classical guitar aimed at beginners rather than at younger learners. This professional piece of equipment is meant to be learned for playing in professional country, jazz, and related music genres where the non-metal stringed instruments are the norm.

Its slightly higher price is akin to the fact that it has a very high quality of fit and finish. Each part of this instrument is handcrafted meticulously which gives a great experience in the hand as well as provides rich and deep notes.

Despite being aimed at professionals, the WINZZ still comes with a complete starter kit. This includes the usual bag, a mini tuner, capo, and a cleaning cloth, which are the regular suspects. What’s great and more valuable is the inclusion of extra strings with this package.

This is a very valuable addition owing to the relatively softer strings of a classical guitar that are made of nylon. This highly glossy guitar is another recommended guitar in our list of classical guitars.

10. WINZZ Cutaway Classical Electric Guitar AC309CE-39

This is the first electric guitar to have graced our comprehensive list of classical guitars. Not only is this guitar premium, but it provides a lot of variety and variation for the kind of music and sound the creator wants to produce due to it being electric.

It has a classical cutaway body shape which is also the first in this list, and which gives this guitar a truly unique look that is reminiscent of modern-day electric guitars. It is nonetheless made for the young musician due to its practicability.

The guitar features a 4-band equalizer which helps in adjusting the output frequencies of the guitar. The guitar comes with a proper gig carrying pack which is cushioned from the inside for extra protection.

On top of these, you also get the usual suspects in the form of a cleaning cloth, a digital tuner, and a wire to connect it to the amplifier. We’d definitely recommend this beast to anyone interested in an electric option for their classical guitar experience.

11. Carlo Robelli Classical Acoustic Guitar CR941N

Carlo Robelli is a very old name in the market with almost a century of experience at their helm. Their series of beginner guitars are considered as one of the best in the market in terms of value and performance. The same is the case with the CR941N which a thorough classical guitar is.

It has the looks and the shine to match as well, courtesy of its hand-built construction. The guitar is a full size and uses the nylon standard of strings to give the best possible strength and sound per string.

The soundhole rosette is built uniquely for this model which allows for a smoother flow of the strokes as well as producing a distinctive sound from the guitars meshed strings. The Agathis and linden wood construction are what enable this guitar to have strong rigidity along with a lightweight design.

The guitar features a comfortable C-shaped neck which makes it much easier for beginners to hold. This is a guitar for the high-end customers who are also honing their guitar playing skills yet require a premium built guitar.

12. Oscar Schmidt Classical Guitar OCHS-A-U-COMBO-DLX

The last of our review guide is the Oscar Schmidt classical guitar. Schmidt products have always found a special place in our reviews. They provide the necessary heft that is required for our review list. The OCHS is handcrafted with a sheer meticulousness that it would leave the craft to dust.

With its Catalpa wood sides and back, with a spruce top, the OCHS is a sturdy guitar with enough weight to be felt in the arms. The offer includes the usual goodies in the bags including the tuner as well as wiping clothes to get you started.

Oscar Schmidt always stands out because their products come with a lifetime warranty. This guitar is made for children, meaning the same quality that the professionals are experiencing is also at the hands of young learners who would feel privileged at the experience.

The pack comes with the option for either a solid case or a carrying gig. The package also comes with an Austin Baazar instructional DVD to help young learners be on their way. Overall, this is a fantastic package to be had and would get our thumbs up.

Choosing The Best Beginner Classical Guitars from the Best Beginner Classical Guitar Brands

We have gone through a bunch of the best classical guitars we could find online for beginners. It’s always a tough pick when you’re new to the trade and are unaware of what’s in the market.

The purpose of this beginner classical guitar list was exactly to guide new customers and users like towards the right kind of classical guitars to buy for your new endeavor. Remember to go through each of the product descriptions carefully while deciding so it will help you make a perspective.


2) J&Z Beginner Classical Guitar JZGT00012

  • Sturdy Basswood Back, Side & Top
  • Maplewood Fretboard, Neck & Head


1) Music 
Classical Guitar 


3) Hola! Music Cutaway Classical Guitar 

  • Mahogany Neck, Sides & Back
  • Savarez Premium Nylon Strings

In the end, do give heed to your pocket and see which product you can actually afford without breaking your wallet.



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