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Top 10 Best Guitar Humidifiers For Your Budget

Top 10 Best Guitar Humidifiers For Your Budget







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Guitars: Top 10 Best Guitar Humidifiers For Your Budget



A humidifier for your guitar??? Is that just another gimmick to get us to spend some more money? Have you ever had the experience of realizing one day that the wood on your prized guitar has warped? If not, then you have been lucky because it can. So you are going to need to have a look at the best guitar humidifiers to make sure it doesn’t.

Humidity damage isn’t limited to budget guitars. Even the very best made instruments are susceptible to damage due to weather conditions, and in many cases even more so. If you happen to live in a very dry or in a very wet area, then your guitar could be at risk.

In fact, if you are in a dry area, then it most certainly is. Having saved up all your pennies and bought the guitar of your dreams, it is a good idea to protect it.

Do you need one? That is the big question?

If you are not sure or just want to be assured, then you could buy a hydrometer. Some models are efficient and are not expensive. They will give you a good measurement of the level of moisture in your guitar case.

But returning to the question of whether you need one. If you don’t happen to live in an area where there is a constant level of humidity. A level that is suitable for a guitar, then the answer to your question is yes, you need one.

We can’t change the weather or do much about a very dry climate, but we can take precautions. You may have some serious money tied up in that block of wood and hardware. It’s worth taking care of.

However, the best guitar humidifiers for your guitar might not be very obvious at first glance. And there are a number of different options. So, let’s take at some of the best and find the perfect guitar humidifier for you…

best guitar humidifiers
best guitar humidifiers

Top 10 Best Guitar Humidifiers To Buy 2020 Reviews

1 Music Nomad MN300 Humitar Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Music Nomad is a company that specializes in the care of instruments. The MN300 Humidifier for an acoustic guitar is a recognized and popular product amongst musicians. It is designed to ensure the tonewoods on your instrument remain in the best possible condition.

What you need is a product that is going to safeguard your instrument but without causing any undue mess. You need it to be low-maintenance and of course reasonably-priced. And it has to be able to provide protection for all kinds of wood.

The MN300 is a clever idea…

It releases enough moisture in a controlled way to prevent the ‘big 3’ problems. They are warping, shrinking, and cracking. The design is interesting in that there is a sponge in a plastic casing. The casing is designed to sit on the guitar strings. It then hangs into the soundhole of the guitar. It holds about ten times its own weight in water but no panic, it is made to be anti-drip.

Setting it up couldn’t be much easier…

Just place the sponge in the casing after soaking it in distilled water. Ordinary tap water is no good; it will cause mold or mildew. It must be distilled water. Place it inside the soundhole resting on the strings. If you need to check the sponge is still sufficiently damp just pop off the top of the casing. You can then feel the sponge. If it is dry, just give it another soak.

Each refill will last about three weeks, depending on the humidity. When you first use it, you may find it needs rehydrating quicker. This will depend on how dry the guitar is.

There are no clips or attachments required, and the MN300 will retain a lot of water. If you use the humidifier in a closed case, it will also protect the neck as well as the body. It is a super little product and at a very low price that is no more than a good set of strings. A small price to pay to protect a big investment. Must be considered as the best guitar humidifier


  • Convenient to use.
  • Well-designed, clean, and practical.


  • Replacement sponges are quite expensive.

2 Kyser Lifeguard Humidifier

Kyser is a US company that makes a range of accessories not only for guitars but other strung instruments. Since their formation in 1974, they have expanded and now have a sales network in over 70 countries around the world. Humidifiers are just one of their successful ventures.

The Lifeguard humidifier from Kyser is a different type of product. They are a little tricky to fit when you first try and use them. There is a knack to inserting them under your strings and into the soundhole. Once you have worked it out, it is a simple operation. If it will help, there are instructional videos you can watch. These give the exact procedures to follow to get a good fit.

They come in two sizes to accommodate a full-size or a smaller parlor guitar. And will, therefore, fit guitars with soundhole sizes of three and three-quarter inches to four and one-eighth inches.

They sit directly in the soundhole, and therefore care needs to be taken when fitting to avoid spillage. And are easy to refill and are at a reasonable price point. They work best when they are used within the confines of a guitar case.

Also, they are reusable and will last for a good length of time. They must be used with distilled water. To rehydrate, simply immerse them in distilled water and remove any surface water that will be on the exterior. Depending on the conditions where you live, each refill will last at least three days, sometimes longer.

One advantage that this humidifier has is that the guitar hasn’t got to be lying horizontally to work effectively. As the humidifier sits in the soundhole, it will also work with the guitar on a stand.


  • Works with the guitar flat in a case or on a stand.
  • Affordable price


  • A little bit tricky to fit into the soundhole.

3 Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control, (1) 10-Pack

Boveda is a US company that is based in Minnesota. They are a respected organization that manufactures accessories for humidity control. This two-way protection for your guitar will last around three months and provide protection in all levels of humidity.

This humidifier will provide a constant relative humidity level of 40-55%. This is significant because the recommended level for ensuring the wood is protected is 35-55%. This Boveda humidifier meets those standards. All you have to do is place it in your guitar case.

There are some other plus points with this particular product. It doesn’t need to be activated and requires no maintenance at all. It will provide you with this level of humidity provided that you follow a simple rule. To maintain its effectiveness and to get the longest possible life from it, keep it in a sealed environment.

This is at all times. So when your instrument is out of its case, the case needs to be closed.

With some products like this, there can be a danger of ‘over-humidification.’ With the Boveda, this is not possible. The water vapors it gives out are kept within the necessary humidity range. To achieve this, it uses a reverse osmosis procedure similar to how water purifiers operate.

It, therefore, works on the principle that some salts, when mixed with water, will control humidity levels naturally.

You get ten packets in each unit, which should last anywhere up to 6 months. This will depend, of course, on the environment in which they are used. As they begin to run out, they will go hard to the touch. It is, therefore, easy to recognize when they need replacing. They can be rehydrated in an air-tight container with a glass of water. Takes a few days. But do not actually put them in the water.

They can be placed in any part of your case to be effective and don’t need to actually touch your guitar. They are a very cost-effective and efficient way to control the humidity and easy to use — a guitar humidifier with a different approach.


  • No maintenance or application problems.
  • Keeps humidity at a required level recommended by scientists.


  • The packaging is a little vulnerable.

4 Oasis OH-1 Original Guitar Humidifier

This is another simple solution to the problem of humidity. It is a simple design that is cylindrical in shape. It sits between the strings, preferably D and G on the guitar, and hangs down into the soundhole. Placed there, it will sit in a central position.

It is quite secure and stable, and there are no problems with it touching the surface of the body of the guitar. It should be used when the instrument is in its case. The case, though, does not need to be laying down.

The Oasis OH-1 will work suitably with the case upright. As the design requires the OH-1 to sit inside the soundhole, you should check the depth of your guitar. The OH-1 is just over three and a half inches in length. The depth of the instrument must be at least that.

The Oasis guitar humidifier is a clever design. It sits deep into the guitar. This allows an even and widespread and distribution of moisture. The sponge is made of composite material, and the water soaked in turns into a thick gel-like liquid.

Because of this thick consistency, there will be no leakages if you happen to fill it too much. The level is clearly visible, so you will know when it is time to top it up. It is refilled using a syringe which is provided.

The crystal and rubber construction make this an interesting product and one that has already been successful. Some of the components involved in the manufacture will be subject to wear. We must assume that at some time, they will, therefore, wear out, and the unit will need to be replaced.

It is a good design and works well and must be considered as the best guitar humidifier. It is not the cheapest of humidifiers, though.


  • Nice, efficient design.
  • Good anti-leak protection.


  • Some parts will be prone to wear out in time.

5 Oasis OH-6 Case Humidifier

Due to the success of the Oasis OH-1, this is what might be described as a follow-up product. This is not just a guitar humidifier.

The design has been rearranged, and we think improved somewhat. It now not only works with your acoustic guitar but also with an electric solid body. OH-1 was designed for acoustic guitars, and bit sat inside the soundhole.

This obviously does not work with solid body guitars. They also need humidity protection, so the result is the OH-6. But not only for guitars. Other stringed instruments. If you already use the Oasis OH-1, then this can work with it and alongside it for added protection.

It is designed in a very similar way to its predecessor. Cylindrical in its shape, it is small enough to be able to be placed in any part of your instrument case. It has a very functional clip similar to a belt that allows it to be firmly attached where it is needed.

It is also fitted with two magnets. The clip affixed to the case provides the necessary surface area to attach the magnets. The magnets are strong enough to let the OH-6 be connected horizontally or vertically.

As against other humidifiers, including the OH-1, this is an outside of the instrument design. This makes it eminently suitable for a wider range of instruments. It’s not just guitars that need some humidity protection as anyone with an orchestral stringed instrument will tell you.

Just like OH-1, it comes with a syringe to refill the unit. It takes about three syringe-fulls to fill it the first time. Thereafter it is easy to see when a top-up may be required.

Efficient, low maintenance control…

The design, including the clip and the magnets, are an added extra to those seeking complete control over the humidity levels. As with OH-1, it is not the cheapest, but it works efficiently and is easy to maintain. Certainly a contender for one of the Best Guitar Humidifiers.


  • Good design with ease use.
  • Will fit other instruments than an acoustic guitar.


  • Has component parts that might wear out or suffer breakages.

6 D’Addario Humidipak Automatic Humidity Control System

As Glenn Frey once sang, ‘The Heat is On.’ And when it is, the wood in your guitar can dry out. If that happens, the wood, especially on the top, can crack. You really don’t want that to happen. Depending on the climate in your location, it is possible you need a humidifier. It is possible that you need one and don’t even know it.

The optimum level of humidity for a guitar we are told is 35-55%. This humidifier will maintain an average humidity between 45-50%. That is a very tight margin and a level no other humidifier product for a guitar will claim. This device will act to compensate for those changes in the weather that are seasonal.

Most of us have seasonal changes in our temperature and our weather, but do we protect our instruments? But it will do a little more than that. Some of us change geographical locations where there will be fluctuating temperatures.

What about if you are a touring pro and your guitars are in the hold of a plane. Are you sure the humidity down there is adequate? Are you willing to take the risk? Will you wonder a few days after returning home why the neck on your ‘62 Precision bass looks like Thunder mountain at Disney?

These little packages will protect your prized instrument. It does not require any maintenance. You simply place them at the headstock and the soundhole for the ultimate protection. They come with two ‘saddlebag’ fabric holders for the soundhole and a pouch for the headstock.

You just place the packets inside the pouches. There is no risk of a mess, no water, no accidental spillage. It works in two ways. Providing moisture if needed and reducing it if that is required. They should last about two months, depending on your environment. You will know when they need replacing as they start to feel ‘crunchy.’


  • No need for maintenance or refills.
  • Takes care of the neck and headstock as well as the body.


  • Won’t work efficiently in a gig bag; they need an airtight case.

7 Herco HE360 Guitar Humidifier

Why do some musicians happily pay literally thousands to buy an instrument? But then complain about having to pay a few dollars to give it a little protection. Humidity will destroy your guitar or whatever instrument it is if you happen to live in the wrong place. Most accept there is a small cost, and some don’t.

For anyone who wants to keep it as cheap as possible but still has protection, this is a decent product. Herco calls this a complete care system for the guitar. That might be an ambitious claim, but we understand what they mean.

There are no chemical creations to control the humidity, just a natural clay. When used correctly, it will stop your guitars or any other instruments made from wood from drying out. If they dry out, they will crack, which will obviously be a major problem.

It has been manufactured so that it couldn’t be any easier to use. All you do is soak it when it is required for about five minutes. How many times a month it will need rehydrating will depend entirely on your location. On average, we would say once or twice a month.

When you soak it in water, do not expect the clay inside to get soft, it doesn’t, it remains hard. The clay will then absorb the moisture. When topping up with water, don’t take the clay out of the tin. Just fill it to the top and let it absorb it naturally. Wipe away any excess water before use.

They enjoy a long life span providing you don’t let them dry out, and they remain moist. Unlike some humidifiers, they will work in gig bags. There is no limit to how many you use. Place them conveniently as it is not only the body woods that are at risk. Anything that is made of wood can be affected.


  • A natural and safe product.
  • Easy to use and inexpensive.


  • Patience will be needed when you first use it.

8 D’Addario Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Not much in the way of fancy designs or science-based applications with this product. It is a very common design with a container and a sponge. It is certainly not as sophisticated in its operation as D’Addario’s Humidipack system, but then it is not pitched at the same price.

Planet Waves, which are part of the D’Addario group, manufacture this product, and they are considered a good brand in this marketplace. D’Addario themselves, of course, needs no introduction to guitar players.

It has a design that is non-drip and is positioned inside the soundhole of the guitar. There are no metal or plastic fixings, so there will be no scratches or damage to the instrument. It works by releasing a slow and even level of moisture, but it retains a certain amount. You will find that it will not need to be refilled as many times as some products. Unless you happen to live in an area that is particularly hot.

When you have to refill, it is a simple process. Just remove it and moisten and then place it back again. A great little product from a company who know guitars. It should be considered one of the Best Guitar Humidifiers for the money.


  • Easy to use with a long shelf life.
  • Great price point.


  • Lacking in a few capabilities that others possess.

9 Soarun Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

This humidifier by Soarun has a very similar look and design to some other products we have looked at. Probably not a surprise really, given that it is a very practical and efficient system.

There is an outer plastic container with a very densely constructed sponge. It is designed to fit in between the guitar strings and fit neatly in the soundhole. Its design shape means it will never need to touch the body of the guitar.

With the Soarun guitar humidifier, you don’t have to remove the sponge material from the container. This is a good point, as with some others, the sponge does need to be removed to rehydrate. There is a hole at the top of the humidifier where you can refill when necessary. Or if you choose you can just submerge it in water for a few minutes.

Once the sponge material has soaked up the water it needs, you can just wipe away surface water. It is ready to use. You can test the amount of water retention with your finger. Likewise, when checking to see if it needs to be refilled.

It is easy to use. There are no included instructions, but the manufacturers say two to three teaspoons of water will be enough to refill.

It has a no-drip design, so the moisture will be distributed evenly in the soundhole. In what we might call an average weather condition, you will need to refill it about once per month. This will vary, of course, with climatic conditions.

An affordable, well-designed humidifier and certainly a contender for one of the Best Guitar Humidifiers at this price point.


  • Easy to use and refill.
  • Very cost-effective price.


  • No enclosed instructions for use

10 Arion In-Case Humidifier

The Arion is a different type of design from all the other humidifiers we have looked at. It is easily used for guitar but is especially suitable for placing in orchestral string and woodwind instrument cases. It’s a unique design that carries none of the problems that some other humidifiers can experience.

It operates using a special plastic container that is filled with hydrogels and a specially devised solution. The design of the unit allows the moisture to continually leave the plastic container. It exits in a controlled way through the walls of the unit. It has no leakage problems at all and just sits in your instrument case.

An important design function with this Arion humidifier is that it can be refilled using tap water. There is no need for distilled water, as in nearly all other humidifiers. Each refill will last between one and three months. This will, of course, depend upon the dryness of the climate in which you live. The unit itself will last many years if it is taken care of.

We think it is a clever design and removes most of the potential problems that other humidifiers can experience. However, it is quite large. It measures 6 inches by 1 by 1.6 inches. There will be instrument cases we are sure where it might be a struggle to fit with the instrument inside.

Fitted cases are a good example. Where the inside of the case is a snug fit to the instrument. Most guitar cases have compartments where it could sit. Care will need to be taken, though, when carrying the case. If the Arion is loose inside, it might not be a good idea for it to be bouncing around.

A good humidifier with an interesting design. If the size is not too big, it could be a good buy as it is going to last a long time. Quite expensive, but it is going to last you.


  • Good design idea using only tap water.
  • No leaks and decent moisture flow.

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Best Guitar Humidifiers Buyers Guide

How Best To Protect Your Instrument?

We hope we haven’t painted too much of a picture of doom and gloom. Every guitar is not going to suffer from the humidity, but in certain geographic areas, some will. It is the word ‘geographic’ that is the key. That is going to be unique to you.

Only you can know whether the climate you live in is excessively hot or damp at times. Even in the more moderate climates, there is still the changes that each season brings. This is going to differ by regionality. And to those that travel? Your instrument may be one of all that is most at risk.

best guitar humidifiers review
best guitar humidifiers review

There Are Some Other Considerations…

Your instrument case is one. If it is a decent quality hard case that is virtually airtight when closed humidifiers will work. If the case is weak, has cracks or damage, then maybe they won’t. A guitar humidifier won’t be able to do its job properly in a gig bag, so you are going to need a case. Even the design of the case plays its part. If it is a fitted case, then some products may not fit in at all.

Most of the products are designed for acoustic guitars. They are probably the instruments that are most at risk, but what about solid bodies. What about that ‘59 Les Paul or your ‘62 Fender. You are going to have to protect those. A different type of humidifier is required, and the case size and design may determine your purchase. But it is not just the super-expensive guitars.

All Guitars Are At Risk!

They are made from wood, and wood is vulnerable to climate conditions.

Only you can decide whether you think you need a humidifier based on your location. Prices are not that dissimilar. There is a slight range as you would expect, but nothing that is going to break the bank. Getting a humidifier is going to be an awful lot cheaper than getting a new guitar or paying an expensive repair bill.

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So What Are The Best Guitar Humidifiers?

As we said, what you buy has got to fit your own requirements, and this will depend on what instrument it is for. There are some good humidifiers, but we are specifically talking about the Best Guitar Humidifiers. For us, the best guitar humidifier is the…

A good product for the guitar case with a good track record of protecting instruments.



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