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Top 10 Best Drum Thrones







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Drums: Top 10 Best Drum Thrones



Kings and Queens used to rule the lands, and on rare occasions, some still do. They would hold together the people and make order out of sometimes chaos. And what do they sit on? Thrones. Not the Best Drum Thrones, just ordinary thrones, if there is such a thing.

Drummers have this strange idea that they rule over the land, or their band if you like. They sometimes think that without them the band and the music would fall apart. We let them think that, of course, so we don’t get any toys thrown out of the pram, from their throne.

One day they will understand it is the bass player that should be on the throne as they hold the whole thing together. But shhh. Most aren’t ready to face that reality yet. Ok, plenty to discuss there, but let’s move on.

It is actually quite important you get something that is right for the job. It isn’t just a case of sitting down and playing. There are other issues. You need to protect your back so the design and support must be right. Get a badly designed throne, and it will affect your footwork. Quite important that one. And it also needs to be very strong.

So, there are quite a few things to consider as we look at the Best Drum Thrones and find the perfect one for you…

Best Drum Thrones
Best Drum Thrones

Top 10 Best Drum Thrones Of 2020 Reviews

1 DW Drum Workshop CP9120AL 9000 Series

DW Drum Workshops has a reputation for building tough, sturdy drum thrones. They like to refer to them as workhorses, and they certainly are. This 9000 Series is a good example of what they produce. It is a four-leg folding unit that is very sturdy and is very stable, assuming the surface is reasonably level. It is a rugged design that is built to take the punishment that drummers hand out.

But despite the tough design, it also has some nice features. It has a very heavy-duty chrome finish and frame that is adjustable. It has four rubber feet. The rise on the seat goes up to about twenty-six inches from the floor to the top of the seat. The height is adjusted hydraulically, which some will appreciate, but others may not.

It has a seat that is well-padded with foam and is very comfortable and an optional extra backrest if required. A good design element has been included here. Whilst we mock drummers from time to time, they have a problem that is unique in the band.

Guitar players and singers can go for a walk, and even keyboard players can move a bit. Drummers have to just sit there unless you are like Keith Moon, of course. Comfort is vital, as is body position. The option of the backrest is a good idea.

But let’s go back to the height adjuster…

It is a decent system that works well and is easy to operate. However, it does have its drawbacks. Firstly, the comfort in the seat and the hydraulics in the frame can cause problems. The seat has a little of what you might call ‘bounce’ in it.

To some that like to move on the seat in rhythm with their drumming, they might find that hard. The seat can move up and down independently of you if played hard. To some, it doesn’t matter. To others, it will.

A second issue is weight. If you happen to be a heavyweight drummer, ensure that the hydraulics can carry you. They can experience problems in this area. However, this is a well-made drum stool, so you might well find it is ok.

It is a good throne and certainly one of the best quality drum thrones around, it’s not cheap, though.


  • Well-made, tough throne made from good materials.
  • Hydraulic height adjustment and four-legged unit for stability.


  • The seat can move up and down gently while playing.

2 Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne

Gibraltar, as a brand, was founded in 1993 and is well-known for its manufacture of drum hardware products. These include drum frames, hi-hat stands, and of course, thrones. They are known to be rugged and capable and are the chosen hardware manufacturer of Gretsch drums. They were taken over in 2014, and are now part of Drum Workshop.

This throne, the Gibraltar 9608MB, gives you a lot of comfort and includes a backrest as standard. It folds away very easily from its three-legged tripod design. This makes it a compact throne that doesn’t take up too much room. Each of the legs has rubber feet to help the throne remain stable and not go for a walk while you are playing.

It has a decent adjustment from 20 inches to 28 inches. The adjustment is made by turning the seat. It has been fitted with a super-lock fastening design that ensures the height adjust remains stable. There is a memory lock adjustment for retaining your preferred seat height. The seat is padded and has a Cordura/vinyl covering. The backrest has a slight contour to provide some support.

Let’s now spend a little time discussing backrests on drums…

They can be an advantage, but they often don’t actually give you any support unless you lean back. Most drummers play leaning slightly forward, and so the backrest needs to be adjustable to reach you. If you play leaning into the backrest, you are leaning away from the drums. If you have a backrest that does not lean into your back, then you may just as well not have one.

It is a good drum throne with a strong build and ample room to get the adjustments right. And is set at a very affordable price point.


  • Strong build with an easily collapsible frame.
  • Easy seat adjustments and at an affordable price.


  • Backrests can be inefficient.

3 Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

Playing drums has and never can be the cheapest of instruments to play. Therefore if you can find good hardware at a reasonable cost, then it is going to be a great advantage. Gibraltar often provides good quality hardware, including drum thrones. This throne is a good example of that.

The Gibraltar 6608 is very much a cheaper option, which makes it one of the Best Budget Drum Thrones around; in fact, it is a very cost-effective model.

The seat is a motorcycle design rather than the plain round type. It is filled with soft foam and covered with good quality vinyl. This means that it will have a soft but firm and comfortable feel.

The legs are double-braced and fold away easily, and are fitted with rubber feet to prevent any unwanted movement during playing. They have a locking nut for when they are in position. An easy height adjuster is fitted that will give you a range between eighteen and twenty-four inches.

We hear this word ergonomic all the time, and we are sure it is often used in the wrong context. But in the case of the design of drum thrones, it is important. This is one area where this throne lacks a little. But then we feel it is designed very much for the starter drummer.

Ergonomics in design come into play with lengthy sessions. This is when posture becomes more important. For the beginner, it is unlikely they will be spending hours on their kits, or on their throne. Possibly it isn’t so important for them. For a starter or even an improver, this is a good throne at a very affordable price — certainly one worth considering.


  • Well made with good materials and easy to adjust.
  • Motorcycle seat at an affordable price.


  • Some will want a higher quality seat.

4 DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES

As we have already seen, DW Drum Workshop manufactures high-quality drum thrones. However, this model, the DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES, is much more a budget rage of thrones. Nevertheless, it still has a good standard of build.

The seat is three inches thick and thirteen inches round. It is filled with a nice comfortable foam and covered with a hard-wearing vinyl. The seat is well-padded but is still quite firm and doesn’t have a too soft, sloppy feel to it.

It has a heavy-duty triple-legged tripod base with solid ear casting. The three legs have rubber feet to avoid slippage. The height of the seat is adjustable with a locking tightening mechanism.

The height ranges from its lowest at 20.75 inches up to a maximum of 28 inches. That is the highest it will go. To be honest, it is probably not advisable to have it that high as it would put a lot of pressure on the frame.

Affordable for a DW throne…

The seat itself has a tightening mechanism, and when left loose, the seat will rotate. It can be tightened, but the fitting isn’t the strongest and may come loose again with heavy usage.

It is a throne that offers a good build quality at an affordable price. And being manufactured by DW Drum Workshop, then you know it will give you good service.

Not the top of the range by any means, but for anyone on a tight budget, it represents a good buy.


  • Well made budget level throne.
  • Good seat adjustment.
  • A very affordable price.


  • The round seat is a little bit weak, and some may require something stronger.

5 ROC-N-SOC Original Saddle Drum Throne

Roc N Soc was established in 1987 and since then have focused their efforts on providing quality seating for musicians, and especially drummers. They have manufactured numerous industry firsts, and whilst this model is an early design, it is still one of their most popular. In fact, many drummers say that if you are looking for a drum throne, then this is hard to beat.

It has a motorcycle seat with a slightly elevated design to the rear edge. This encourages you to take an upright posture and not slouch forward. This is one of the most prominent reasons for drummers developing bad backs and even bad necks.

The seat itself is filled with firm foam and covered with a hard-wearing vinyl and cloth material. It has double-braced legs that have rubber feet. There is a knob for tightening and loosening that, when tightened, maintains stability. It can be loosened to allow the throne to be easily folded away and stored.

You can adjust the height of the throne using a swivel action. It has a locking mechanism when you have achieved the correct height. It has a height range of eighteen to twenty-four inches. And it can actually rise to a height of twenty-seven inches, but for an adult maybe that is not a good idea.

This is a very strong seat and looks like it might weigh a lot. But at just 11.4 pounds is actually quite lightweight, making it superb for gigging and touring.

It is a good throne, but at the price point, it might be considered a little expensive. On the surface, it doesn’t seem to offer any more than similar thrones. Some of which are a little bit cheaper.


  • Well-built with a sturdy frame that is adjustable.
  • Comfortable seat with a good design for helping posture.

6 Mapex Double Brace Roundtop Drum Throne

If you happen to be on a tight budget but are in desperate need of a drum stool, then this might be worth taking a look at this. It is basic, but it does the job, and it is a very affordable throne.

The seat is twelve inches across and two and a half inches deep. It is quite nicely padded and covered with a hard-wearing vinyl. And is a round shape, as against a motorcycle shape which some people prefer. It might not be the most comfortable drum stool you will ever sit on, but for the price it is good. And as long as you aren’t going to spend hours on it playing, it is going to suffice.

Not the easiest high adjustment…

The legs are in a tripod design with double-bracing for stability. They are fitted with rubber feet for some stability. They have a very basic form of height adjustment with a five-position slot arrangement.

Not the most accurate way of getting the height right but will get you close to where you need to be. It is also not the easiest thing to do as a locking bolt has to be removed. But if you are the only one using the throne, then once it is done, it is fixed, as long as one of the hights is perfect for you, that is?

The adjuster can be locked into place. The height range is seventeen inches to twenty-two inches. It folds away by using the locking nut at the floor end of the tripod.

Designed clearly for the starter drummer, it is well-made and quite sturdy. It doesn’t have anything clever we can discuss, but at the price, you wouldn’t expect that. It probably wouldn’t have been at the top of Dave Grohl’s shopping list. But as we said at the outset, if you are on a tight budget and need a throne, this is worth a look.


  • It has a sturdy structure and is made with good materials.
  • Affordable budget range throne that is good value.


  • Many will want a higher level of throne.

7 Rockville RDS30 Deluxe Foldable Drum Throne

Another budget drum throne for those who might be on a tight budget, this one from Rockville, the RDS30. This throne has a big advantage for someone who is a little short of carrying space, or even space around their kit. It takes up a very small amount of room and folds down to a very small size. Remarkably it weighs just over six pounds.

It has a comfortable seat that is eleven inches round and three inches in depth. The seat has a round rather than the motorcycle design and is filled with foam and covered with very durable vinyl.

It has a three-legged tripod-style stand with adjustable height control. The height is easier to adjust than on many budget thrones, especially the Mapex throne we just reviewed. A simple twist screw will make the adjustments. The same applies to the lower end of the legs when assembled. There is a twist locking nut that also loosens when you want to store it away.

The legs are die-cast and are very stable, and they have non-slip rubber feet. Unlike most thrones, this stool has a weight limit of 265 pounds.

It is evident that when Rockville designed this throne that despite it being a budget range, they had certain ideas in mind. They wanted to make it as secure and durable as possible. We think they have achieved both.

It may even win a few awards as one of the Best Affordable Drum Thrones currently available. However, it probably won’t attract the attention of experienced drummers. But it is a very good throne for a beginner or someone on a tight budget and at a very affordable price.


  • A well-made throne that is sturdy and durable.
  • Affordable price point.


  • Some will want a higher spec.

8 Performance Plus DT1N Drum Throne

With the DT1N drum throne, we basically have a stool that has been manufactured to be as cheap as possible. This, of course, will suit a starter, especially a young player. It is possible that it might be suitable for an adult beginner. This is not being unfair to Performance Plus. They have produced a very cost-effective throne, and that is exactly what some people need.

Reasonably comfortable…

It has a foam-padded round seat that is actually reasonably comfortable. It has a three-leg single-braced tripod system that is adjustable. The height range is from 19 inches to 24 inches.

To adjust the height, it is designed with a bolt-through system with a locking nut. There is also a locking nut at the base to secure the legs while in position. This also operates when you dismantle it. The legs have rubber feet to avoid any slip.

Not the highest build quality…

It is designed to be very easy to fold away for storage or carrying. And it is a full-size throne but weighs just over five pounds making it very lightweight. However, it also means that it is a little bit vulnerable, and we don’t think it will take too much punishment.

As we said, it is a decent throne for a beginner or for a junior kit that hasn’t got a drum throne. It is very much a first throne product, but it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. The single bracing on the legs makes it a little less than sturdy. It isn’t designed for overuse, but for a beginner, it will suffice until they improve a bit and want to upgrade to something more sturdy.


  • Very cost-effective throne
  • Suitable for young players or starters.


  • Not the strongest throne you will find.

9 PDP By DW 700 Series Drum Throne

The PDP by DW Drum Workshop is really a budget version of the CP9120AL 9000 Series, which was the first throne we reviewed. The 700 series is a very lightweight throne weighing just four pounds. Nevertheless, it is still made to be a sturdy and stable throne.

The seat has a twelve-inch diameter and is three inches deep. It is nicely padded, so it is comfortable but without being too soft. It has well made, and strong triple designed tripod legs that are double-braced. This gives them plenty of stability. The legs have the standard rubber feet to avoid slippage.

It is adjustable through the bolt adjuster, which isn’t, to be honest, the most convenient system. It extends from twenty inches to twenty-five inches. Another negative point with this throne is that it doesn’t swivel. Thrones at this price point usually do that. If you are used to a drum throne that does swivel, this may not be the throne for you.

It is definitely aimed at the starter player, and DW has tried to produce an affordable throne for that market. The DW Drum Workshop makes good thrones, but some are out of the price range of starters and those on a tight budget. This throne is designed to fill that gap and does so very well. In its price range, it is a very good drum throne from a good manufacturer


  • Well-made with good materials by an established manufacturer.
  • Sturdy build at an affordable price.

10 Pork Pie Tractor Style Drum Throne

A strange name for a drum throne, but there is nothing strange about the product. Established in 1987, they are certainly well-respected these days as drum and drum hardware manufacturers. This is a good example of what they do. It is a good drum stool that must easily be considered as one of the Best Drum Thrones around. And it certainly has a lot going for it.

It is a tractor style seat that is shaped and well-padded. It is filled with foam and covered with durable vinyl. One thing that impresses about the seat is the stitching. It demonstrates how well this throne is made.

The seat itself has an excellent design that actually helps if you have a bad back. It naturally angles you into a comfortable yet stable position. If you find you have to get up every 30 minutes or so to stretch your back, you can do one of two things. Get up and jump all over your kit as Keith Moon used to, or get one of these – the latter is preferable.

It has a three-legged tripod system for the legs that are double-braced. It looks like they are strong, and they are. They are fully adjustable with controls underneath the seat, and they have two locking nuts. The range is sixteen inches to twenty-eight inches. Down by the legs is a locking nut to ensure stability. They have rubber feet, of course, for stability and to ensure the seat will not move around in use.

A bit of a heavyweight…

At eighteen and a half pounds, it is no lightweight, but that is mainly due to the tough build and the quality materials.

Probably not a drum throne for a beginner just starting out but certainly one for an experienced player. And does this quality come cheap? Not really no, but we have to say it is worth every penny. Excellent drum throne that is going to last you a very long time and keep your back in good shape.


  • Great build quality with good materials and extremely comfortable.
  • Good seat and locking and height controls.
  • Far better for your back than the majority of drum thrones.


  • It might be a bit expensive for some.

Best Drum Thrones Buyers Guide

Finding The Right Drum Throne

Choosing a throne is quite different from choosing most other items in your kit. There is the element of comfort and also ensuring you are in a good playing position. Having a bad throne won’t help your playing, and it certainly won’t do much for your back either.

There is another thing to consider as well, and that is stability. It’s not a good idea to sit on it and have it collapse under you. The strength of build should be a consideration.

drum thrones
drum thrones

The Ergonomics

The shape of the seat can have an impact. Not only on your comfort but also on how you play. There are essentially three, round, motorcycle and tractor. They are all different; the tractor and motorcycle styles usually better for giving you a good seated position.

Round seats tend not to offer the back an incentive to hold itself in a good position. It is natural for drummers to lean forward when playing, but something is needed in the design to encourage the back to take up a good position.

Seat Movement

Do you want a static, fixed seat, or do you want a swivel on it?

The swivel can sometimes be an asset and certainly can help a little in movement, but it can also be a nuisance if it suddenly moves when you are not expecting it to. If you have always had a swivel seat, you might find it hard to adjust to a static seat. Trying to swivel on a seat that doesn’t move isn’t going to do it or you much good.


Different from ergonomics, how does it feel? When you sit, are you relaxed, can you reach everything you need easily? Quite important that.

A bad seat can certainly affect your footwork and timing. If you are playing or practicing for a long time, then the comfort factor becomes very important. Not as important for a starter or maybe an improver, but it is for a more experienced player.

Drummers often spend a fortune on drums and cymbals but often ignore what they sit on. It is a vital piece of the kit, so don’t ignore it. Because it is certainly going to have an impact on your performance. It might even have an effect on how long you can actually play for.

The Budget

Quite a few on the list we looked at were budget thrones. These have their place, of course, but you need to consider what and how much you want to spend. Usually, the more you pay, the better the quality, but there are also some good affordable buys.

In days past, drummers just got a seat. I have seen a top drummer use a kitchen chair for heaven’s sake. It doesn’t work. Today science is involved in the design, and it works. It will help you get a better seat and one that is not going to cause you back problems later in life.

Buddy Rich, possibly the greatest ever drummer, had problems. For years he was in so much back pain that he could hardly use his hi-hat. He gritted his teeth and played through it, but they don’t make drummers like him very often.

Therefore, take care to get a good seat and, if necessary, upgrade it alongside your own increasing ability. It is all very well having a lovely brand new expensive Zildjian cymbal. No good if you can’t use it.

Get a good seat, and the King or Queen can sit on his or her throne. But only while the bass player lets them!

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So, What Are The Best Drum Thrones?

Well, just for sheer quality and comfort, one drum throne tends to stand out from the others. There are some decent starter stools and some excellent all-round drum thrones. For us, though, our choice for the Best Drum Throne is the…

Powerfully built with comfort and indeed sone style.

Happy drumming!



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