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Top 10 Best Drum Set For Kids

Top 10 Best Drum Set For Kids







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Drums: Top 10 Best Drum Set For Kids



The Best Drum Set for Kids? What a dilemma. For those parents who have or have had a young child who wanted to learn to play an instrument, you will understand what we are talking about. We had a son who sat there one night listening to his dad play a Blood, Sweat Tears album. He liked the sound of the trumpets. Yes, you guessed it, he wanted one.

We tried to persuade him that a nice quiet acoustic guitar was so much better, but no. Birthday came around, there it was, and the neighbors braced themselves. Well, actually, one didn’t. They had a daughter learning the violin, which at times sounded more like their cat in agony.

So the lessons and the practice began. Oh, dear…

What with him and her and then our daughter stamping her foot and saying well if ‘he’s’ got that I want a clarinet. We had a meeting with next door and decided 6-7 was practicing time for trumpet, clarinet, and violin. Neighbors left the village in their droves to rush down to a takeaway shop at 5 minutes to 6 every night.

We thought we were hard done by but a child wanting to learn the drums. Can you imagine? Good luck with that one. But they do, and it’s good that they do. Yes, there is such a thing as a children’s drum kit. We’ve got to find the next Bonham, Moon, and Grohl from somewhere.

And there are quite a few very good options. So, let’s go through the Best Drum Set for Kids currently available and find the perfect set for your little noisemaker…

drum set for kids
drum set for kids

Top 10 Best Drum Set For Kids In 2020 Reviews

1 Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 5-Piece Complete Kids / Junior Drum Set

To some people, the name Mendini will be associated with orchestral instruments for beginners. Their range of instruments for young people and beginners goes far wider than that though and includes drums.

This kit is a working drum kit that is not a toy. It plays like the real thing and is though, specially designed for starters. And it contains all they need to drive the first set of neighbors to the next town. It is a five-piece kit scaled down in size to suit kids under five feet tall. And is effectively just a scaled-down version of the real thing. Perfect if they are just starting that long road.

Why we like this kit is because it creates the feel of the real thing. When they upgrade, the new kit won’t feel different, just bigger.

So the lessons and the practice began. Oh, dear…

A 16 by 11 bass drum with a pedal and a 10 by 6 snare drum. Three toms are included, which is a big attraction, in our opinion. They are sized at 8 by 6 and 10 by 5 and a 12 by 10-inch floor tom. Even cymbals are included with the 8-inch hi-hats and a ten-inch crash.

The crash is mounted on the bass drum. And finally, an adjustable padded drum stool. We are going to call it a stool even though some drummers like to call it a throne. Some drum sticks are thrown in as well.

The quality of the build is quite good, and the sound of the drums quite authentic. There is no doubt they are a decent set. But if you are expecting Ludwig or Yamaha, you will be disappointed. They are not a high-end junior kit. They are though a very functional kit and have everything the young drummer needs.

As a junior drum set, it is a good option. And they are at a very affordable price. Assembly will be required for which you get a set of instructions.


  • Fully functioning working kit with everything included.
  • The good price point for what is a nice little kit.


  • Not a high-end kit. Will need assembly.

2 Music Alley Kids 3 Piece Beginners Drum Kit

This is a very basic kit from Music Alley. It is designed only as an introduction for the young drummer. It is shells that are well made from wood and chrome-plated hardware fittings. The drums are able to be tuned. It is certainly a step up from the often seen plastic kits.

It has three drums. A 14-inch bass drum with a pedal and two drums that fit on top of the bass drum. One is listed as an 8-inch snare, the other an 8-inch tom. Realistically they are both toms, and the ‘snare’ sounds the same as the tom and is not positioned where it might be. Nevertheless, this kit is still able to give a young child the basic idea. There is also a cymbal, drum stool, and a set of sticks.

Whilst it is well made with decent materials, we wouldn’t say that this is a very robust kit. It is going to suit a very young player, maybe under 8. At that age, they might not want to hit them too hard.

When considering this kit, we need to remember who it is aimed at. It is for the very young child, and so a high-hat as an example may not be required at this stage. Using this, they will get a basic grounding in timing and what the drums are for.

No snare is really an issue…

If we are to be critical, then the lack of a snare on a stand is a problem. The snare and the kick are the two most-played drums. It is, therefore, quite important to get the feel of how they work together. The ‘snare’ positioned on the bass drum doesn’t really achieve that.

Nevertheless, as a starter kit for a young child, it will be ok. You certainly can’t argue with a very affordable price point.


  • Well made with good materials.
  • Very affordable price point.


  • Lack of a real snare drum in the correct position is disappointing.

3 GP Percussion GP55BK 5-Piece Junior Drum Set

This kit offers a young child their first opportunity to have the experience of sitting behind a real drum kit. It includes a 16-inch bass drum with retractable legs and a ten-inch snare.

Attached to the kick drum are eight and ten-inch toms, and there is a 12-inch floor tom. To complete the package, a 9.5 crash cymbal that is attached to the kick drum and a pair of eight-inch hi-hats. A bass drum pedal, adjustable drum stool, and all the required fittings are included. There is a drum key for tuning the drums and drumsticks. Most of the fittings are metal aside from the drum heads, which are plastic.

Everything you need is included in this package and all at a cost-effective price. It looks the part as well with its black finish. The sounds are a little thin, and especially the snare drum sounds a little weak. It is though a budget set designed for a child, so we shouldn’t be too critical. It is designed for the younger child and will best suit possibly up to the age of about ten. This will depend on the child’s size.

Our only concern is that the quality of the build is not particularly strong. It is, though, best for young children and, therefore, might not take too much punishment. However, as a children’s drum kit, it is more toy than a kit, when compared with others. But, for the age group, it is aimed at, that is acceptable.


  • Very affordable price.
  • Ideally suited to age 5-9.


  • Not very strong in the build.

4 Ludwig Junior 5 Piece Drum Set With Cymbal

Ok, so now it gets serious. The name on the drums of bands and drummers that ruled the world. From the biggest band the world has ever seen, The Beatles, to the loudest drummers in John Bonham. The logo has been right at the front of some of the biggest concerts and performances.

Established in 1909 in Chicago by the sons of German instruments, they now have a world-wide reputation. Let’s have a look at what they can do for a children’s drum kit.

Bearing such an esteemed name, you are going to expect some quality. Bearing in mind, this is a child’s drum kit, you won’t be disappointed. It certainly plays and sounds a lot better than many of the other options.

This Best Drum Set for Kids consists of a bass drum with a pedal, and two mounted toms, a floor tom, and a snare drum. There are also a pair of hi-hat cymbals and drum stool. One inclusion that sets this apart from some other options is the floor stand cymbal. It is well made with metal, fittings and finished on a striking blue. It is made in China.

So does it do justice to the name?

If you consider it is made for a young player, maybe under-14, then it does very well. The shells on the drums are well-made, and all the hardware is chrome plated. If there is one area that lets it down, it is the cymbals. The quality is quite poor, and they may not last very long.

As a kids drum kit, it is at the higher end of the pricing range, but then your paying for the name. And the name usually means quality — a great drum set for a young player.


  • Well-made with good fittings.
  • Great looking and sounds good.


  • The price will put some people off.

5 GP Percussion GP50BL Complete Junior Drum Set

Another children’s drum kit from GP Percussion. This model is just the three drum version. Included is a bass drum measuring 16 inches by 11 inches with six lugs. The snare drum is floor standing and comes with a stand and is ten inches by 5 five inches.

A single tom measuring ten inches by 6 inches with fitting and hi-hat cymbals. There is a cymbal that attaches to the top of the bass drum. Also included are a bass drum pedal and junior-size adjustable drum stool, sticks and a drum key for tuning.

As the size of the kit and height of the stool are quite small, we think that this kit might be suited to an age of 4-8 years. It is quite well made and has real drum skins, not the cheaper versions you sometimes find.

This Drum Set is a cost-effective purchase for a young player for his first kit but does have its limitations. The drums themselves do not sound particularly good, and the cymbals are very poor quality. Hardware is ok and chrome-plated but again not of the highest quality.

But don’t expect too much…

If you bear this in mind, then it will not disappoint. Just don’t expect a quality sounding kit. It is closer to a toy than a drum kit. That is acceptable given the age range it is probably aimed at.


  • Good price point for a starter kit for a young child.
  • Attractive look.


  • The sound quality is not so good.

6 GP Percussion GP55WR 5-Piece Junior Drum Set

Another drum kit from GP Percussion. This version a five-piece kit. GP Percussion is a company that tries very hard to give value for money with their products. But trying to offer a reasonable price usually means cutting corners. That brings a loss of quality.

So, let’s take a look at the GP55 children’s drum kit…

This particular kit includes a 16-inch bass drum with a pedal and a 10-inch snare drum. Two 12 inch toms that are attached to the bass drum and a 12-inch floor tom. To complete the kit, there are 8-inch hi-hat cymbals and a 9.5 crash cymbal fitted to the bass drum. The drum heads are all clear with the GP logo.

Also included is an adjustable drum stool and sticks. To let you tune the drums, there is a drum key. The shells are finished in an attractive wine red.

This is a complete kit for children aged under-10. We think they have made a decent attempt to provide an early learner kit, credit to them. But, it is a bit more toy than a drum kit. That is fine if it is aimed at the right age group.

The drum sound is adequate, but the cymbals are not so good — a common fault with junior kits. For the right age group, it is a fun kit not to be taken too seriously. The price point is set realistically.


  • Attractive looking kit.
  • Fully equipped for those aged between 4 and 10.


  • It is only a very basic introduction for young people.

7 Ludwig LC178X025 4-piece Drum Set

Back to Ludwig for another level of quality for a junior drum set. Also another level of cost that goes with it, of course.

This Ludwig junior kit is designed for the very young starters. Starting at around four years and going up to maybe ten years. It is more to do with the size of the child, of course, but that is a guideline.

This Best Drum Set for Kids has a 16-inch bass drum with a decent foot pedal and a 12-inch snare. The snare is floor standing and has its own stand. There is a 13-inch floor tom, and a 10-inch tom mounted on the bass drum. The crash cymbal is 14 inches and mounted on the bass drum. The hi-hat is 12 inches. The heads are all Ludwig and medium quality. There is an adjustable drum stool.

Needless to say, with Ludwig, the build is high quality. The drum shells are made of seven-ply Birch, and it has blackened metal hardware. Not sure we like that so much, we prefer chrome plated, but it will appeal to some.

The sound of the drums for a junior kit is very good. It sounds like a drum kit rather than a ‘toy kit.’ However, the cymbals are not so good and are quite thin. This usually means they might not like to be hit too hard.

Apart from the cymbals being rather weak, this is a very good children’s drum kit. It is made by one of the top manufacturers in their factory in China, and you know you are buying quality.

It could be thought of as an expensive kit when compared to others. But if you consider what you are getting for your money and the quality, we think it priced right.

This kit is going to last longer than most and will sound better than most. The issue is whether you want to spend a bit more.


  • It is a Ludwig kit and therefore has a quality to it.
  • All you need for a new player.


  • The price is going to put some people off.

8 Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit

Gammon is quite a well-known drum manufacturer and especially in making drums for juniors and starter players.

This particular model could be one of the best drum kits for children options available to the buyer. To begin with, it really does look the part. The shells are colored an impressive black that is offset by the chrome-plated fittings. But there is one feature about this kit that sets it apart from many others. More on this later.

It is a five-piece kit with a 16 inch by a 10-inch bass drum with a well-built, sturdy bass drum pedal. There is a snare drum on its stand, and two toms mounted on the bass drum. There is also a floor tom, a 10-inch crash cymbal, and two eight-inch hi-hats. Supplied with the kit are a drum key and a pair of sticks. The setup is completed by an adjustable drum stool.

So what is it that sets this kit apart from some of its competitors?

Well, it’s the quality of the hardware. The stands are all made from solid metal and chrome-plated. They are built to take the potential hammering coming their way. The bass drum pedal particularly is built for John Bonham and has a very tough build.

This is a kit designed for kids between about 5 and 10. Depending on their size, but it is built to last, A good quality kit, and as a kids drum kit, it is very close to the top of the list.

The price point is set very realistically, which makes it a very affordable option.


  • A well-made kit that looks great and has everything built to a high standard.
  • Very affordable.


  • You will have to assemble it yourself, so you need to know your way around a drum kit.

9 Ludwig Junior Drum Kit, Wine (LJR1064)

Another junior drum set from Ludwig, this one a full five piece drum kit. As always, it looks impressive. Its red wine color finish complemented perfectly by the chrome-plated fittings and hardware.

The drum shells are made from birch wood. There is a 16 inch by 10 inches bass drum and a 12 inch by a 4-inch snare drum. Two toms measuring 8 inches by 5 inches and ten inches by 5 inches are mounted on the bass drum.

There is also a 13 inch by ten-inch floor tom. The kit is completed with a 10-inch crash cymbal and ten-inch hi-hat. The crash cymbal has its own stand and is not fitted to the bass drum — an impressive lineup.

The important issue with this kit is the quality of the build. It is built in China in Ludwig’s own factory there, and the hardware is built to be very rugged indeed. The pedals are all high quality, and the only thing you can say is that it looks like a miniature professional kit.

It is built for young players from about 4 to 10 years, though this could vary according to the size of the child. The sounds from the drums as you would from a Ludwig kit are quite good. This, despite being quite small. The cymbals, though are a bit thin and weak. They will probably need replacing quite soon after starting to use them.

Quality doesn’t come cheap…

As a junior kit quite expensive when compared to its competitors. But it is Ludwig, and you are paying for quality. I suppose to a certain extent; you are also paying for the name. We happen to think it is worth the money if you don’t mind spending it. And it must be one of the best junior drum kits out there.


  • Well built with a very attractive look.
  • Traditional Ludwig quality.


  • The cost will be off-putting to some.

10 Ashthorpe 5-Piece Complete Kid’s Junior Drum Set

Here is a junior drum set from Ashthorpe that caters for children a little older. Of course, it will depend on the size of the child, but this kit could work for young players up to 11 or 12.

Just like the real thing…

This Best Drum Set for Kids has just about everything you need with a 16 inch by an 11-inch bass drum that has retractable legs, a good, strong drum pedal, and a 10 inch by a 5-inch snare drum. Two toms are mounted on the bass drum that is 10 by 6 inches and 8 by 6 inches.

There is a 12 inch by 10-inch floor tom and eight-inch hi-hat cymbals and a ten-inch crash cymbal. It has a padded adjustable drum stool and all the hardware, stands, and a drum key.

The build materials are good. The shells are built from Poplar ply, and the cymbals are brass. It is, therefore, built to be strong. In fact, it’s a little more sturdy than some as it does reach a higher age group. And is finished in a lime green color which if we are honest, we are not too keen on but that is a minor issue really.

Unlike some junior drum sets, it is a real kit and not a toy kit. The sounds are quite good, though obviously not quite the same as the full-size version. The cymbals, on most junior kits quite weak, are very good, being brass makes a difference.

Excellent value for money…

It is set at a very attractive price point for a five drum kit, and it is very affordable. And is a decent junior kit that is well made and should be willing to stand up to plenty of practice. However, it will need to be assembled.


  • Five drum kit at a very affordable price.
  • Brass cymbals.


  • Will need to be assembled by someone who knows their way around a drum kit.

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Best Drum Set For Kids Buyers Guide

Time For The Young Drummers To Start Practicing

Buying a child’s drum kit needs a little bit of thought and a little bit of knowledge. There are a few questions that need answering before you decide to destroy the neighbor’s peaceful Sunday afternoon.

Who Is It For?

Obviously, for a young person just starting out, though adults are known to practice on the better quality kits. The age is quite an important bit more important is the size of the child. There are big eight-year-olds and small ones.

best drum set for kids
best drum set for kids

All of the kits e looked at except one really stop at the age of then for practical reasons. The child will be too big for it. There was one that claimed a couple of years older, but we might not concur and recommend that. Size then is important.

How Many Drums Do You Want?

You can usually have three or five. The five obviously will feel more like a real kit to a child, but there is also a cost involved. Fives are usually quite a bit more money.

What To Look For

These now are just personal observations and nor necessarily hard and fast rules. A cymbal that has its own stand rather than attached to the bass drum would be a preference. There are already one or two toms mounted on the bass drum. The cymbal is not the ideal place.

Have a good look at the hardware. If there is plastic as there sometimes is, you certainly don’t want too much of it. Plastic joints and fittings are not a good idea, let alone plastic drum shells. Pedals are also important, especially the bass drum pedal. They take quite a beating even from a child and so need to be strong.

best drum set for kid
best drum set for kid

Sounds will be very similar except for the very expensive kits. The cymbals are usually the weak point and sound quite bad on some kits. But we must remember that this is for a child and their first experience. They won’t know the difference.

Finally, don’t expect any of these junior kits to sound exactly like the real thing. It is not possible because of their size.

The Budget?

Decide beforehand what you are going to spend on the best drum set for kids. A lot of things can influence that decision, but make a decision and stick to it. It is so easy to go a bit too far sometimes to get a ‘name’ on the front.

Finding the perfect children’s drum kit is probably not possible. There will usually be something you either don’t like, or it hasn’t got. So from that perspective, do not expect too much from them. Some of them are more toys than drums.

If that is what you want to keep costs down or because the child is very young, that is fine. Just don’t expect it to be brilliant. Have a great time looking. One last thing, earplugs can be bought at all medical outlets.

Other Options

We know there is no point, because if a child’s mind is set on something, then that is what they want. However, just in case they are not 100% sure yet and you fancy a quieter life, check out our reviews of the Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners, the Best Digital Piano Beginners, the Best Electric Guitar for Beginners, and the Best Ukulele for Beginners currently available.

So, What’s The Best Drum Set For Kids?

We wouldn’t go for earplugs. We would prefer noise cancelling headphones because… oh, you mean which drums. Sorry.

Very tempting to go for one of the ‘big’ name brands. Great quality, great sound, and a name synonymous with rock music. They probably make some of the best drums in the world and are known for that. We are going to avoid the temptation. And, as is usual, we don’t even know if this 4-year-old will ‘stick’ with it or not? Apologies for the terrible pun!

We are, therefore, going to make a choice based on a few considerations. How many drums do you get, the cost, and does it look well made? They will be the primary things, but we also want it to look good. We want the most cost-effective kit for a first time player who may or may not be headlining Glastonbury in 20 years.

We have therefore decided that the best value for money drum kit for a child is the…

It will make a good starter kit at a very affordable price. And it looks good, sounds ok and is well-built. Therefore it is our choice for the Best Drum Set for Kids.



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