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The Casio PX35 Review

The Casio PX35 Review







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Piano Reviews: The Casio PX35 Review



  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quality key action
  • Many voices
  • Easy to navigate controls
  • Decent built-in speaker

We’ve already touched upon the key action and the portability of the Casio PX350, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate. The Casio PX350 only weighs 26 pounds and it plays beautifully, what more could we ask for? (If you’re still not convinced, you can check out our list of other super-portable digital pianos.)

It also includes 250 built-in instrument tones, including strings, organs, electric pianos, brass, drums, bass and more. You can even combine them with the option for splits and layers for performances. It also includes 180 drum patterns and a 17-track recorder, so it’s unlikely you’ll get bored quickly.

The voice options are many and the vast majority are quite good, although there certainly are a few that we could do without. That said, if you can latch onto a few, pairing them with the drum beats, you’re ready to be mixing.

Casio PX35
Casio PX35

Although it’s quite standard in a similar mid-range electric keyboard, it’s worth mentioning that the Casio PX350 has the capability for a USB MIDI connection. The MIDI connection is “class compliant,” which means that it’s ready to be used with Windows or Mac computers. It’s also compatible with Apple iPads with Apple’s Camera Connection Kit.

MIDI connection is essential for digital keyboard users, and Casio’s got you covered with the PX350.

We also want to remind you that (like always) Casio’s also made the controls super easy to navigate. That’s something we consistently find helpful from Casio’s pianos and the Casio PX350 doesn’t miss a beat in its usability.

The final pro that we want to highlight are the speakers. Although the built-in speakers aren’t quite performance quality, they’re pretty good and we found them to be more than good enough for at-home use.



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