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Best Hohner Harmonica Reviews – Originally a clockmaker, Matthias Hohner built the biggest harmonica factory on the planet during his lifetime. Moreover, Hohner harmonicas conquered both sides of the ocean and so are still a trademark of great sound, superb playability, and affordability today.

The company continues to build some of the best harmonicas the world has ever seen, utilizing the same obsessive attention to detail the clockmaker left them as a legacy. If you want the quintessential harmonica that created the revolution, you need to try Hohner out.

All instruments follow an innovation path that brings them to current times. Harmonica is not an exception, in fact it is not surprwill being that the redesign of a timeless classic comes from one of the biggest names in the market: Hohner.

The CX-12 delivers uncanny tones with a specially-designed body that still turns heads to this day, decades after being introduced in 1992. Moreover, the revolutionary design won the German Industry Design Award in 1993, that was the very first time in history that was awarded to a harmonica.

This is a great candidate if you want a modern instrument that may get the job effected easily night after night.

Hohner was founded by Matthias Hohner in 1857. Currently, the company’s headquarters come in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Best Hohner Products

Best Hohner Products