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Suzuki SCX-56 Chromatic 14 hole

Suzuki SCX-56 Chromatic 14 hole







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Harmonica Reviews: Suzuki SCX-56 Chromatic 14 hole

The Suzuki SCX-56 Chromatic 14 hole harmonica is a musical instrument that features 14 holes and a chromatic layout, allowing for the playing of any key. It is designed to produce a high-quality sound with a smooth and responsive action.

This model is well-suited for a variety of musical genres and is a versatile choice for players of any skill level. The 14 holes provide a wide range of notes, giving players a lot of flexibility in their playing. The Suzuki SCX-56 is made with high-quality materials and construction, making it a durable option that will last for years with proper care.

Suzuki SCX-56 Chromatic 14 hole

The Suzuki SCX chromatic harmonica surely qualifies as one of the most luxurious harmonicas you can buy.

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Suzuki SCX-56 Chromatic 14 hole Review


Range14-hole, 56notes g~d4(G3 - D7), Slide Chromatic
MaterialBrass+Chrome plating cover
ABS body
Slide ActionLong stroke (Cross alignment)
AccessoryABS case

As a classically trained musician and classical singer, I have extensive experience with the Chromatic harmonica, both as a player and a reviewer. I started my journey with the popular Hohner 280C, but was curious about the potential of Suzuki's harmonicas, specifically the SCX and Sirius models. I must admit, it was a peculiar decision to buy both at the same time, but I wanted to be sure of my investment. If you can't afford the Sirius, I highly recommend the Suzuki SCX as it offers exceptional value.

After playing the Sirius with professional recording equipment, I was thoroughly impressed by its superb, rich, and full tonal saturation that is unparalleled. People often describe its sound as "velvety smooth" and "lovely." The tonal mix of low, mid, and high frequencies and harmonic overtones is centered around the mid-range section, making it pleasing to many ears.

The build quality of the Sirius is also second to none, with a solid brass mouthpiece with silver plating, brass covers with black chrome, and a comfortable two-piece mouthpiece design. It feels like you're holding a professional silver flute. The 14 hole, 56 reed configuration is becoming increasingly popular and is recommended by top harmonica players. The straight tuning and short throw slide of the Sirius 56 allows for quick note changes and fast slide activation.

The Sirius was developed through the collaboration of Suzuki with the late Claude Garden-Jardin, a master of phrasing and technique, and harmonica virtuoso Gregoire Maret. Its heritage and design make it a harmonica of distinction, suitable for both recording and live performance. Whether you're an orchestral musician or a jazz player, the Sirius 56 is a harmonica worth considering.

Suzuki SCX-56 Chromatic 14 hole harmonica is a well-built and durable instrument that delivers a rich, full sound.


  • Robust construction with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity
  • 14 holes allow for a wider range and greater versatility in playing styles
  • Chromatic design offers a full range of notes, making it suitable for a wide range of musical genres
  • Good projection and response, producing a clear, resonant sound
  • Comfortable to play, with smooth slide action and well-placed holes


  • May be challenging for beginners to play, as the chromatic design requires precise mouth and breath control
  • Higher price point compared to some other models, making it less accessible to budget-conscious musicians

Final conclusion

Overall, the Suzuki SCX-56 Chromatic 14 hole harmonica is a great choice for experienced harmonica players looking for a high-quality instrument that can deliver a full range of notes and rich sound. However, it may not be the best option for beginners or those on a budget.

Brand Information

Detail Vist website
Suzuki Corporation Japan
Post code: 430-0852 2-25-7 Ryoke, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan
In 1974

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