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Squier By Fender Classic Vibe 50's Hand Telecaster Reviews

Squier By Fender Classic Vibe 50's Hand Telecaster Reviews







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Guitar Reviews: Squier By Fender Classic Vibe 50's Hand Telecaster Reviews



The sound a guitar delivers is impacted by its construction and the materials used. You need the wood the body is constructed from to be right and the neck to give it playability, but ultimately the sound will come from the pickups.

If you want to create a vintage Telecaster sound, then there is only one option. Single-coil vintage sounding at both neck and bridge. That is the Telecaster way. And, fitted with Alnico V single coil pickups that vintage sound begins to sing at you.

Soft and clear…

Push the slider control to the left. The neck pickup has the warmth that some jazz players used to like. Soft and clear it has a welcoming mellow feel that you could say is unique to this guitar.

It’s not just jazz either that has benefited from this sound. Blues players will use it, and it has a sweet ease with either single notes, part chords or full chords.

Now push the slider all the way to the right. The bridge pickup, of course, is where the ‘Tele twang’ comes from. Crisp and sharp, there have been times when it has been too much and has had to be pulled back a bit before it shatters someone’s eardrums.


Not with this model…

Yes, it’s sharp and crisp, it has to be, but not so heavily laden with too much top. And, those who delight in using this pickup for their sound will not be disappointed.

Now put the slider control central, sit down and strap in because ‘that’ sound is there. Putting the two pickups together you get the warm bottom end, but it’s mixed with that sharp clippy top. The sound is distinctive, almost unique. Just brilliant.

For us, it is ‘the’ Telecaster sound

But, the sound has to be earned. The Telecaster will not just give it to you on demand. The sound is there, but it’s how you play it and use it to achieve ‘that’ sound.

There have been some of the worlds legendary guitarists, no names mentioned, who haven’t been able to do it. One in particular who on their first album made his vintage Tele sound like he was playing it with a cheese grater.

Others just seem to know, just seem to feel it.

A great guitarist, again no names mentioned, once said to us…” playing a Tele is like driving a Formula 1 car. You have to know how to do it”.

Exactly. And, it’s all in these pickups if you think you can handle it.




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