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RRoland TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set Reviews

RRoland TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set Reviews







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Drum Reviews: RRoland TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set Reviews



When it comes to electronic drum kits, one brand stands out from the rest, and that’s Roland.

Roland’s V-drums, have become very well known over the years for their great sounds, quality design, and their durability. 

But possibly, even most important than any of these, they have become known for their ability to let a drummer expressive themselves as if they were playing an acoustic kit. 

The TD-25KV showcases these abilities, as well as adding many exciting features that should push your skills to the next level.

The TD series is available in seven different sets, these range in price and features as the price tag increases. 

In this review, we’ll be taking a very close look at the TD-25K, which is the most expensive kit in the series. It’s packed with advanced features for serious drummers, but it’s also expensive for an electronic drum kit, is it worth the money?

Read on and find out… 

The Looks and Build Quality of the TD-25KV

Understandably, considering the price of this electronic drum set, you are going to get excellent quality and top-end features. Without having, the many compromises usually found on cheaper electronic kits. 

For example, it features reliable mesh-head pads like those found on the legendary V-drums. And the kick pad has a cloth head for not only solid playability but also great feel.

Roland TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set
Roland TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set

In terms of the visuals, the whole drum set is very appealing. Although all electronic drum sets obviously look similar, in the same way, that most acoustic drum sets look similar. The TD-25KV does look more expensive than most. It has a sheen of quality that is very noticeable when either looking at it or playing it. 

Everything about it seems to be solid, sturdy, and very reliable. Even when played for long periods, nothing needs re-adjusting. Basically, it just sits there and does what it’s supposed to.


So what do you get for your money?

Well, apart from the stunning looks, high-end technology, great drum sounds, built-in quality effects, and don’t forget the metronome. What you actually get is…

  • A PDX-100 10″ mesh-head snare pad.
  • Two  PD-85BK 8” mesh-head tom pads (for the two rack toms).
  • A PDX-100 10” floor tom pad.
  • A Kick pad.

Roland TD-25KV Electronic
Roland TD-25KV Electronic

  • Two 12” crash cymbals.
  • A 13” ride cymbal.
  • A VH-11 Hi-hat on hi-hat standard stand
  • The TD-25 drum module

Professional Sound and Responsiveness

Although this is the top of the line in The TD series, Roland does have the even more expensive V-Drum series, which to most drummers are the very pinnacle of electronic drums.

However, although this set is cheaper than the V-Drum series, it uses the Advanced SuperNATURAL sound engine which is based on the flagship TD-30 sound engine, as used in V-Drums. 

This means that you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best drum sounds out there on the TD-25KV, without having to re-mortgage your house.

As mentioned, this kit is built to allow the drummer to be expressive. For example, the snare pad features positional sensing and is designed to accommodate rimshots and cross-sticks. This delivers realistic tones wherever you strike the pad.

Roland TD-25KV
Roland TD-25KV

You can even use brushes or explore numerous other snare techniques and still produce the best sounds possible.

Next comes the bass drum pedal. The double pedal does an exceptional job of providing an excellent kick response.

On to the cymbals…

They feature multi-zone triggering and choke. And the ride cymbal pad allows even more diversity, with three different playing zones; bow, edge, and bell. This enables you to achieve amazingly realistic and expressive sounds.

The hi-hat pad is also very responsive and allows for double strokes and subtle release. 

All this gives you the sound quality and freedom of expression, that is very close to Roland’s top-of-the-line V-Drums.

The Roland Advanced SuperNATURAL sound engine

So we’ve got great looks, quality design and wonderful ability to express every drum hit, in any way we like. But what good is any of that without great drum sounds? And this is where the Roland TD-25KV also excels.

As mentioned, it features the Advanced SuperNATURAL sound engine which is based on the flagship TD-30 sound engine, as included on Rolands more expensive electronic kits.

You can choose from six genres, with 18 preset drum kits and another 18 user kits. The genres include standard, rock, electronic, jazz, amongst others. And changing between genres and drum kits is very easy with the dial button.

It’s incredibly user-friendly, with only a few easily adjustable knobs and controls that you can even manipulate with drumsticks in your hands.

The simple, logical interface is straightforward to navigate. This makes changing any of your settings, customizing any drum or cymbal in a kit, recording, or managing your files a breeze. 

Unlike some drum modules, it doesn’t come with thousands of drum samples. But the ones you do get, are very high-quality and you can easily manipulate and edit any of them to create the exact sounds you are looking for.

Take your Creativity to the Max!

Editing, recording and making music is made very simple with the Roland TD-25KV. To load any .wav files from a USB memory stick, you just insert it directly into the module. You can then record or playback these sounds. Or if you want to be even more creative, you can also play the sounds in loops.

The TD-25KV also allows direct connection to smartphones. This will enable you to play along with songs in your music library or from the internet. 

The USB port also allows the drum module to be connected to a computer or to any Digital Audio Workstation for further editing and manipulation of your sound files.

Connection-wise, it features a 1/4” headphone jack, 1/8” analog in/out, MIDI I/O and USB Type A and USB Type B ports.

It’s not just for serious drummers

Since the TD-25KV is so versatile, it’s not only for serious drummers, it would be a superb choice for beginners, as well. Considering all the great features this electronic drum set has to offer, it makes an excellent choice for a drummer at any level, as long as it’s within their budget.

Pros Of Roland TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set

  • Great sound quality.
  • Numerous ways to customize your sounds.
  • User-friendly Drum module.
  • Very realistic feel and sound.

Cons Of Roland TD-25KV Electronic Drum Set

  • Expensive.
  • Kick trigger has a steep learning curve for some.
  • Set up and positioning can be a little limiting.


So what do we think of the Roland TD-25KV?

It’s packed with everything you need, great sounds, excellent build quality and allows every drummer, whatever level they are at, to be very expressive with their playing.

On top of all that, it’s incredibly user-friendly and more than looks the part.

What else can you possibly be looking for in an electric drum set?

Not much in our opinion. We highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to express themselves as if they were on an acoustic kit while having all the advantages an electronic drum set offers.



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