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Everyone envies the person who is able to sit down at the piano, and play music that everyone loves. What if that person was you?

What if there was a program that could help you become that person faster than you could imagine? Rocket Piano claims to help you learn more in 10 minutes than people taking traditional lessons learn in hours.

By taking this program, you will be able to read music from nothing but chord symbols. The website also states that you will be able to write your own tunes after using Rocket Piano. The big question is, is this program legit or a complete scam? How is it possible to be writing music if you’ve never even touched a piano?

Don’t buy into it until you have finished reading this detailed Rocket Piano review. Your questions will be answered and you will be able to make an informed decision by the time you are done with this review.


What Is Rocket Piano?

Rocket Piano is a program that prides itself in the fact that it teaches you updated methods. As opposed to teaching you boring, outdated methods Rocket Piano will provide you with newer, improved lessons. Rocket Piano was made because the creators were tired of seeing the lack of quality in other learn piano programs.

rocket piano
rocket piano


Rocket Piano provides books of step by step lessons, video lessons and audio files, all the highest quality. The Rocket Piano program will take you on a journey of being a beginner pianist to an advanced pianist. The lessons are made for all ages, and any skill level. If you are already an advanced player and need a refresher, Rocket Piano can help.

The creators put together courses that will teach you theory, and practical knowledge. Rocket Piano will give you the skills to play the kind of songs you want to play. They would rather give you the skills to learn your favorite songs instead of only learning songs from a book.

They understand that being able to express yourself and play what you want is as important as learning piano theory. Rocket Piano wants to keep the learning process proactive and fun. The program will also teach you how to play some popular classical songs.

Rocket Piano is not only providing you with lessons of practical piano playing. The program also provides you with knowledge in piano theory and the background and history of the piano. This type of knowledge will take your piano playing to the next level. Rocket Piano also provides you with methods on how to practice.

Getting into a practice routine and knowing what to practice can be hard to figure out. Rocket Piano makes it their goal to provide you with practice skills to use even after you’ve completed the program.

Who Created Rocket Piano?

Rocket Piano was created by Ruth Searle and a team of enthused pianists. Ruth Searle is your instructor throughout the course. Ruth Searle has 15 years of experience.

ruth searle
ruth searle


She specializes in classical music, but she also plays jazz, pop, blues, gospel, and rock ‘n’ roll. She truly is the jack of all trades, master of all. Ruth has a degree in commercial music, and she has also received many awards.

She has created this course to be accessible and affordable for everyone. This course can help any type of piano player. She makes sure an intermediate or an advanced player can benefit from the program as much as a beginner can.

Collectively, the team that created the Rocket Piano has over 30 years of experience. Together, the team has taught over ten thousand students, they have a great understanding on how teach piano effectively.

What Will You Learn From Rocket Piano?

Rocket Piano will teach you to learn how to play piano at all the levels. You will be given three books, video demonstrations, and high-quality audio files. Each of the books pertain to a certain skill level. The beginners’ book is 135 pages, the intermediate book is 65 pages and the advanced book is 59 pages. The program also includes extra books.

rocketpiano guide
rocketpiano guide


The extra books include, introduction to jazz, introduction to gospel and advanced finger techniques and exercises. You are not just learning practical playing. The course is designed to give you the music theory you need to continue on your path of piano playing.

During the course you will learn classical songs as well as original songs from Rocket Piano. The course is designed to help you eventually play any type of song you want on piano. This is a skill that you will not develop with other piano programs or lessons. The Rocket Piano books are full of detail, keeping the student engaged and interested. The audio and video files are meant to help move the book along. They complement the books well and are an immense help to the piano learning process.

If the idea of music theory scares you then Rocket Piano is the program for you. The creators have designed the books to integrate theory into the lessons. This makes the idea of music theory less intimidating. You will not even know you are learning music theory – it is so well hidden in the lessons. Rocket Piano also includes many interactive games to help in learning music theory and sight reading. These help to make practice and learning fun.

As a student you will learn finger techniques, music notation, chords, theory and bonus lessons on jazz and gospel. You will also learn about the history and background of the piano. Learning about the history and background of the piano is valuable information. This will put you ahead of others that do not receive this great information. This knowledge you will gain will put you on a completely new level. This way you can play and speak the piano language like a professional.



The Rocket Piano course will help you through the entire program. It will not only provide you with what to practice. This program is also going to give you the skills on how to practice. The program will not make you practice harder but it will teach you how to practice smarter. You will also learn how to use your piano playing to convey an emotion or a feeling.

As a musician, you want your audience to engage in your music by relating to what you are playing. You will also learn how to improvise. Instead of just playing the same songs over and over again you will be able to play your own music. Imagine being able to write your own song on the piano. That is something that you will not get from any other program or traditional lesson.

rocket piano review
rocket piano review


This program also includes bonuses that will be beneficial to you. The Perfect Pitch Pro is a game that will help you in developing an ear for music. The Jayde Musica Pro will help you to memorize all the keys on the piano. The Chordinator will help you in learning how to read piano chords. You will get a metronome, which is a helpful tool that keeps time. You will get a month free of Rocket Pianos SongPond. The SongPond is an online music school that will help you learn how to play your favorite songs.

Rocket Piano Pros & Cons


  • It is a downloadable course, so you will be able to get instant access.
  • You are able to play along with a band when practicing the piano.
  • You are given a free month of SongPond. SongPond will allow you to learn all of your favorite songs.
  • The Chordinator is a great bonus tool. This tool helps you to learn all about chords.
  • The Jayde Musica Pro is a tool that will help you learn how to read music.
  • The program includes a metronome which is a tool used to keep time. This is especially helpful when you are practicing on your own.
  • The Perfect Pitch Pro is a game that the program provides and it is great for ear training.
  • Rocket Piano keeps you interested and focused during lessons.
  • You will learn about the history and background of the piano.
  • Rocket Piano provides you with books on how to play jazz and gospel on piano.
  • The program teaches you how to practice smarter, not harder.
  • The Rocket Piano program is very affordable for the great content and bonuses it offers.

rocket piano reviews
rocket piano reviews



  • Ruth is the only instructor teaching you, you don’t get the option of learning from other instructors.
  • You may benefit more from having in person, traditional lessons.

Does Rocket Piano Work?

To conclude, Rocket Piano is a viable, legit program. You will get high quality lessons for a low price. You will be able to impress your peers with your knowledge of piano. You will notice your progress and you will not regret your choice of purchasing the Rocket Piano program. Do not pass up this excellent chance to learn piano in an exciting way.




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