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Pianos: Joymusic Jk-63M Kit Reviews



A whole new world was opened up to musicians, be they young or old, with the creation of portable electric pianos. People that once had longed to play the piano but didn’t have room in the house or apartment now have the chance. You could walk into the shop and walk out with it under your arm. However, the keyboard we are featuring in our Joymusic Jk-63M Kit Review is a bit more than just that.

You might also need some extras…

But then you got it home and realize that maybe you need to go back to the shop. The keyboard itself is often only part of a package you need to buy.

Do you have a suitable table or stand at the right height? That is going to be important. Do you have a chair that was comfortable that allowed you to sit at a comfortable height? Do you need a stool or a bench? And what about a stand to place your music if you need to?

And if you happen to live with others, then maybe you will need headphones for some quiet practice.

But what if there were a package that included them all?

Walk into the shop and walk out not with just a keyboard under your arm, but with a complete package. One that allows you to just go home, set it up, and start to play. As you will see in our review of the Joymusic Jk-63M Kit, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

But before we take a closer look at this package, who are Joymusic?


Joymusic is an organization that is involved in many musical areas, especially with young people. They have a respected educational department that teaches music from beginner to professional levels to Chinese students. They also provide study time with overseas exchange programs and the chance to study at Conservatories.

Another aspect of their activity is the manufacturer of musical instruments. This keyboard is designed for the complete beginner and comes as part of a package. So, let’s get into our Joymusic Jk-63M Kit Review and find out more…


Portable pianos designed for the complete beginner are plentiful. They sit at all price ranges and are manufactured by most of the well-known companies. There are some good and some, shall we say, not so good. The Joymusic Jk-63M is slightly different from most of its competitors, as we shall see.

All you need…

Straight out of the box, this package has all you are going to need plus a bit more. Of course, you get the keyboard and with the kit, a music stand that fits on the top. But then you get a stand for the instrument. Something that is rarely included at this price point.

They go a bit further by including a piano stool especially designed to fit the keyboard on its stand. Something you never see from any manufacturers included as part of a keyboard sale.

A little quiet time…

Also included is a set of headphones to allow you private practice. Another excellent addition that sets this instrument apart from similar keyboard products.

The Jk-63M is a 61-key piano with USB connections and a built-in MP3 option. It is nicely set up to make it easy to play and with nice sounds.

The Build


Manufacturers face a couple of problems when designing a keyboard for a complete starter. Firstly, it must not look like a toy. There are toy pianos, of course, for the very young. And they have an important role. But this is not one of those.

When you are making a cost-effective keyboard, they can end up looking toy-like. Not so with this, it has 61 full-size keys.

What about the keys?

Having full-size keys can be important for a starter. They learn hand positions that they can carry forward with them on to other full-size keyboards later on. Learning technique is important, and full-size keys allow that development.

But having full-size keys also makes it look like the real thing. That is also important for a young player. They will feel like they are playing a real instrument. And with this piano, that is the look it has.

The keys are not weighted as they will be on an expensive keyboard. They are just standard full-size keys. There is a certain amount of sensitivity to the touch. But not what you would call ‘touch-sensitive.’

Quality construction…

Secondly, it must be well put together. This is well-made with a tough plastic body that feels strong in your hands. It measures 38.90 by 11.00 by 16.10 inches, so it is a substantial size. And as it only weighs 17.9 pounds, it is very portable. You can take it around with you just about anywhere.

There are, of course, built-in speakers. These allow you to play normally without using headphones. We wouldn’t say that they are of the highest quality. But they do the job they are supposed to do and give you an adequate sound.

This package is made in China and has a reasonable build quality. At the price point, there can certainly be no complaints. It is all very nicely put together and thought out. But there are a couple of additions that we have already mentioned.

So, let’s take a look at them…

Height-adjustable stand

We have already talked about bringing home your new keyboard and struggling to set it up for play. Too high or too low a position, and it will never be easy to play it. Setting it on a table is not always going to work. The inclusion of the keyboard stand is then a great idea and an answer to the problem.

The stand is well-made and has a solid feel. It is made specifically for this keyboard. It has adjustments for three height levels. This allows you to get the keyboard at the best playing height for the user. To stop it from slipping around on a hard floor, it has rubber feet.

It is strong enough to easily hold the weight of the keyboard. And it is nicely balanced, so there is no movement between the keyboard stand and floor when in use. However, the stand is not the only useful addition to this package.

Adjustable seat

Made of metal and durable materials, it is designed to hold the weight of players, including some adults. It has been tested to ensure that it is safe to do so. Though we’re not sure of the maximum weight, it can carry. It is designed in a traditional ‘X’-shape.

Like the stand, it is height adjustable and has rubber feet that don’t skid on hard and shiny surfaces. It folds away quickly and easily for storage or transportation.

The top of the seat is nicely padded with a smooth exterior making it highly comfortable. The internal padding is quite durable and hard-wearing. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

MP3 connection

This keyboard might not have a Bluetooth connection, which we shall mention again later. But it does have the ability for you to connect up an MP3 to play along with. A useful, if basic addition, in our opinion.

Some further additions…

There are input/output sockets for a microphone and headphones. The microphone is not supplied. It comes with a mains power supply.

You can record and playback using the built-in memory function. The beginner can listen back and see how they are doing. It also allows you to record some music for playback at a later time. Another useful feature.

Any downsides?

For the sake of balance, we try to find some things to mention. There is no Bluetooth connection on this keyboard, at the price point that would probably have been too much to ask for. That means no connections to your devices.

However, the keyboard can be recognized by the ‘Simply Piano’ and ‘Piano Maestro’ training apps you find online. Therefore, you can connect your phone, but not the keyboard, for your practice sessions.

One area that we feel is a little disappointing is that there isn’t a built-in metronome. For a student, that is an important feature. But having said that, there are many free downloadable options to keep on your devices. Maybe the omission is, therefore, not that important.

The Sounds


It has a reasonable library of sounds and other features. There are 255 different instruments covering a wide range of sounds. As usual with electronic keyboards, there are some good sounds, some that are okay and some that are, shall we say, not quite the ticket.

There are also 255 set rhythms and 61 separate percussion options for individual sound options. There are some basic editing formats with tempo changes, and you can set percussion fill-ins.

Included for all the sounds are sustain and vibrato effects. Although it must be said these are very basic. Nevertheless, they will enthuse young ears who are experimenting and learning. There are also 50 demo songs included.

Sound quality…

It would be stretching the imagination a bit to call the sounds produced great. To achieve that, you will need to put another naught behind the price point. However, it is quite acceptable given what you’re paying.

Starters and young players will not care so much about that. They also are unlikely to have anything to compare it to. They will be happy they have a keyboard that looks like a piano, that it sounds like one, and has dozens of other sounds and rhythms to experiment with.


Provided are a set of headphones to allow you to practice in private. Once again, this is not something you find included with most other keyboards. The headphones are well-padded and quite comfortable to wear. They are an over-ear design which many people prefer for music use. The ear cups and the headband have a soft covering.

Once again, we would have to say that the sound quality is not staggering. But you won’t be expecting it to be. They produce a reasonable reproduction of the sound coming from the keyboard. That is more than good enough, especially for the young starter player.

We have to say that the inclusions and the sounds produced are of good value for the money you are going to pay. Remembering this is aimed at the starter, we think they will be excited by what they hear and the options available.

The Controls


These are laid out conveniently on the top of the keyboard with the speakers built-in at each end of the top panel.

We wouldn’t say that they are easy to use for someone new to an electronic keyboard. The main control and edit functions are all push buttons, which are easy to use once you understand their functions. But the listing of the various instruments, rhythms, etc., looks a little daunting.

They are, of course, just listings with the appropriate dial-in codes, but for new eyes, it might be a little scary. Each of the 61 keys is also assigned a percussion instrument indicated by a visual description. Again, simple to understand once you understand what is going on.

Some often-used controls are easily located and include the master volume and a separate volume for accompaniment. There is a tempo control and control to choose between a single-finger or a fingered-chord playing option. Also, the power on button.

Multi-functional LED screen…

Centrally located is an LED screen that has a decent quality 3.9-inch display. It has multi-functionality and offers information on chosen instruments, rhythms, and effects. It also has access to all the demo songs and setup for note correction in practice with those songs.

There is an audio-in port to connect your MP3 player. This can be used to play along with your favorite playlists. Or even just to listen to your music.

A nice capability…

One very good inclusion is that there is a separate volume control for the keyboard and the accompaniment. This allows some adjustment to get the sound exactly right for what you need. Something that you rarely find on similar starter keyboards.

How does it play?

As the keys are a standard piano size and shape, they feel quite realistic. And as we have said, that is important for the development of the young player. The keys are not weighted as we have commented on, but you wouldn’t expect to find that. They are, though, quite responsive to the touch.

Some useful learning capabilities are included using the functions for single and fingered chord construction. And you can set up and program rhythms, a function also not often seen on a beginner’s keyboard.

If you wish, you can play and sing along with yourself using the input for a microphone. It should be noted that whilst there are a lot of extras included, a microphone is not one of them.

Joymusic Jk-63M Kit Review Pros and Cons


  • 61 full-size keys that allow the creation of good technique.
  • Plenty of note range to explore styles and genres of music.
  • Included are the keyboard stand, the bench seat, music stand, and headphones.
  • 255 instrument tones, 255 rhythms, and 61 extra percussive sounds.
  • 50 demo songs to practice and learn with.
  • Sustain and vibrato options.
  • The master volume and accompaniment volume are separate and can be set at levels to suit you.
  • Tempo controls and fills and rhythm sync functions allow you control over the rhythm and sounds.
  • Great price point.


  • No metronome.
  • Keys are not weighted.
  • There is some assembly when you get it home for the stand and bench seat.

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Joymusic Jk-63M Kit Review – Final Thoughts

This is a complete package and goes further than maybe we have a right to expect. It includes the keyboard, of course. But then adds on a Music stand, headphones, keyboard stand, and a bench seat as well as the mains adapter. That is all you’re going to need from a practical point of view to get started. No rushing back to the ships for any of those extras.

The sounds are acceptable. The piano sounds especially are quite good. And the features are basic but useful.

Joymusic Jk-63M Kit
Joymusic Jk-63M Kit

For the price point, this is an excellent value. It is a starter instrument, so don’t expect a high-level performance. But for a new player, it is unlikely you will find anything better. And at the price point, it is a great buy.

It’s not hard to recommend the Joymusic Jk-63M Kit to any starter. Or even someone just wanting to try and learn a keyboard later in life. A great buy.

Until next time, may the music make you merry.



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