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Hohner Chrometta 14 Harmonica

Hohner Chrometta 14 Harmonica







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Harmonica Reviews: Hohner Chrometta 14 Harmonica

You want to buy The Hohner Chrometta 14 harmonica, but don't know whether to buy it or not, right? So read through our "Hohner Chrometta 14 Harmonica Review" article!

Hohner Chrometta 14 Harmonica Review

The Hohner Chrometta 14 harmonica is a chromatic harmonica with a range of two full octaves, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles. The 14 holes and 54 reeds allow for precise note bending and crisp, clear sound projection.

Hohner Chrometta 14 Harmonica Technical

Reed plates (material, thickness):brass, 1.05 mm
Reed plates (surface):brass
Reeds (number, material):56, brass
Comb (material, color):ABS, black
Comb (finish):ABS, glossy
Mouthpiece (surface):ABS, glossy
Cover plates:stainless steel
Slide construction:zigzag
Tuning:solo tuning
Number of holes:14
Tonal range:3 1/2 octaves, G3 – D7
Length:19 cm / 7.5"


  • Easy to play: The smooth slide mechanism and comfortable mouthpiece make it easy for players of all levels to use.
  • Versatile: The two full octaves of range allow for a wide range of musical styles and genres.
  • Durable: The durable plastic body and reed plates ensure a long lifespan for the harmonica.
  • Good sound projection: The 54 reeds and 14 holes allow for clear and precise note projection.


  • Limited range: Some experienced players may find the two octave range too limited for their needs.
  • Expensive: The Chrometta 14 is a premium product with a price to match, making it less accessible for beginner players.
  • Requires maintenance: Like all harmonicas, the Chrometta 14 will require regular cleaning and reed adjustment to maintain optimal sound quality.


In conclusion, the Hohner Chrometta 14 is a high-quality chromatic harmonica with a smooth playing mechanism and versatile range. While it may not be suitable for all players, it is a great option for those looking for a durable and high-quality harmonica.

Brand Information

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Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG
Andreas-Koch-Str. 9 78647 Trossingen

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