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The Best Harmonica Reviews -This list, I mentioned the best harmonica for you to play. Here is a selection of reviews of new harmonicas and related products that I have written over the past few years. Some of them have been published previously, most notably in the pages of Harmonica World magazine and on the web at Planet Harmonica. I have decided to gather them together here for various reasons, not least of which is the ability to update them with further comments I may have as a result of playing these instruments for longer periods. Most of these reviews were written based on a sample of one - obviously this is not ideal, but I can't really expect manufacturers to send me ten or twenty instruments to get a feel for how consistent their production line is. This should be kept in mind at all times - the one I was sent for review could be better than the one you buy at your favorite store, or perhaps not as good. However, these reviews should hopefully give you some idea of what to expect. I should perhaps also add that unless I specifically state otherwise, I am in no way financially connected with any of the companies whose products I review here.

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