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Best 5 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Drums

Best 5 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Drums







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Blog: Best 5 Reasons Why Kids Should Play Drums



If you’re not a drummer yourself, drumming can be hard to relate to. After all, what sort of lunatic wants to beat out rhythms, again and again, day in and day out? Who in their right mind would want to put up with all that noise, that smashing and crashing?

But I bet you know some kids who would love nothing better!

Well, the good news is that playing drums isn’t all just loud noise and aggression. There are a lot of positive things that come out of drumming. And these benefits can far outweigh the negatives for most families with kids. Here are the best 5 reasons why kids should play drums.

1 – Drumming is Exercise

According to the World Health Organization, children should get a lot of exercise to stay healthy and strong. Their recommendations are that children and youths aged 5-17…

“should do at least an average of sixty minutes per day of moderate-to-vigorous intensity, which ismostly aerobic, physical activity, across the week” 

Now, if you think drumming isn’t all that intense, trust us that it can be. Maybe not for beginners, but after kids start to get the hang of things, they can put an awful lot of energy into their drumming.

As good as going to the gym…

To play a regular drum kit, drummers have to use both hands and feet to tackle all the components at once. It might not be outright aerobic exercise like running, but there’s no doubt that drumming is a serious exercise. Just check out the sweat flying in this video of Japanese band Crossfaith’s drummer Tatsuya Amano as he destroys the kit.

Likewise, drumming can improve cardiovascular health. And, unsurprising, playing drums can decrease stress levels. Check out this study on drumming’s benefits for the body and mind.


Drumming is An Outlet for Extra Energy

Drumming is An Outlet for Extra Energy

Not only is drumming an excellent exercise for people of any age, but it can also be extra-effective for high-energy kids. It’s normal for kids to have way more energy than their parents. Some have so much of it that their parents don’t know what to do.

This energy can be wonderful and lively. But without proper outlets for kids to express their energy, or the appropriate situations to do so, it can be a problem.

Some kids channel their extra energy into misbehaving and even violent behavior

Too much energy can keep kids from getting to sleep, causing sleep disorders. With drumming, kids can channel their energy into something positive and healthy. And I have to admit it – it feels great to release stress, anxiety, and just about everything built up inside by bashing away at the skins.

Kids can let go of the physical build-up of energy they otherwise may have no productive way of releasing. They learn a hobby and a skill while doing so, so it’s a win-win!

3 – Drumming Works Out Your Brain

Many people wouldn’t have thought about a brain workout being one of the best reasons why kids should play drums. After all, when many people think of drumming, they might think of drooling trolls mindlessly smashing out repetitive rhythms.

No way – that’s bass players!!! Just kidding, bass players. You know us drummers love you.

The fact is…

Putting together drum beats requires a great deal of focus, counting, and coordination. You also need to learn to listen effectively to play along to a track or to jam with other musicians. And, of course, you have to use your memory to master beats and play through dozens or even hundreds of songs correctly.

Well, guess what? All of these skills are transferrable to school and academic performance. Increased focus and memory are naturally going to help your child do better in school. Attentive listening will help in all areas of communication. There’s even some evidence that drumming can help children with problem solving and sequential thinking.

Who knew?

4 – Drumming Can Build Confidence

Not all children get into drumming for the same reasons. While some might be downright rambunctious, diverting their extra energy into rocking beats, others might be the opposite. Some children are very quiet, shy, and retiring, and it can be hard to coax them out of their shells. Enter drumming.

There’s no way you can be shy on the drums. They’re loud and speak with a voice that gets noticed. This can be something new and very different for a shy child who would never think to speak as loud as drums can bang.

But once they start to learn and progress through drumming, they can build confidence in their playing. And through that, their self-expression.

5 – Drumming is Great for Mental Health

Drumming is Great for Mental Health

Drumming is Great for Mental Health

Adults often forget that children get stressed too. And in today’s fast-paced world filled with in-your-face media, 24-hour technology, and pressures on health and the economy, kids need help coping with their emotions.

Drumming can be that help. As this study shows, it feels good to strike out and make a loud noise, releasing kids’ built-up anxiety as well as physical energy, and it can be great to play together with others as well.

And it’s productive. Drumming can open doors for children. Bands with friends or larger school orchestras can provide them with positive and healthy social groups to be part of. Drumming can obviously become a profession that they just might love as well.

Does it Have to Be So Loud?

The main complaint for parents, even knowing of all the great benefits of drumming for kids, is the noise. But this doesn’t have to be a barrier to getting your kids into drumming. There are lots of easy solutions to keep the noise level manageable while your kids bash away.

Electronic Drums

Electronic drums can be plugged into a headset. While the player hears every smash and crash, all you hear from the outside is a bit of tapping on rubber pads. Pretty good, right? They can get the feel of a professional kit with something like the Alesis Debut Kit or keep things cheap and cheerful with QoQuoba’s electric drum pad for kids.

Practice Pads

Kids can get started playing on rubber practice pads without even needing a drum kit. When they do graduate to the kit, you can still keep yourself sane by getting them drum-muting pads like the Soundoffs by Evans. These cut the noise at least in half, so you don’t have to pull all your hair out.

Brushes and Bundles

Brushes and Bundles

Brushes and Bundles

You don’t always have to play with sticks. Brushes and bamboo bundles allow kids to work on other techniques as well as cutting the noise level way down.

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Reasons Why Kids Should Play Drums – Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a drummer yourself or wondering whether you should give in to your kid’s begging for a drum kit, getting kids drumming can be an excellent activity. It’s cool, fun, expressive, creative, and stress-releasing.

Furthermore, it can help your kids get much-needed exercise. As well as boost their brains by getting them to work on their memory and focus. And best of all, it doesn’t have to be loud.

Just make sure that little ears are protected with earplugs or earphones. That way, they can continue to enjoy playing music for their entire lives.

Until next time, let the beat go on.



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