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Harmonica Reviews: Bends Chromatics


Bends Chromatics Reviews - Bends is a Brazilian harmonica company who set up shop a couple of years ago and are just starting to branch out into the international markets. Their harmonicas are made entirely in Brazil at a converted automobile factory.



Bends Chromatics Reviews



Bends had a CNC machine specially constructed to create their reeds to ensure good tolerances and they have produced a point to tune their reeds lengthwise, to minimise the build up of stress stages that may lead to premature reed failure. The first things you will observe are the neat form fitted zippered cases for several models, some the best instances I have seen from any manufacturer.



These will protect the harmonicas quite nicely should you drop them, but they are also nice and comfortable to carry in your pocket. Their basic designs are quite traditional, with a selection of standard 10-hole diatonics and solo tuned slide chromatics, but they all have some nice features that set them aside from a few of the competition.



The reeds are attached with stainless steel rivets and stainless steel is really also used for all their covers, so corrosion shouldn't be a concern. Upper and lower reedplates are usually clearly marked and stamped with the date of these production.



Bends Chromatics Reviews






Bends Allegro Reviews



[sc name="amazon" title="Bends Allegro Chromatic" url="" img="" desc="Their standard chromatic model is the Allegro. This is a 12-hole solo tuned model reminiscent of the Hohner 270. It has a translucent red acrylic comb and is available only in the key of C. Tuning is extremely good, although at A=445 it might be a tad sharp for some players. I also really like the minimalist laser etching that leaves the covers feeling very smooth." price="$$" icon="amazon" brand="Amazon"][/sc]





The plain brass reedplates are 1.2mm thick and are secured to the comb with six Phillips head screws, plus two slotted screws along the front edges to ensure good airtightness. The reeds themselves are of a standard brass alloy with fairly typical two part valves.



It includes a three piece short stroke straight positioned stainless steel slide assembly and a chromed brass mouthpiece with round holes which feels very comfortable in the mouth. Reed adjustment is very consistent and the harmonica responds well to both hard and soft playing, with easy note bending. Buy on Amazon



Bends Tonica Review



[sc name="amazon" title="Bends Tonica " url="" img="" desc="It has a clear acrylic comb and full length covers with a black satin finish, making it a very attractive instrument. Like the Allegro, it has 1." price="$$" icon="amazon" brand="Amazon"][/sc]



The Tonica is their deluxe model, available in 12, 14 and 16 hole versions. It has a clear acrylic comb and full length covers with a black satin finish, making it a very attractive instrument. Like the Allegro, it has 1.



It seems like Bends are off to an extremely good start. Also like the Allegro, it has a round holed chromed brass mouthpiece on a three piece short stroke slide assembly, but the slide of the Tonica is treated with a special process for which the company was granted a patent last year. On all the samples I have the slide is extremely smooth and quiet - I would even go so far as to describe it as the best out-of-the-box slide assembly I have encountered.



On both the Tonica and the Allegro, all the reeds are attached with their free ends pointing away from the mouthpiece. Although this has little to no effect on how they play, it has the distinct advantage of helping reduce the negative effects of gravity on the longest valves when you store the harmonica on its back. Tuning is again at A=445 with good reed adjustment. Overall I had been very impressed, with just one minor quibble - on some of the lowest valves the two layers had stuck together making them buzz a small. This was easily and quickly fixed by carefully separating them.



Another good point about the Tonica is the range of available keys. The 12 hole version is offered in the keys C, D, G, A and Bb; the 16 hole is available in C and Bb. Currently the 14 hole version will be only available in C, but I am told that it will be made in other keys before long. Recommended retail prices in the US are $299.00 for the Allegro and $339.95 for the 12 hole Tonica, but online dealers seem to be carrying them at substantial discounts.2 mm thick plain brass reedplates, although its reeds are constructed with phosphor bronze.


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