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6 Best Beginner Tuba

6 Best Beginner Tuba







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Top list: 6 Best Beginner Tuba



Tubas are the lowest-pitched instruments in the brass family. They are played and loved all around the world. A lot of people are fond of learning the art of playing the tuba. If you are a beginner and want to buy a suitable tuba for yourself then this article is for you.

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What are the Best Beginner Tubas to Buy?

  • Lightweight & Compact-Sized
  • Convenient Adjustable Shoulder Straps


1) Cool Wind BBb Tuba CTU-200OG

  • Eye-Grabbing Orange Color


3) Jupiter Silver Tuba JTU700S

  • 3 Upright Action Stainless Steel Pistons
  • ABS Molded Wheeled Case & Mouthpiece

A lot of people, in the beginning, are very confused about choosing the perfect instrument for themselves therefore, we reviewed six beginner tubas that are equally good in their functioning and are worth investing in. After reading this article you will be able to take your decision with confidence.

This article will review six beginner tubas according to their color, material, size, weight, durability, and a lot of other features for knowledge and ease.

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6 Best Beginner Tuba Reviews

1. Cool Wind BBb Tuba CTU-200OG

If you are a tuba lover and looking for a perfect tuba for yourself, then we suggest you the Cool Wind CTU-200 series 4-Valve BBb tuba. The most attractive part of this tuba is its bright orange color, which adds freshness and liveliness to your life just by seeing it. It consists of four valves that are made of high-quality metal.

The design of this tuba keeps on evolving and the latest addition to the tuba family is the tuba that is made from plastic. This tuba is very light in weight and pretty easy to handle by almost everyone.

Even the beginners who are not used to holding tuba for longer time periods can hold the plastic ones easily. It comes with a complimentary mouthpiece and a gig bag. You are definitely going to like this one.

2. Behning & Sons Travel Tuba HSD744

This one is known for the excellent performance of its valve springs and compression. The best part about this tuba is that it is compact in design and is easy to carry. This one is the most suitable instrument for traveling. You can take it anywhere at any time that too without much hassle because of its compact design and lightweight.

You get a lot of complimentary items with the instrument such as a free of cost semi-hard case with convenient adjustable shoulder straps, a complimentary lead pipe, and a free mouthpiece. It also comes with a one-year warranty therefore, it is a safe investment to make. The production of this item is very limited therefore if it is available, buy it then, otherwise, you are going to regret your decision later.

3. Jupiter Silver Tuba JTU700S

This one became part of our recommendation list because of its quality material and the beautiful appearance with a bright silver finish. It is durable and easy to use item and will be a perfect choice for people of all ages and all learning stages. It is so convenient that everyone can learn how to play it within no time at all.

Furthermore, it has 3 upright action stainless steel pistons which make this instrument even more special. This will be a good choice for you if you are looking for a long-lasting and easy to use tuba. In addition to all the qualities mentioned above, includes an ABS molded wheeled case and a mouthpiece too which help in playing the instrument and saving it from scratches.

4. Stagg WS Bb Tuba WS-BT235

This amazing instrument comes with 3 nickel-silver pistons. It also has a lacquered body. It comes in a unique golden color and is a perfect instrument for beginners and professional players. The weight of the instrument is 15.43 pounds the dimensions of the product are: 42 x 20 x 28 inches.

The instrument is perfect in all ways for personal use as well as a perfect gift for anybody on any occasion. True music lovers will love it a lot. This is an easy to handle instrument and is a safe investment. You will never regret your decision of buying it because this is genuinely a flawless instrument and is known for its beautiful color and design.

In case you want to buy this one you should know that the item model number of the product is WS-BT235. You will also get a free bag with the instrument which will help you a lot in saving it from dirt and scratches.

5. Cool Wind BBb Tuba CTU-200RD

Tubas these days come in attractive colors and every color that they are available in makes them more beautiful and lovelier. Just like this one comes in pure red color. The red color is so soothing to the eyes that it makes the instrument even more interesting to play.

In fact, the younger kids who have just started learning the art of playing the tuba, find the red colored instrument very interesting. If you are looking for a tuba for yourself or your child, then you should consider this one for sure.

The continuous efforts of the manufacturers lead to a wonderful evolution in designing and making of the tubas as this instrument is now available in plastic material too. This instrument comes with a free mouthpiece and a gig bag. These complementary gifts are very helpful indeed.

6. Cool Wind BBb Tuba CTU-200DB

Tubas are one of those rare musical instruments that are available in a variety of colors. This Cool Wind CTU-200 series 4-Valve BBb tuba is available in majestic blue color which makes it even more attractive and interesting for the tuba players.

If you are a beginner and you are searching for a tuba that is worth your time and investment, then keep this one in your consideration. This is easy to play the instrument and can be carried anywhere because of its plastic body. The manufacturers keep on working day and night to bring the latest versions and more evolution in this amazing instrument.

It is a safe investment and you can buy this as a gift for your loved ones too. They are going to love it. A free mouthpiece and a gig bag are provided with the instrument.

Choosing The Best Beginner Tubas from the Best Beginner Tuba Brands

These were the six best tuba instruments that we reviewed for those who have just begun learning tuba, so they don’t have any difficulty in buying the perfect tuba for themselves or their loved ones. All six tubas that we mentioned above are equally good for beginners. We have given the characteristics of each tuba in detail, so you can decide which tuba will suit you the most.


2) Behning & Sons Travel Tuba HSD744

  • Lightweight & Compact-Sized
  • Convenient Adjustable Shoulder Straps


1) Cool Wind BBb Tuba CTU-200OG

  • Eye-Grabbing Orange Color


3) Jupiter Silver Tuba JTU700S

  • 3 Upright Action Stainless Steel Pistons
  • ABS Molded Wheeled Case & Mouthpiece

Now you can select the most suitable tuba for yourself without wasting much time because this article has it all. We wish you very good luck with your tuba playing journey, and we hope that this article was helpful.



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