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20 Best Tin Whistle Book

20 Best Tin Whistle Book







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Flute's Books: 20 Best Tin Whistle Book



Tin whistle is an instrument that is loved all around the world. It is also known as a penny whistle in Scottish and flageolet in English. It also belongs to the family of fipple flute-like recorders. The one who plays a tin whistle is called a whistler. Tin whistles are very popular in Australian folk music. It is a part of many cultures all around the world. Tin whistles are available in various sizes and a lot of people love to play them.

What are the Best Tin Whistle Books to Buy?

  • Advanced Ornamentation Tutorial
  • Optimum For All Level Players


1) Irish Songs for 
Tin Whistle

  • Picking & Strumming Patterns


3) Tin Whistle for Beginners Vol. 1

  • Free Downloadable 180 Audio Tracks
  • Ideal For Beginner Players

This article will be reviewing twenty tin whistle books that will guide you to learn how to play tin whistles within no time at all. All the special qualities of the books are given below the titles and you can easily choose the book that you need after reading this article. Let us have a look at the list of tin whistle books given below.

20 Best Tin Whistle Book Reviews

1. Irish Songs for Tin Whistle

If you are amazed by Irish melodies and want to play them with your tin whistle, then this book is made for you. This book has lessons for some of the most famous Irish songs. All these songs have a rich musical history and are very traditional.

The lessons are specially designed for fresh learners and intermediate level learners. It includes the cord diagrams for the guitar as well. If you want the Irish songs on your finger-tips and become a professional tin whistle player then this book will be the best guide for you.

2. The Clarke Tin Whistle - Deluxe Edition

The specification of this book is its user-friendliness. The lessons are so easy to follow that even a fresh learner can understand them and follow the instructions very easily. If you are tired of all those expensive books that are difficult to understand then you should definitely consider this one.

The book focuses on teaching step by step. A single lesson is given at a single time to make it easy for the learners. It comes with a CD which has all the lessons by a famous whistler from New York.

3. Tin Whistle for Beginners Vol. 1

This book comes with a free audio downloading facility which is kind of very impressive. It has a good collection of Celtic music and is designed in such a way that the learners can pick the lessons very easily.

The book also contains sheet music and whistle tablatures of 90 well-known Irish and Scottish songs for the learners. The link for free audio download comes inside the book. Since the link is complementary so users are pretty happy with this gesture and find it very helpful too.

4. Walton’s Irish D Tin Whistle

This book has a lot of tunes that are very easy to play if the instructions are followed carefully. This book is specially designed for beginners and those who want to learn playing tin whistle from the scratch. Therefore, if you are new at this art then we recommend this book because of its user-friendly nature and easy to follow lessons.

5. Traditional Slow Airs of Ireland - Penny & Tin Whistle

This guide is specially made for those students who want to learn traditional and slow airs of the Island. After learning from this book one can develop a strong connection to the Irish culture of tin whistle playing.

This book has a compilation of 118 breaths of air in total that is a lot for one to have a grip on the slow traditional Irish airs. If you are also a fan of traditional Irish melodies and want to enjoy them with your tin whistle then you should go with this book.

6. 80 Campfire Songs for Tin Whistle

Can you imagine people sitting around the campfire and you pleasing them with your melodious tin whistle tunes? If this has been your dream since forever, then 80 Campfire Songs for Tin Whistle is our recommendation for you. This book has a collection of detailed lessons on eighty campfire songs.

The level of this book is intermediate and beginner level so if you have just started learning tin whistle or you are trying to improve then this book is amazing for you. It also contains a Tin Whistle tablature, lyrics, and guitar chords.

7. The Complete Irish Tin Whistle Tutor

If you want to learn Irish melodies on a tin whistle with all the basics, then this one is a book that gives you detailed lessons on every step to play the tin whistle. Its modernistic approach is also worth praising as this book contains all the latest used techniques of tin whistler and teaches them in such a way that one understands them without making much effort.

In addition to all this, the book also includes a CD of Mr. McCullough which helps you a lot in practicing all the exercises that are given in the book.

8. 30 Irish Folk Songs - Tin Whistle (for Kids Vol. 5)

If you are a parent and you are looking for a suitable tin whistle guide for your child then there will be no better option than this book. This book is specially designed for young children and is written in such a style that young kids won’t have any difficulty while learning from it. It has a collection of 30 classic Irish folk songs and makes your kid learn everything that they need to know about tin whistle playing.

9. 30 Christmas Carols - Tin Whistle (Kids Book 1)

If you are one of those who celebrate Christmas with their tin whistle and want everyone to be amazed by your quality of playing Christmas carols with you tin whistle then you should get this wonderful book. It has thirty Christmas carols and also come with sheet music and fingering. Even if you don’t have any previous knowledge about whistle playing, this book will make you play whistles like a professional within no time at all.

10. Christmas Songs for Tin Whistle

This book is another worth trying suggestion for your Christmas tin whistle practice. It includes forty-two classic Christmas songs for tin whistle and after practicing all of them even once, one can easily cover the Christmas event and amaze everyone with his or her tin whistle playing skills. This book is useful for both, fresh learners and intermediate level learners. It comes with a fingering chart and guitar chords as well. It is a helpful book overall.

11. A Complete Guide to Playing Irish Traditional Music on the Whistle

Here is another suggestion for traditional Irish music learners. This book comes with a detailed introduction on how to play Irish music with your Tin whistle. The knowledge of this book is very vast as this book has everything from the beginning notes to the most advanced and complex level notes of tin whistle playing.

Therefore, this book benefits everyone, from new bees to professional tin whistle players. In short, this book is a one-time investment and will benefit you throughout your tin whistle playing journey.

12. Essential Guide to Irish Flute & Tin Whistle

For those who want to practice the Irish flute and Tin whistle both, this book is a two in one package for them. This book has a comparatively newer approach to teaching tin whistle playing and has got some unique guiding skills. It also gives you complete guidance on breathing and phrasing.

Further, this book helps you in learning ornamentation techniques that have never been described in printed form before. It also contains forty-nine ornamentation exercises for practice and better learning. The best part is the explanation of the history and theory of tin whistle playing in Irish culture.

13. A Complete Guide to Learning the Irish Tin Whistle

This book is a complete guide from the beginning lessons to the very advanced level solos and ornamentation. This book contains almost everything that you need to know about Tin Whistles. Therefore, if you are looking for an all in one package then it won’t be a bad idea to consider this one.

The specification of the book is nicely drawn diagrams that help the learner to learn how to play the tunes instantly. For the ease of the learner highlights the important points as well. We feel like it's worth giving a try.

14. Tin Whistle for Children Vol. 1

Here is another superb option for your kids that will help them learn the art of playing tin whistles from the very basic level. It contains 90 children songs that help them practice enough that they become advanced tin whistle players after finishing the book.

With each song in the book comes downloadable audio that helps the children in practicing while listening to the song. Well-worked fingering charts are also given in the book which is very helpful for little kids when they are learning tin whistle.

15. James Tanguay: Tin Whistle for Two

Here is an amazing book for those who play tin whistles in pairs. What would be more amazing than learning such a talent with a partner? If you are also a pair person then this book is tailor-made for you.

This book contains 38 two-part tunes that help the learners to play tin whistles in duets. It has been carefully designed and composed in such a way that it teaches pair performances in such an amazing way that the learners don’t feel the need for any external aid at all.

16. Hymns for Tin Whistle Vol. 1

The tin whistle can play many hymn tunes and this book teaches you the art of doing that. If the tunes are being played in the large ensemble it teaches you how to use a tin whistle as a supporting instrument in such situations.

The book has a total of twenty-five hymns with tin whistle friendly keys for the learners. One can have a full grip over hymn tunes with a tin whistle after completing these books. Therefore, if you are looking for something that makes you do individual and supporting hymn practices with the tin whistle you should go with this one.

17. 30 Scottish Folk Songs - Tin Whistle (for Kids Vol. 7)

This book is specifically for those kids who are fans of Scottish music and want to learn tin whistle playing in Scottish folk songs. It has a total of thirty Scottish folk songs and comes with fingering and sheet music for the tin whistle.

Kids can easily read the book even if they have no previous knowledge of reading music books. It is specially designed to cater to young tin whistles players therefore, it is also one of the best options for your kid to learn the art of playing the tin whistle.

18. Sailing Songs and Shanties for the Irish Tin Whistle

This book comes with 26 of the best Irish classic songs. It includes a variety of songs that help you practice tin whistles in a fun way. It also includes sheet music and fingerings for the better learning of the readers.

The best part about this one is that it also includes lyrics for each song included in this book. This book gives a good experience of practicing Irish classical songs to the tin whistle players and it is recommended for the players of all levels.

19. Complete Irish Tin Whistle Book

The specialty of this book is its writing style. It is a very well written book as compared to many tin whistle guides. It includes the chapters of fundamentals and ornamentation. It also gives access to online audio which is a pretty amazing idea. One can have a good grip on tin whistle playing after finishing this book.

The book includes our recommendation list because of the very fine writing style. You are definitely going to enjoy reading this one if you choose to learn from it.

20. Tin Whistle for Beginners Vol. 2

If you dream to become a perfect tin whistle player but don’t know anything about tin whistle playing then this book can help you out. This book focuses on guiding the new artists who have just started playing tin whistles. It comes with songs and tunes with tablatures specifically for tin whistles.

The best part is that one can easily read this book even if they have no prior experience of reading music. It is an overall good combination of Irish tunes, Carols, and Celtic songs.

Choosing The Best Tin Whistle Books

These are the 20 best helpful books that we think are best for learning the tin whistle. Each tin whistle book has its own specification and is designed for a different age group and learning level. We hope that after reading this article you will be able to choose the most suitable tin whistle book for yourself without any confusion and exactly according to your need.


2) The Clarke Tin Whistle - Deluxe Edition

  • Advanced Ornamentation Tutorial
  • Optimum For All Level Players


1) Irish Songs for 
Tin Whistle

  • Picking & Strumming Patterns


3) Tin Whistle for Beginners Vol. 1

  • Free Downloadable 180 Audio Tracks
  • Ideal For Beginner Players

All the tin whistle books are very well written and we have tried to list down the specifications of all of them so you don’t have to spend hours researching. We wish you very good luck for your tin whistle learning journey.



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