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11 Best Beginner Erhu

11 Best Beginner Erhu







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Top list: 11 Best Beginner Erhu



Music is one of the most diversified niches out there and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that music is an art. With this being said, music is not the cup of tea for everyone but one can always try to learn, right? So, if you are a beginner to the musical field and want to sharpen your skills on the erhu, you have come to the right place.

We are saying this because we have added review 11 beginner erhu for every beginner musician out there. As far as erhu is concerned, it is the bowed musical instrument which is commonly known as the Chinese violin. It is also known as the spike fiddle and is usually used as a solo instrument. The erhu is an essential musical instrument of orchestras and small-sized ensembles.

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What are the Best Beginner Erhus to Buy?

  • Sturdy Quality Redwood Material
  • Ideal For Beginners & Intermediates


1) WuYue Entry Level Brown Tracery Erhu

  • Premium Quality Snake Skin Soundboard

To be honest, the erhu is famous in the ethnic Chinese groups, which means this musical instrument is an essential part of every Chinese ensemble. On top of everything, the erhu is pretty versatile since it can be used in contemporary and traditional music niches, such as jazz and pop. So, if you want to learn how to play erhu as a beginner, we have some amazing erhus reviewed in this article!

11 Best Beginner Erhu Reviews

1. WuYue Entry Level Brown Tracery Erhu

For everyone interested in Chinese music, having an erhu on hands is extremely important because it’s an essential part of Chinese music orchestras and ensembles. In the same vein, this WuYue erhu is the perfect choice for entry-level musicians.

This erhu is available in standard design, and one model comes with the carrying bag. However, you will need to pay an extra amount for a carry bag. The erhu is available in brown tracery color that looks pretty elegant.

The erhu has whitewood material construction that promises durability and elegance outlook without costing a fortune. There are phoneme marks on the erhu that promises reliable finger placement, so beginners will have a better grip on the instrument. With this being said, you will be able to make traditional Chinese music with this erhu, hence the unique sound. Lastly, there are spare strings and rosin in this package for the ease of beginner musicians.

2. LANDTOM Rosewood Erhu EHRW001

For every beginner out who needs to sharpen their skills with erhu, you need to choose the right fiddle musical instrument. That’s to say because this LANDTOM erhu is the perfect choice for beginners who need to improve the musicianship skills and finger agility.

This erhu is designed in mahogany color which looks pretty captivating. The erhu has a handmade construction with top-notch redwood. The package is designed with multiple accessories, so beginners have every accessory they need at hand. The erhu has been integrated with two bridges that are suitable for beginners.

In addition, there are two paddings which promise convenient playability and the set of spare strings helps beginner musicians change the strings if one wears out. On top of everything, there is a pitch tuner in this erhu package that helps everyone tune the erhu to make melodious sounds.

Above all, there is a hard case in this package that helps protect the erhu from damage. The best thing about this erhu is that it’s thoroughly tested by professional musicians, so you can learn the intricacies. Lastly, this erhu is suitable for regular practice sessions, so perfect for beginners!

3. Dunhuang Erhu 01A

Music is not everyone’s art to learn but if you are interested in erhu, the Chinese musical instrument, this erhu by Dunhuang is here to help all the beginners. This is a fine choice for beginners because it’s the standardized musical instrument has the two-string fiddle design.

When it comes down to the soundboard, it has been wrapped in top-notch snakeskin that brings durability and premium factor in one go. So, beginners can practice as long as they want without worrying about tearing. The pegs of this erhu are made from hardwood.

On the other hand, the erhu body has ironwood construction that makes it light, hence easy to handle for beginners. There are four bridges in this erhu, such as two pine bridges and two sandalwood bridges. Above all, there are three paddings and a bow for beginners who need convenient erhu practicing.

The package is integrated with the DVD that’s loaded with tutoring videos, so every beginner can learn the basics. Lastly, it comes with a pitch tuner, so you can tune the erhu as per your needs because beginners have diverse needs in some cases.

4. OrientalMusicSanctuary Beginners Erhu By Patty Chan

Sure, you are new to the music world and you want to learn every skill that you can. However, you will need to use the right erhu that strikes with your amateur needs. With this being said, this beginner Chinese violin is a fine choice for people who need to harness the beginner skills.

To be honest, this is the study-level erhu that helps beginners make mellow and alluring music. The best thing about this erhu is that it comes assembled because beginners usually don’t know how to assemble the erhu on their own.

This beginner erhu is suitable for musicians who need to make traditional or contemporary music. consequently, this erhu is an absolute choice for beginners because it brings value. When you order this erhu, it comes with a padded gig bag that offers higher protection to the musical instruments.

In addition, there is rosin, string, and bow for streamlined learning and playing. The erhu has a USA warranty. In addition, there are video tutorials in the booklet and all videos are in the English language, which makes it suitable for the majority of beginners out there.

5. OrientalMusicSanctuary Alto Erhu

In case you are a beginner musician who wants to sharpen their skills at erhu, this alto erhu by Oriental Music Sanctuary is the fine choice for you. This erhu is the ultimate choice for beginner musicians who intend to become the solo performer in the near future. The erhu has black sandalwood construction that promises durability and has promising resonance.

The string section of this erhu will help create deep bass without any issue. In addition, it has an extensive range that helps harness the mid-tones without compromising on the sonorous or clarity of the bass. To be honest, this erhu promises consistent and sweet music outcome. there are multiple accessories in this package, so beginners have everything at hand.

6. EcoErhu Non-Python Cambodian Rosewood Erhu

Erhus are one of the most reliable and versatile musical instruments out there for beginners. This is because it is known as the Chinese violin that helps beginners learn new musical techniques. Consequently, we have come up with this EcoErhu which is an equally fine choice for beginners and professional musicians. This is because you don’t have to struggle with the python hides.

The erhu has an eco-friendly construction which makes it a sustainable product. Also, it has a hybrid silica-cellulose membrane that promises a combination of convenience and durability. In addition, there are multiple variants in the erhu, given the change in construction materials. Usually, Thai rosewood, African blackwood, sandalwood, and scented rosewood is used.

The best thing about this beginner erhu is that it helps beginners learn how to make an extra erhu-like sound. Above all, the erhu has resistance to extreme weather conditions and water which makes it durable. Lastly, it has a USA-based warranty, so you can get the replacement and repair for free in case of wear and tears.

7. OrientalMusicSanctuary Rosewood Erhu A-01

When it comes down to the erhus and people who need to streamline the musical experience, Oriental Music Sanctuary has designed a variety of erhus to meet the beginner needs of the users. This rosewood erhu is an absolute choice for beginners who need a durable choice. The rosewood construction of this erhu promises the highest level of resonance without compromising on the sound, so beginners can make sweet sounds.

Further, this package is designed with a variety of accessories, such as extra strings. The extra strings can be used to replace the worn and torn strings. There is a hard case that makes it easy for beginners to protect the erhu from damage. Also, there is a bow and rosin to meet the diverse musical needs of the users.

To be honest, this erhu was designed specifically for intermediate and beginner musicians. The erhu has been designed with a USA warranty. Also, there are instructional videos in the booklet and all of them are designed in the English language that helps with easy learning.

8. OrientalMusicSanctuary Jing Erhu

For everyone who has been looking for the best beginner erhu to learn the music skills, this scented rosewood erhu by Oriental Music Sanctuary is a fine choice. The best thing about this erhu is that it’s available in two size options, so there is something for everyone if they want an erhu.

The erhu has been constructed with top-notch Cambodian scented rosewood. In addition, the membrane has a high-quality natural membrane that promises streamlined music learning. The erhu has two different tuning configurations, such as 6-3 and 5-2 which changes with the sizes. These different configurations make this erhu a fine choice for beginner musicians who want to learn professional techniques.

Also, there is a special carry case in this package which makes it easy for the beginners to carry around the erhu to the coaching class. There are additional accessories, so you have everything at hand. All in all, it has a reliable warranty period, so you can get free string replacement or repair.

9. OrientalMusicSanctuary Beginners Erhu

Music is pretty alluring to the ears but learning how to play good music can be difficult for some people. However, if you have the right instrument in your hands, the learning will be improved on a great scale. So, this beginner erhu is a fine choice for beginners.

This erhu is available in black and orange colors, so you can choose the one that complements other musical instruments. This erhu has top-notch bamboo construction. The pegs of this erhu are made from jujube wood and the membrane has a natural quality which makes it easy to use for beginners.

What's more, this erhu has been tuned from six to three which is a fine-tuning for beginner players. When you invest in this erhu, it comes with tuning accessories and cleaning equipment. Above all, it has been designed with a carry case, so you can carry the erhu to your music class easily.

The best thing about this erhu is that it can be integrated with diverse unisons. On top of everything, this is the perfect practicing erhu for people who want to sharpen their skills.

10. OrientalMusicSanctuary Black Sandalwood Erhu

For the beginners who want to learn the erhu music techniques, they need to be extra vigilant while using the music equipment. So, this black sandalwood soprano banhu and erhu is the perfect choice for beginners that’s the masterpiece of Oriental Music Sanctuary.

To be honest, this erhu is an ultimate choice for beginners who want to adopt the soloist musician titles with practice. The construction is pretty strong and sturdy, given the black sandalwood material in the shaft.

Also, there is a special soundboard in this erhu which helps promise suitable resonance in the sound. The beginners will be able to harness the bright music and sound. On top of everything, you can understand the highs and lows of music with this erhu.

Also, there are solid open strings in this erhu that promises better angling of the instrument. The carry case of this erhu is durable, so you can protect the erhu from damages and weather conditions.

11. OrientalMusicSanctuary Soprano Banhu Erhu

When it comes down to beginner musicians, they usually have a hard time finding the right instruments and equipment to practice with. With this being said, we are talking about this opera fiddle erhu that’s been designed by Oriental Music Sanctuary to meet the basic needs of the music learners.

The erhu is basically designed for musicians who want to become performers in the near future. The erhu has rosewood construction in the shaft while the soundboard is made from high-quality paulownia. This construction promises higher resonation and consistent sound.

On top of everything, this beginner erhu has Hainan coconut shells, so music learners can work on different music niches. The sound outcome of this erhu will be bright, so you can harness multiple highs and lows of erhu melodies.

Also, there is a carrying case in this package that promises protection from the external factors. All in all, there is every accessory in this package you need to sharpen the erhu skills as a beginner.

Choosing The Best Beginner Erhus from the Best Beginner Erhu Brands

If you are a beginner musician and want to take your musical career up a notch, the erhu is the perfect musical instrument to start with. So, if you want to harness the perfect skills, we have added the top 11 beginner erhus in this article.


2) LANDTOM Rosewood Erhu 

  • Sturdy Quality Redwood Material
  • Ideal For Beginners & Intermediates


1) WuYue Entry Level Brown Tracery Erhu

  • Premium Quality Snake Skin Soundboard

All these beginner erhus are suitable for entry levelers given the amazing design and promising music outcome. So, did you find the right fit for yourself?



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